Go to Masara Lam Dong grass hill to enjoy the picturesque ‘sunset dance’ 

Masara Lam Dong grass hill is a great coordinate for young people who love to find peace, immerse themselves in the wild, quiet beauty of nature, and admire the picturesque sunset.

Locating the coordinates of the grass hill Masara Lam Dong

Referring to Lam Dong, everyone immediately thinks of the poetic and romantic city of Da Lat with developed tourism services. But if you are afraid of a crowded Da Lat on Tet holidays, “turn the car” to the Masara Lam Dong grassy hill. This is a very wild and beautiful hill, promising to bring interesting experiences for visitors. 
 Where is Masara Lam Dong grass hill?Masara Lam Dong grass hill is located in Duc Trong district. Photo: @ hnchuong

Where is the masara grass hill? It is known that this hill is located in Masara village, Da Loan commune, Duc Trong district. From Ho Chi Minh City to here is about 300 km. If you start from Da Lat, the distance is shortened to only 45 km. Therefore, many young people choose to combine traveling to Dalat and exploring this grassy hill to have more beautiful memories with the land of Lam Dong. 
 Where is Masara Lam Dong grass hill?From Ho Chi Minh City to here is about 300 km. Photo: @chu_chuu___

This destination is located near the Ta Nang – Phan Dung trekking route, so it is not too difficult for visitors to find. You can go in the direction of Dau Giay junction to enter Highway 20, then continue to go to Highway 28B, Duc Trong district to reach Da Loan commune. Of course, you need to add Google Maps navigation or directions from local residents to come to this beautiful grassy hill. 

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The beauty of Masara grass hill 

There must be something beautiful for the Masara Lam Dong grass hill to be interested by many young people and come here to check in. The first time you come here, you will probably be overwhelmed by a large space. It is a population of bare hills including large and small undulating hills, opening up a space that is spacious, peaceful and a little mysterious.
 The beauty of Masara Lam Dong grass hillMasara grass hill is immense and vast. Photo: @hnchuong

Different from the poetic beauty of Da Lat, this destination in Lam Dong exudes mystery, mixing a little bit of romantic color every time the sunset falls. Vast grassy hills with all colors of the wild, natural, paint a picture full of new and strange. At first glance, this place looks like some distant European land. 
 The beauty of Masara Lam Dong grass hillThis place is peaceful and deserted. Photo: @hovu.life

Going to Masara grass hill to find peace is a great choice for young people who do not like to be in a hurry. Here there are bare hills, grasslands and even swathes of forest, rows of pine trees swaying in the wind. All these things are enough to paint a poetic, peaceful scene very specific to this land. 
 The beauty of Masara Lam Dong grass hillThe grass in Masara Hill changes color with the seasons. Photo: @thewilddaisylover

An interesting thing about Masara Lam Dong grass hill is that the grass here changes color with the seasons. Depending on the time of year, the grass is green or dry, adorning the scene with impressive beauties at the time of sunrise and sunset. But there is no need to wait for the season, at any time you can come here to chill, to admire the scenery. 
 The beauty of Masara Lam Dong grass hillRomantic sunset on Masara grass hill. Photo: @thewilddaisylover

According to the Lam Dong travel experience of many young people, you should ride a motorbike here to be able to fully enjoy the natural beauty. In the midst of the immense sky, you can just breathe in the fresh air, and delight in jumping, running, singing or doing whatever you like. 
 The beauty of Masara Lam Dong grass hillMasara Grass Hill is a great destination for camping. Photo: @minh_an_tran

Walking in the Masara grass hill, you can see images of buffalo herds leisurely grazing, encountering beautiful wildflowers in the golden sunshine. In the distance, lonely pine trees stand alone between heaven and earth. Only that much will contribute to creating a peaceful, simple beauty. 
 The beauty of Masara Lam Dong grass hillThis is the ideal destination for you to enjoy peace and relaxation. Photo: @an_foto66

A very good thing about this grassy hill is that you can still catch phone waves and even 3G waves. Of course, you need to work hard to find high ground, climb trees and detect waves like you are in some remote countryside.
 The beauty of Masara Lam Dong grass hillMasara Grass Hill is a great destination that you cannot miss when visiting Lam Dong. Photo: @leolewiz

If your journey to discover Lam Dong is not too busy, take time to visit this grassy hill. No matter where you stand, you can still capture a picture of a poetic, spacious, immense and attractive nature. Young people who love to take pictures, surely do not want to miss the beautiful moments in Masara grass hill. 

Experience in Masara Lam Dong grass hill

As a wild hill, many people must be wondering what to play in Masara grass hill. In fact, because this place is deserted and pristine, few people know it, so it is very suitable for picnics and camping activities. If you want to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of life, and want to find peace, then come here to set up a tent and chill all day. 
 Experience on Masara Lam Dong grass hillCamping is a poetic experience on the Masara grass hill. Photo: @chu_chuu___

Although it is a bare hill with few trees, Masara Lam Dong grass hill also has tall and cool green pine clusters so you can set up a tent to rest overnight. The best thing is to camp in the afternoon so that you can catch the sunset and wait for the sunrise the next morning. These are all beautiful moments for you to enjoy taking photos. 
 Experience on Masara Lam Dong grass hillMany young people come here to watch the beautiful sunset. Photo: @thewilddaisylover

If you are a dreamer, Masara Grass Hill will be a place for you to play and sing with friends, draw some pictures or find a cool little corner to read a book. How many worries and sorrows of life can temporarily stop to blend and connect with nature. No need to think much, just chill is enough. 
 Experience on Masara Lam Dong grass hillYou can camp overnight to catch the sunset and watch the sunrise. Photo: @ thewilddaisylover

When you want to camp overnight in this beautiful grassy hill, you should prepare a full range of camping tools, lights, tents, blankets, pillows, medicine, and food and water. In addition, do not forget to bring your phone, camera, backup battery so you can enjoy taking pictures and checking in on this windy hill. 
 Experience on Masara Lam Dong grass hillGive yourself peaceful moments on Masara grass hill. Photo: @anphan.phan.1

For many young people, watching the sunset on Masara Lam Dong hill is a definite must-try experience once in a lifetime. So, if you can’t camp overnight, you can also spend an afternoon here watching the sun go to sleep. That was the moment when the color of the sky changed from yellow, to orange, then red, deep purple, turning on all levels of dreamy and poetic emotions. 
 Experience on Masara Lam Dong grass hillMasara Grass Hill is a great destination for peace-loving souls. Photo: @hovu.life

Although not a famous destination, Masara Lam Dong grass hill is really a beautiful coordinate that young people who like peace should visit once. This immense hill with poetic beauty promises to bring you many memorable experiences amidst the majestic plateau but also full of peace and tenderness. 

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