Full set of travel tips for Phu Quoc and Tay Ninh on the occasion of April 30-1/5


The holiday season 30/4-1/5 is approaching with the favorable weather forecast, and many southern tourist destinations such as Phu Quoc, and Tay Ninh promise to be attractive options for tourists.

While Phu Quoc converges many large-scale projects inspired by world architecture, Tay Ninh brings a new experience that is hard to ignore.

Phu Quoc with a series of interesting experiences

“If only 3 days in Phu Quoc is not enough” is the comment of many visitors to the pearl island recently. From the south to the north of Phu Quoc, the white sand beaches with clear water see the bottom, the island is beautiful and poetic, making visitors engrossed. Besides, high-class resorts, large-scale entertainment complexes with hundreds of game items, monumental shows, and architectural complexes also make visitors go forever and not get bored.

Sun Group, travel April 30, brother 1
Visitors see Phu Quoc from above with Hon Thom cable car.

The south of the island is the convergence of the most unique resort experience on the pearl island. In which, resorts such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Premier Village Phu Quoc resort, New World Phu Quoc … are recognized by the world. Here, you just need to walk on Kem beach, participate in activities designed by the resorts, and have enough fun all day long.

Exploring the southern island on this occasion, visitors can wander between the ancient “Mediterranean town” of Amalfi without having to go to distant Italy. However, for domestic and international visitors, the most interesting experience is still taking the Hon Thom cable car to see the picturesque sea and islands of Phu Quoc.

Sun Group, travel April 30, brother 2
“Mediterranean town” – check-in point captivates visitors.

On this occasion of April 30 to May 1, if you want to own a package tour of the southern island, you can choose the combo “Paradise Night” of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. With the price of 700,000 VND/adult from 1.4 m and above; 350,000 VND/child 1-1.4 m and free for children under 1 m, visitors will have a journey to experience the “Mediterranean” space, explore Hon Thom cable car after 15:00; Have fun in the cool water and a series of exciting sea games at Aquatopia water park.

Besides, visitors have the opportunity to conquer the “Wrath of Wood Snake” – a wooden roller coaster in Vietnam, one of the top thrilling games just launched at the Exotica Village themed subdivision. After a series of exciting experiences, fresh specialties at the beach BBQ party or Coconut Garden restaurant in the music space, performances by international dancers make the day longer.

Sun Group, travel April 30, brother 3
A series of attractive sea games at Aquatopia water park.

Also on this occasion, the second game called “Eagle Eye” at the mysterious Exotica Village on Hon Thom island will be released. This is a 360-degree observatory, bringing visitors up to 120m high, opening up a spacious sky, helping to capture the eyes of Hon Thom – which is known as the paradise island.

Countless experiences from new to old, both modern and traditional are contributing to the colorful Phu Quoc. There, if you only have 4 holidays, you find something interesting every hour.

Tay Ninh is not new but strange

Not as vibrant and colorful as Phu Quoc, but Tay Ninh is a “strange phenomenon” of southern tourism. From the Lunar New Year until now, Sun World BaDen Mountain tourist complex is crowded with tourists, especially on weekends. The number of visitors coming here on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of the ancestors increased by 287.3% compared to the same period last year. This number is enough to show the attractiveness of Tay Ninh.

Sun Group, travel April 30, brother 4
The top of Ba Den mountain has a special attraction for southern tourists.

On this occasion of 30/4-1/5 holiday, the road leading to Ba Den Mountain tourist area is decorated with flags to welcome visitors. Along with that, on the top area, many new flower gardens of all kinds and miniatures from fresh flowers are created by the resort, bringing a space filled with flowers on the sacred top of the South.

Nui Ba is familiar to tourists because of the spiritual complex of Ba Pagoda hundreds of years ago. Up to now, this destination has created a new experience on the top of Ba Den that is making many Buddhists and tourists admire.

Sun Group, travel April 30, brother 5Sun Group, travel April 30, brother 6
Tay Bo Da Son Buddha statue reached an Asian record.

In the green and spacious space of the sacred peak of the South, a cluster of majestic spiritual works, built by Sun Group, including the Buddha statue of Tay Bo Da Son achieved an Asian record, a Buddhist exhibition area. 4 floors scale at the foot of the statue. Along with that, the system of water discs spills from the foot of the statue to the mountainside, creating an impressive and superficial Buddhist complex.

Visitors will admire hundreds of statues, paintings and reliefs, made from many typical materials bearing the Vietnamese Buddhist style through the periods. In addition, realistic images of the movement of the universe in Buddhist conception on the unique dome screen with the world’s leading modern video mapping technology. Visitors also have the opportunity to admire the national Buddhist treasures in Tay Ninh through 3D technology or the precious Buddha relic in the shimmering space on Ba Den Peak.

The spiritual experience from a hundred years ago, the cluster of Buddha statues on the top of Nui Ba and the constantly renewed landscapes help visitors find a very different Tay Ninh from what they are familiar with.