From time to time visit: “Snacks paradise” Nghia Tan market in Hanoi now how?

No need to go far, just hanging around at Nghia Tan market is enough delicious snacks to fill your hungry stomach.

Nghia Tan Market has long been a famous culinary cluster in Hanoi, especially a favorite spot for young people. No matter how many years have passed, this market has always been a treasure trove of familiar delicacies. There are dishes that have become the trademark of this market, attached to generations of students.

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Nghia Tan market, surely everyone must stop by once to enjoy some delicious street snacks at extremely “cheap” prices. Today, let’s go “Hungry yet?” Discover the famous dishes at Nghia Tan market!

Bread rolls

What could be more wonderful than enjoying a hot spring rolls full of hot toppings in the afternoon and one of the places with delicious hot spring rolls is this Nghia Tan market. Walking along the market, it is easy to see that this place also has a whole line selling spring rolls, which are Thu Huong, Thu Loan, Ngoc Anh,… Most of these eateries are around ten years old and sell spring rolls in Vietnam. this Nghia Tan market.

Although it is just a small restaurant with a few foam boxes containing spring rolls and a few sets of plastic tables and chairs, it is still the favorite snack coordinates of many young people.

The crispy spring rolls are soft, flexible but crispy like jelly, smooth skin with minced meat filling and crunchy wood ear. When you put it in your mouth, you can feel the cake melt where the tip of the tongue is still lingering with the scent of the outer layer of leaves. The price is only about 20,000 VND for a full and delicious spring roll.

There are not too many toppings such as spring rolls and sausages or grilled meat like some other places, spring rolls here are simply served with small spring rolls and a little cucumber salad, but still have enough flavor. Delicious to satisfy your hunger.


Mussel porridge is also a favorite dish of many people at Nghia Tan market. The bowls of porridge with a smooth consistency and rich flavor must be a dish that makes young people’s hearts super, especially when the weather is gradually entering the early winter.

One of the very famous porridge shops in this market must be the Ba Trong porridge shop. Existing for nearly 30 years, but this small porridge shop is always busy with people coming in and out, also the gut shop of many generations of students around this area.

The porridge here is finely cooked and very fragrant, the color of the porridge is not white but cloudy from the water of the mussels. If other porridge shops usually keep porridge on one side and mussels on the other side, this porridge shop cooks porridge with mussels to cook together, perhaps that’s why the taste is also very special.

A bowl of porridge costs 20,000 VND, neither big nor small, just right to enjoy a bowl to test the deliciousness as rumored. Under the porridge are pieces of crunchy mussel meat with a little laksa leaves, finely chopped scallions. When eating, just sprinkle a little pepper, chili powder or spices as you like, stir the bowl of porridge so that the ingredients blend together.

Holding a bowl of warm porridge in the palm of your hand, while eating and blowing with crispy crackers. If you are in Hanoi without visiting this restaurant to enjoy the sweet aroma of a bowl of porridge, it will be a waste.

Tao Pho

Tofu is also on the list of famous dishes not to be missed in Nghia Tan snack paradise. Famous for being delicious and cheap, too pho in Nghia Tan has a lot of places to eat, because right at the market gate there is a row of ladies and gentlemen to offer.

Every afternoon, rows of tofu with simple plastic tables and chairs have become a familiar destination for not only students, but also office workers.

White tofu, fragrant with grapefruit flowers, bean milk and coconut milk served with toppings such as pearls, black jelly, jelly gloves, dried coconut or fresh grated coconut… A simple dish but it is a dessert. The cool mouth makes everyone eat forever.

To discover all the cuisine here if only one day is difficult to sweep all. In addition to the above dishes to Nghia Tan market, you can enjoy more dishes such as pan bread, mixed vermicelli, grilled rice paper, spring rolls, pillow cakes… Most of these places are still shops that have been sold for over ten years. , it is also a bit difficult to find a brand new restaurant that sells the branded dishes of this market.

Although the taste may not be so excellent, this place is one of the markets with the richest cuisine in Ha Thanh. What are you waiting for, do not invite your friends to do a food tour sweeping Nghia Tan market, while sipping delicious food and reviewing unforgettable memories at this market.

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