Four boutique-style hotels in Hoi An

QUANG NAM – These boutique hotels are located in the center of the old town, rated out of 9 points on major booking websites such as Agoda or Booking.

Boutique hotel is a small-scale hotel, only about 100 rooms maximum, with a high artistic design style. Each room and the hotel area is comfortable, luxurious, and often a combination of classic and elegant. The close and friendly atmosphere is the highlight to attract guests. Service is also a plus here, always focusing on quality over quantity.

La Siesta Hoi An Resort & Spa (pictured) is located nearly 1 km from Cau Pagoda. The resort has a 400 m2 saltwater swimming pool and a 100 m2 freshwater swimming pool. The west wing is traditional with 70 rooms, while the east wing has 37 classic suites with old town character.

The interior design of the hotel is light, harmonious and less detailed, creating a friendly atmosphere for guests. The Red Bean restaurant area serves a variety of Asian dishes, while The Temple Restaurant offers European cuisine.

All rooms have a private balcony overlooking the pool. Services include massage, gym, cycling, free bus to An Bang beach… This is also an ideal place to organize small groups or intimate wedding spaces… Price Double room from 1.8 million VND per night.

Little Riverside Hoi An Luxury Hotel & Spa is located along the Thu Bon River, one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset in Hoi An. The hotel has Traders Waterfront restaurant, which combines Western cuisine and traditional Vietnamese dishes, located right by the river.

Double room price from 2.5 million VND per night. The interior of the rooms is designed to be minimalist, but still fully equipped.

Little Riverside has four massage rooms and spas, with a variety of treatments from traditional to Thai massage and especially the resort’s own Riverside Signature.

Allegro Hoi An Luxury Hotel & Spa is located about 600 meters from Cau Pagoda. The hotel has 94 rooms, with private balconies, wooden furniture to create a cozy space. Other amenities include a spa, gym, outdoor swimming pool, fine dining restaurant, lobby and poolside bar, and conference room. Allegro Hoi An Luxury Hotel & Spa also offers free bicycles and a free shuttle service to An Bang beach.

The design of the hotel is inspired by the ancient features of the ancient town of Hoi An, so it is also likened to a miniature Hoi An. Room rates from 2.5 million VND per night, with family rooms for 4 people.

Cuisine is one of the strengths of Allegro Hoi An with Melody fine restaurant serving traditional Vietnamese dishes. In addition, the lobby and pool bar on the rooftop will also help guests to maximize their rest. Guests can also relax with ozone stone spa technology to help deeply affect the body, detoxify…

Laluna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa is located on the banks of the Hoai River, about 5 minutes walk from Cau Pagoda.

The hotel has 49 rooms with 6 classes, with family rooms, designed in a modern and elegant style. Room rates range from 1.4 million VND to 3.5 million VND per night.

At Laluna Hoi An Riverside Hotel & Spa, there are also many activities such as meeting friends and partners at the River View Bar along Hoai River, relaxing in the outdoor pool by the Pool Bar, and traditional spa treatments at Laluna Spa or Workout at the fitness center. There is also a cooking course for Vietnamese traditional dishes…