Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak Nong – the perfect background for shimmering photoshoots

Coming to Dak Nong, if you want to find a tourist destination that is both beautiful and has a “virtual tossing pan” photo, don’t ignore Gia Nghia tea hill, which is being actively checked in by believers recently.

Gia Nghia tea hill has long been dubbed the “virtual living space” of Dak Nong thanks to its poetic natural scenery. Virtual living in Gia Nghia tea hill is a great experience for anyone because you can not only be immersed in the lush green space of the peaceful countryside but also bring back virtual live photoshoots for a lifetime. with the scenery of a beautiful tea hill under the sunset or dreamy under the morning mist. 

Gia Nghia Tea Hill Dak NongGia Nghia tea hill is a romantic destination in Dak Nong. Photo:@thy__1314

Gia Nghia Tea Hill – a million-like virtual living studio for traveling followers 

If you have ever been fascinated by famous virtual tea hills such as Bien Ho tea hill in Gia Lai , Cau Dat tea hill in Da Lat, O Long tea hill in Sapa or heart tea hill in Moc Chau, you will definitely come to tea hill. In Gia Nghia, you will also fall in love immediately by the beautiful scenery of this place. 

Travel to Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak NongThe tea hill has a poetic scene like a picture. Photo: Gia Lai newspaper

Gia Nghia tea hill is known as one of the largest tea growing places in the Central Highlands with an output of hundreds of tons per year. Therefore, the tea tree here is one of the main livelihoods of the people in the region. Especially recently, when the beauty of the tea hill is known more and more, the number of tourists from all over the world has been pouring in more and more, creating favorable conditions for the local people to promote the image of the tea hill in their homeland to everyone. domain. 

The beauty of Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak NongThanks to the beautiful scenery, this place attracts tourists to visit. Photo: Luong Khac Tung

Coming to Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak Nong , visitors will enjoy the pure and cool air, immerse in the green space of trees, watch the fragile white tea petals or the small fruits. marbles crept under the tea trees. 

Explore Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak NongCovering the space of the tea hill is the green color of trees. Photo: @ceecee_0202

The scenery at Gia Nghia tea hill makes visitors feel like they are opening their hearts, taking in the purest and most beautiful things and traveling to the dreamland, where only tea hills stretch to the top. 

Time to visit Gia Nghia tea hill

The weather in Dak Nong is very mild with an average annual temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, so it is very suitable for you to do sightseeing and discovery activities. The best time to visit the tea hill is the dry season, from November to April next year because at this time the weather is cool, the scenery is beautiful and sunny. 

Time to go to Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak NongThe best time to come to the tea hill is the dry season or the beginning of the rainy season. Photo:@iam_hlhl

However, at other times, you can still check-in the tea hill as long as the weather is not too harsh, especially in the rainy season, although the weather is not favorable, the scenery of the tea hill looks very beautiful. There are two times of the day the most beautiful scenery of the tea hill is in the morning before 9am and in the afternoon after 4pm.

Time to go to Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak NongSunset is one of the most beautiful moments of the day in the tea hill. Photo:@cobekhongzu

How to go to Gia Nghia tea hill? 

The tea hill is only 10km from the center of Gia Nghia city, so you can comfortably move here very easily by motorbike, car or taxi. Renting a motorbike by yourself to explore Gia Nghia as well as the tea hill is a popular choice because you will be able to be more comfortable and active during the journey. From the center, you move in the direction of Quang Khe commune, go about 10km, you will immediately see the scene of immense tea hills with fragrance carried by the wind. 

How to get to Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak Nong?The time from the center to the tea hill is only 20 minutes. Photo: Hi Dak Nong

Note when visiting Gia Nghia tea hill 

Gia Nghia tea hill does not collect admission tickets, so you can comfortably check-in according to your preferences. However, this is not only a tourist destination but also a place of production for farmers around the area, so when visiting, you should be very conscious. Always pay attention to the landscape, do not litter indiscriminately. In particular, you should not arbitrarily trample, catch young tea buds or lie down, trample on tea beds to take pictures. 

Note when coming to Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak NongYou can live a virtual life when you come to the tea hill. Photo:@nghongbaonghi

Note when coming to Gia Nghia tea hill in Dak NongThe tea hill does not collect admission tickets. Photo: @imlittletiny

Enjoying the wonderful scenery, comfortably living virtual is the best experience when you check in Gia Nghia tea hill , come to feel the pure atmosphere of nature, be captivated with the poetic scenery and also enjoy the beautiful scenery. to find the peaceful sky in the middle of the beautiful plateau. 

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