Go to Da Lat to enjoy the red berry wind-hung persimmon

Da Lat has entered the season of ripe persimmons dangling on the branches and since then, sweet and sweet hanging persimmons have been produced. 

From mid-September to early December, the fruit-laden persimmon gardens in Da Lat begin the ripening season. At first, there were many luxuriant leaves on the tree. The yellow persimmons peeking behind the green leaves on the tree, swaying in the wind bring a heartbreaking beauty. From October to November, the persimmons gradually turn darker, making visitors fall in love with the red-orange color of the persimmon.

A rose garden in Da Lat with ripe persimmons

But in addition to the crispy or ripe persimmons eaten fresh, there is a specialty that many tourists love, which is the persimmon hanging in the wind. Unlike dried persimmons, wind-hanging persimmons still retain their inherent natural flavor and color and can be kept for up to 6-7 months.

A corner of the garden to make roses hang in the wind

There are a number of rose gardens that will be open for visitors to visit, check-in and take pictures. But there are very few places for visitors to visit the whole process of making persimmons to ensure food safety and hygiene.

According to the share of Photo: THAO PHUONG – owner of a facility specializing in processing persimmons hanging by the wind, Da Lat mainly uses persimmon eggs to hang the wind. There are 3 types of persimmon eggs. Seedless head persimmons seeded pointed persimmons and flaming red eggs. At the end of the year, there are more seedless copper square roses. Most visitors will prefer to choose the copper square rose because of its seedless and beautiful color.

Wind hanging persimmon retains its natural color and flavor

In order to have delicious persimmons hanging from the wind, people will choose ripe or yellow ripe fruits that are still hard. Next is the work of peeling the persimmon quite laboriously. Persimmons must be peeled off the outer shell, leaving the stem of the rose to avoid infection and keep the aesthetics.

Persimmons are peeled, but the stalk must be left

To make persimmons delicious, when picked, they are still acrid, then put them in a large 50 kg plastic bag for 5-7 days so that the persimmons are no longer acrid and sweeter. As for making persimmons hanging in the wind, persimmons are picked down, peeled and hung. Persimmons are usually hung by strings. With many processing facilities, persimmons are hung closed and in the cage, there are yellow lights, dehumidifiers and fans. For individuals and families who want to try it themselves, they need to mist it with white wine every day so that the product does not get moldy.

Pink is hung closed and in the cage there are yellow lights, dehumidifiers and fans
The persimmons begin to turn darker after 4-5 days of being hung
Hanging persimmons will be harvested to sell to customers after 15-20 days depending on the weather Photo: THAO PHUONG
The copper square persimmons after hanging in the wind seduce all visitors

Currently, the price of hanging persimmons in Da Lat ranges from 350,000 to 400,000 VND/kg. When purchased, customers can store in the refrigerator to eat gradually for 3-4 months. But it’s best to keep it in the freezer. Before eating, just take out the persimmon and the white powder on the face is a layer of natural sugar, when it’s soft, it’s still as delicious as when it came out of the oven.

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