Fresh Garden Dalat tourist area has just appeared

Fresh Garden Dalat – A popular tourist destination with flower fields and miniatures “million like”. Coming to Da Lat, everyone would want to save the real “genuine” pictures. Then there is no reason to refuse the top tourist destination in Dalat like Fresh Garden.

fresh garden Dalat
Fresh Garden Dalat tourist area

Introduction of Fresh Garden Dalat Tourist Area

Coming to Fresh Garden resort, you will be immersed in nature here. A place to help you relax listening to the peaceful melodies of the mountains and forests. Hear all the birds singing the chirping echoes of a hill. The sound of clear running water is extremely relaxing. And a lot of the miniatures have been set up with great investment. It promises to be the most worth visiting tourist destination in the present time.

Flower garden in fresh garden
Flower garden in the Fresh Garden Dalat tourist area

Come to Dalat Green Garden, a large and poetic natural scene. With thousands of flowers blooming like chrysanthemum mi, jade flowers, begonia, …

Dalat fresh flower garden
flower garden at KDL Fresh Garden Dalat

Where is the Fresh Garden resort located?

KDL Fresh Garden is located entirely on a hill. This place is surrounded by vast primeval forest.

  • Address: No. 90B Van Thanh, Ward 5, Da Lat.
Dalat fresh tourist resort
Fresh Garden tourist area in Da Lat

How to move to KDL Fresh Garden:

For the convenience of directions, we will suggest you depart from Dalat market! From the market you move to the roundabout. Then turn right on Nguyen Van Cu Street, turn left on 3/2 Street. Continue moving until Hoang Van Thu roundabout, continue along Hoang Van Thu street. Go until it changes to Van Thanh Street. The Fresh Garden resort is on the left!

fresh garden path
The way to Fresh Garden tourist area

Google maps KDL Fresh Garden Dalat map

Below is a google maps map of KDL  Fresh Garden Dalat . Hope it will help visitors. Make it easy to find your way to this famous flower field. Visitors can refer to the map that we provide below.

You can also click directly on the photo map we provided above. Then fill in the details that you want to find, it will give you detailed directions

Contact information

The hotline of KDL Fresh Garden Dalat is 0908 97 49 49 . Guests wishing to contact for advice on using the service here, please call the phone number above!

Fresh garden opening hours
Photo of guests checking in at Fresh Garden Tourist Area


At the present time, visitors only need to spend 100,000 VND / ticket for adults, 60,000 VND / child (1m-1m3). For children under 1m2, admission tickets will be free. A very suitable price for you and your family to visit.

ticket price to fresh garden
Fares for the Fresh Garden resort

Opening hours to visit KDL Fresh Garden Dalat

The time of the Fresh Garden Green Garden is open to visitors at 7:30 am, and 17:30 is when the Fresh Garden KDL is closed. This resort is open to visitors on all days of the week. So visitors want to visit this place on any day of the week.

check in fresh garden
Guests check in the European gate at the Fresh Garden Dalat KDL

What is Fresh Garden Dalat resort?

To answer your questions about whether you should come here to visit, with Hoa Dalat Travel, we will take a look at a variety of attractions in this place.

fresh garden tourist spot
Fresh Garden tourist destination Dalat

Visit the house filled with flowers and giant windmills

The windmill covered with flowers is very cute, next to it is a lovely flower house. This scene is just like in the fairy tales. A vintage dress. Perfectly suited to help you transform into a cinderella in this setting.

fresh garden resort Dalat
Fresh Garden Dalat tourist area

Green lake view of pine forest fainting

This is a photo view of “million likes” that you should not ignore when coming to KDL Fresh Garden. Beautiful blue watercolor like Ruby blue, adding the reflection of the Sun. The water surface becomes more and more clear and sparkling. The Y-shaped bridge combined with a heart is made of flowers and angel wings. In addition, small scenes such as: Koi Aquarium, faithful bridge, charm bridge,…. Also very unique and brings many beautiful photo views.

forest view lake in fresh garden
Forest view lake at KDL Fresh Garden

Magic waterfall Fresh

This is a virtual living corner that is loved by many young people. This is a small scene that has been formed not long ago, making a storm on the travel forums. Fresh waterfall and suspension bridge promises to be a very magical check-in landscape.

gresh waterfall
Enjoy virtual life at the waterfall at KDL Fresh Garden Dalat

European heaven gate in KDL Fresh Garden campus

Two gates were built from the idea of ​​famous works in Europe. Bring unique and new in photos.

fresh garden in Da Lat
Beautiful photo hunting at European heaven gate at KDL Fresh Garden

Eagle Island

The giant eagle statue is flapping its wings combined with the majestic mountain view. Big Bang Island will be the place to help you get “super cool” poses.

Fresh rice pot
Eagle Bird Island in Fresh Garden tourist area

Not only stopping at eagle island, KDL Fresh Garden also has: 12-animal tunnel, Bang Thien cave, magic village,…. All are very unique and full of promise to bring you an exciting discovery trip.

Check in the fresh garden Dalat
12-child tunnel – Fresh Garden tourist area

Parking “quality play”

Keeping up with the current trend, the car park of KDL Fresh Garden is also nicely adorned. The walls are beautifully decorated with images. Artistic text and vivid colors are very impressive.

Check in the fresh garden parking lot
Check in parking lot at KDL Fresh Garden
fresh garden parking lot
parking lot at KDL Fresh Garden

Fresh Coffee and Com Nieu Fresh Restaurant

After having fun taking pictures , the best thing is to enjoy delicious food. Do not let tourists get hungry or have to struggle to find a place to eat. It also has Fresh Coffee and Nieu Fresh rice restaurant. A place that both meets the needs of entertainment, photography, relaxation, and food and drink. Do not hesitate to go to Fresh Garden tourist area to have a memorable vacation.

Fresh rice pot
Fresh rice pot

In addition to beautiful scenery, unique landscape, Fresh Garden resort also owns Fresh Coffee and Com Nieu Fresh restaurant. Serve the needs of food and drink, recharge for guests. Especially, for families who want to relax, coming to KDL Fresh Garden do not have to worry.

How far is the Green Garden Fresh Garden from Dalat?

This is a question asked by many visitors on forums. So we would like to update too. Fresh Garden green garden is only about 3km from Dalat center. The path is not difficult at all, it’s your job to enjoy your trip.

Check in flower garden at fresh
Check in green garden Fresh Garden Dalat

Photos at KDL Fresh Garden Dalat

small scene in the fresh resort
A landscape at the Fresh Garden tourist area
hunting in the fresh garden
Photo hunting at the Fresh Garden resort
Fresh resort
Photos of tourists checking in at the Fresh Garden resort
pictures in fresh garden
Photos at KDL Fresh Garden
fresh garden Da Lat has nothing
Beautiful photo hunt at KDL Fresh Garden Dalat

Tour to visit KDL Fresh Garden Dalat

The good news for those who love this place is that Hoa Dalat Travel has just launched the tour program. With super hot spots like.

  1.  Fresh Dalat tourist area (Lavender flower field, Flower house, Love bridge, Windmill, High-tech strawberry garden, straw field, …)
  2.  Puppy Farm- Take pictures with the puppies raised here
  3. Dalat Fairytale Land (Fairy village, wine cellar, Artichoke factory …)
  4. Dalat View – Check in Dalat Sky Gate
  5. Cam Tu Cau flower field – Stairway to heaven.

Check in the fresh garden resort
Check in Fresh Garden resort


Above is a review article about Fresh Garden Dalat resort that Hoa Dalat Travel offers to readers. Hopefully, the article will help readers understand more about this popular tourist destination.