Go to Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village and visit unique mushroom houses 


Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is famous for its unique “mushroom houses”, located on beautiful, pristine highlands, bringing countless interesting travel experiences to visitors.

    Where is Kin Chu Phin village? 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai is a village located near the Chinese border, about 10 km from the center of Nam Pung commune, Bat Xat district. This is the home of the Ha Nhi and Red Dao ethnic people with unique indigenous culture and impressive natural scenery, bringing visitors many interesting experiences.

    Where is Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village?Kin Chu Phin village is located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. Photo: @kua296

    This village is located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level so it is cool and pleasant all year round. In winter, there is even white snow falling here, creating a beautiful, desolate, and attractive scene. In recent years, Kin Chu Phin has become a favorite destination in the Bat Xat area, Lao Cai. 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is located in a remote border areaKin Chu Phin village is located near the Chinese border, a remote destination of Lao Cai province. Photo: @ngoctanle.adventure

    Coming to Kin Chu Phin, in addition to enjoying the beautiful and pristine natural landscape of the Northwest, visitors can also learn about the indigenous culture and people. The housing, lifestyle, and lifestyle of the people here are all very different from life in the lowlands. Thanks to that, tourists love their homeland, the country and the people of Vietnam more. 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is uniquely beautiful in the Northwest 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is located in the middle of a large hill, deep inside a remote valley on the border. This village seems completely separate from other destinations in Lao Cai . Therefore, the scenery here is still very natural, pristine and peaceful. When coming to the village for the first time, visitors feel like they have set foot in a new, different and strange world. 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village stands out with its mushroom housesKin Chu Phin village is located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level. Photo: VOV tourism 

    Kin Chu Phin welcomes travelers from far away with a scene that is half familiar, half strange. “Familiar” here is probably the majestic, beautiful picture of the mountains, forests, and clouds of the Northwest sky. The “strange” here is probably the houses with walls covered with green moss and gray moss with unique architecture. People call this a typical mushroom house style of indigenous people. 

    This beautiful village in Lao Cai is inherently located in a somewhat harsh climate, especially in winter. Therefore, in order to protect their health, people have built houses with thick mud walls and square roofs covered with corrugated iron or grass. Over time, the roof is covered with green moss so at first glance it looks like giant mushrooms. 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is the residence of the Dao and Ha Nhi peopleUnique walled houses of Dao and Ha Nhi people in the village. Photo: Internet 

    The terrain of this place is inherently unfavorable, so the houses here are all made by hand, including all the stages of ground clearance, leveling, planking, etc. However, when completed, the house is reported to be very solid and completely sturdy. not inferior to any cement or reinforced steel construction. In addition to soil and grass, the house in the village is also supported by po mu wood – a precious and sturdy wood. 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village has a rustic and peaceful beautyThe walled houses here have very solid architecture. Photo: Tuan Dat – Labor Newspaper 

    Coming to Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village, visitors will have a chance to walk around these unique mushroom houses. Over time, every house is covered with a thick layer of green moss. This helps keep the inside of the house warmer, especially when winter comes. This is also a typical mark for this remote village of Bat Xat district . 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is beautiful in any seasonThe road to this village is as beautiful as a picture. Photo: Doan Trong Binh 

    In the early morning, visitors will see Kin Chu Phin village appear with extremely romantic beauty. The small houses are embraced by smoke and mist, exuding a poetic and magical beauty that few places in Vietnam have. The beauty of this village is both poetic, pristine, and carries with it a bit of mystery. 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is like a mushroom villageLooking down from above, the houses appear like giant mushrooms. Photo: Vietnamese Essence Magazine 

    Every winter, the temperature here drops very low and sometimes white snow appears. Falling snow covered the roofs in a thick layer, turning the usually green landscape into a pure white color. Not long after, Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village became an extremely beautiful and impressive snow village. 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village with the unique culture of indigenous peopleThis village still retains its traditional cultural beauty. Photo: Tuan Dat – Labor Newspaper 

    Exploring this village, in addition to admiring the scenery and enjoying the beauty of the mushroom houses, visitors also have the opportunity to learn more about the local culture and people here. It is not difficult to see Ha Nhi women with their typical blue traditional costumes or images of children playing together happily. 

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village brings many unforgettable experiences to visitorsTourists coming here will have many memorable experiences. Photo: Internet 

    This village is beautiful, peaceful, slow, far from the urban life of big cities in the lowlands. So when you come here, perhaps you should spend time living leisurely and peacefully, listening to every breath of the mountains and forests, every beat of the clouds and sky. Early in the morning, you can get up early to watch the sunrise. In the late afternoon, you can take a walk to watch the sunset, thus enjoying the gentle beauty of the remote Kin Chu Phin. 

    Note when exploring Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village

    Today, Kin Chu Phin is gradually becoming known to many tourists thanks to its majestic and unique beauty. Visitors can explore this village at any time of the year, however you should avoid the rainy season because the weather is cold and the roads are somewhat difficult to travel. Spring is probably the best time for you to visit the village.

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is a destination worth exploringWhen you have the opportunity to travel to Lao Cai, remember to stop at Kin Chu Phin. Photo: Internet 

    In addition to visiting this village, visitors can also visit other destinations in Bat Xat such as Y Ty, Muong Hum, A Lu,… to explore the beauty of this land. Each place has its own beauty, its own attraction, promising to bring a truly complete and unforgettable trip to Lao Cai .

    Kin Chu Phin Lao Cai village is one of the beautiful villages that you should visit once to see how beautiful and majestic the Northwest land of our country is. The blend of natural beauty and unique human culture brings a unique mark to this village, different from other touristized villages. 

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    Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)