Go find Phung Ha Giang – a beautiful terraced paradise under the clouds

Phung Ha Giang village is one of the picturesque villages on the rocky plateau, especially in autumn when the terraced fields are ripe and golden.

There is a beautiful Phung village in Ha Giang

Guy Khoai checked in Phung village, Ha Giang. Photo: @khoailangthang

Phung village in Hoang Su Phi district – is the residence of the La Chi ethnic group. Like many other ethnic minorities, the La Chi cultivate terraced fields and preserve the fine traditional culture through their daily activities and activities. Coming here, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature, visitors also experience life with local residents.

Ban Phung commune belongs to Hoang Su Phi district. Photo: @tambui

Phung village is located in the western part of Ha Giang province, with quite rough terrain, mainly hills and mountains concentrated upstream of Chay river. Although natural conditions are not as favorable as the plains, they are a prerequisite for people to create picturesque terraced fields. 

Phung village with mainly mountainous terrain. Photo: @cat_obs

Having the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang and discover Phung village, visitors will be immersed in an extremely pristine, peaceful and poetic picture. Nature is so vast and vast that humans are so small. So, if you want to get away for a bit, this will be a great place for a trip.

The road to Ban Phung is quite difficult. Photo: @rayle1986

Here, the people’s life is very rustic with the activities of planting and harvesting rice. Occasionally, there will be a market – a place where buying and selling activities take place, exchanging items that people make themselves. Just try once to visit this village, you will find that Ha Giang is truly the “first beauty of the world” in the northern mountainous region. 

Fall in love with the beauty of Phung Ha Giang village in the ripe rice season

Phung Ha Giang village has up to 120 hectares of terraced fields stretching on hills, mountain slopes and a few rare valleys here. This commune is considered to have the most beautiful terraced fields compared to neighboring communes. Although the terraces are randomly shaped, they blend harmoniously together, creating a beautiful scene.

Ban Phung terraced fields are hidden under the misty clouds. Photo: @phtrung0611

Today, this village is one of the beautiful villages in Ha Giang  because there are many terraced fields. The first time you come here, you will surely be surprised when the small houses of the people are located among the vast fields. This farming method is different from other areas such as Bat Xat, Mu Cang Chai, etc. 

A beautiful place to take pictures of the ripe rice season in Ha Giang. Photo: @ferret.1409

The people of Phung village build houses in the middle of terraced fields, just go to the door and look in any direction, you will also see immense rice fields. In addition to farming, the La Chi people also combine animal husbandry, creating a closed model to serve their lives. That is why when traveling here, visitors feel something very original and ancient. 

The house of La Chi ethnic people is located among beautiful terraced fields. Photo: @vietnam_travel_media

Every season, Phung Ha Giang village is beautiful, but the most beautiful, ravishing beauty is in the ripe rice season. At the time of September every year, the terraced fields here change from bright green to light yellow and then from bright, shiny yellow. Under the autumn sun, the terraced fields become more beautiful, the scene is sweeter and more poetic. 

The pouring water season in Ban Phung is also very beautiful. Photo: @_g.gem_

In Phung village, white clouds are not many and not thick, so they are not ideal coordinates for hunting clouds. But the clouds here are romantic clouds, when hidden in the sky, adorning the picture of rice fields and houses become poetic. If you can take pictures with a drone or a flycam, you will get spectacular photos of mountains, rice fields and houses.

Small houses nestled in the middle of green terraced fields. Photo: @ngianc58

Discovering this destination in Ha Giang , the most ideal experience for visitors is to take a leisurely walk on the streets to see the beautiful terraced fields, inhale the fresh air, listen to the sound of the sound. birds chirping to feel more fully the beauty of the northern mountains.

The La Chi people still keep their traditional farming methods. Photo: @ngianc58

If you come here on the right occasion of ripe rice, you cannot miss the opportunity to live a virtual life with golden terraces. Whether close-up or far-away the beautiful scenery of Phung Ha Giang village , visitors will not be disappointed. After the trip, surely the camera and phone memory will be full because there are countless beautiful photos. 

International tourists explore Ban Phung. Photo: @espig_

In addition to watching the terraced fields, visitors here also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural space of the La Chi people. Residents here are quite friendly, always welcoming visitors and ready to act as a guide, introducing you to the most beautiful coordinates to check in, to admire the beautiful scenery of Phung village.

Experience going to Phung Ha Giang village

An interesting thing is that the ripe rice season in Phung village often comes earlier than other localities. In September, the terraces here turn golden in the autumn sun. Therefore, you should arrange a plan to arrive at the right time for the main rice, avoid coming here in the harvest season because at that time the fields are only bare stubble.

The ripe rice season in Ban Phung usually comes early in September. Photo: @tam_le_van_0906

From Ha Giang to here is quite far, the road has many bends and twists. Therefore, if you ride a motorbike by yourself, you need to drive slowly and carefully. Especially go in the morning or noon, avoid going in the afternoon to ensure safety.

Ban Phung has many beautiful homestays for tourists to stay. Photo: @nguythuyha

Today, Phung Hoang Su Phi village has gradually transformed to develop tourism. Visitors here can stay for a long time at homestays such as: Chi Tai Homestay, Trong Phu Homestay, Homestay La Chi Phong, etc. These are all professionally operated addresses, providing accommodation services for visitors for a while. neat way. 

An extremely chill experience in Ban Phung Ha Giang. Photo: @milivista

Especially in the journey to visit Phung village, you can also enjoy local delicacies such as rat meat, sticky rice, field carp, and sesame salted rice. Besides, you can also enjoy Shan Tuyet tea – a famous and delicious old tea of ​​Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang. 

This spring, you must definitely visit Phung village in Ha Giang once. Photo: @wearebucketravel

Phung Ha Giang village is a beautiful village like a fairyland with small houses surrounded by beautiful terraced fields. The journey to conquer Phung village brings visitors many fascinating experiences, especially the natural scenery, people and local cuisine. 

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