Fruit-laden tangerine garden on the outskirts of Da Lat

LAM DONG – Persimmon garden makes visitors excited when visiting, taking photos, and enjoying fruits in the Don Duong district.

Da Lat this season, in addition to dry weather, flowers blooming everywhere, is also the season of tangerines, especially in the suburbs of Pró commune, Don Duong district, about 30 km from Da Lat city.

One of the largest tangerine gardens here has an area of ​​​​over 10,000 m2, planted by Mr. Vu Dinh Tue for more than 15 years.

Mr. Tue said that the garden is cultivated according to the 3T process (safe, no chemicals, no pesticides) so it is clean, the fruit is sweet and slightly sour.

Ripe and ripe Don Duong tangerines have a hard-to-mix taste compared to Western tangerines.

The season of mandarin oranges usually gives full ripe fruit from early November to the end of February next year. This is also the time when many people come to visit, take pictures and buy tangerines in the garden, up to dozens of times a day. It is estimated that this year Mr. Tue will collect about 20 tons of tangerines.

Visitors are only allowed to take pictures, not pick the fruit themselves to avoid affecting the quality of the fruit and the growth and development of the tree.

“Whoever needs to eat tangerines, someone will cut and sell them and pack them carefully,” Tue said.

Children play in the tangerine garden, which is at the point of harvest. “Here the air is fresh, the garden ground is covered with a layer of soft green natural grass. The garden is trimmed, cared for and kept clean, so the children love it”, Ms. Bui Thi Ai Van, a tourist from Binh Duong, said.

The tangerine garden attracts many people to take pictures on the occasion of Tet. Many female tourists pose for photos with the fruity tangerine branches. “At this time, the fruit is abundant and luxuriant waiting to be harvested, so it is very beautiful to take pictures. I missed the appointment with two seasons of tangerines, now it’s a very happy occasion,” said Hong Tham, a student from Ho Chi Minh City.

Many photographers and photographers also come to the tangerine garden on this occasion to hunt and take pictures of people. “Only a few more days when the harvest garden is sold out, it is no longer beautiful to visit,” said Mr. Tran Van Hung, who specializes in leading guests from Da Lat to Don Duong to visit the tangerine garden.

 ( According to vnexpress )