Flower phoenix yellow phoenix in Lam Dong


Visitors passing through the Di Linh plateau or Bao Loc city can admire the beauty of the golden phoenix.

In the early days of February, traveling on Highway 20 from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat, through the Di Linh plateau, visitors can easily see phoenix trees blooming in the sky. Pictured is a phoenix tree on the campus of Le Loi Secondary School in Di Linh town.

Yellow phoenix is ​​grown a lot in Di Linh and Bao Loc of Lam Dong province. Flowers bloom from the beginning of the year until the end of March. The yellow phoenix trees bloom all over the tree, without the green color of the leaves. The flowering tree seen from above to the school yard.

Fallen phoenix wings form a brilliant golden carpet under Le Loi school yard.

Trung Kien, a photographer from Ho Chi Minh City, was surprised to see the brilliant yellow phoenix in early spring. “I used to know pink phoenix, purple phoenix, but now I have seen yellow phoenix. The best thing is that the whole tree is full of flowers without leaves,” Mr. Kien said.

The yellow phoenix has a straight and branched stem near the apex. Each top has more than a dozen main flower branches, each main branch has 6-8 sub-branches, each sub-branch has 30-40 buds, forming a bunch of flowers.

According to the teachers of Le Loi school, this year the phoenix blooms more beautifully and evenly, so it attracts many tourists to take pictures.

Yellow phoenix wings fall on the road surface. Many female students take phoenix wings to pass them on to each other as memories of school age.

“This is the third school year we have witnessed the golden phoenix in front of the gate blooming, everyone is excited to take pictures as a souvenir,” said an 8th grade female student at Le Loi Secondary School.

The steps to Pho Do pagoda in Di Linh district are covered with yellow phoenix petals.

About 30 km from Di Linh town, Bao Loc city also has many phoenix trees blooming on this occasion. Many photographers and tourists come to admire the beauty of golden phoenix at Bat Nha Monastery, Bao Loc City.

Many trees are located alone in the middle of green tea hills, creating a poetic scene, attracting tourists. According to the government, this locality currently has about 15 yellow phoenix trees, concentrated on the road to Bat Nha Monastery, about 15 km from the center of Bao Loc city.

In addition to Bat Nha monastery, golden phoenix is ​​also grown in areas such as Tan Thanh parish church, Loc Thanh commune; Bao Loc College of Technology – Economics; Asia Pacific High School (Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ward 2)…

The yellow phoenix became the inspiration of photographers and is considered as the spring symbol of Bao Loc.

 ( According to vnexpress )