Go to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Da Lat to see the architecture of the ‘First Heaven in the South’ for a while 

Tran Le Xuan Palace was once known as the most luxurious and splendid architecture in Dalat, not only associated with the powerful woman Tran Le Xuan, but also associated with the beautiful pages of the city. the tumultuous history of the nation. 

Da Lat city not only has poetic nature known as the land of thousands of flowers that fascinates travelers, but when mentioning this place, people also remember the architectural works imbued with unique history and culture. In addition to the famous names such as Bao Dai Palace and Decoux Palace,  Tran Le Xuan Palace is also a special attraction for tourists. Just by calling the name alone, people can already imagine the luxury and splendor of this place once. Today, Tran Le Xuan Palace has become an attractive destination for tourists from near and far because of its beautiful scenery and also a place to store many valuable historical and cultural artifacts. 

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

Tran Le Xuan Palace was once resplendent because of its luxury. Photo:@lananh_to_

Tran Le Xuan Palace and the absence of luxury for a while 

Referring to the lavish architectural works that were once absent in Da Lat, the Tran Le Xuan Palace is an indispensable name, people call it the special palace because of the size and lavish architecture of this place. The villa is located in the Lam Son hill area, 3km from the center of Da Lat city. This work was officially built by Mrs. Tran Le Xuan in 1958 with an area of ​​up to 13,000km with the purpose of being a resort as well as entertainment for her family as well as guests, Saigon generals every time. to Da Lat.

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

The villa was built in 1958 on Lam Son hill. Photo: vnexfress

According to the elders, during the republic, this was an architectural work that ordinary people never dared to approach because every day there were always many Republican guards on duty and just a strange bird could pass by. shoot down. This work is famous for its luxury and splendor, so it was once called the “First Heaven in the South” and that’s why when the republic collapsed, people flocked here to admire it. In 1963, this work was used as the Museum of Vietnamese Ethnicity. After 1975, this work went through many different transfers, in 2006 this place became the National Archive Center IV, a place to recreate the resilient struggle of the Central Highlands people during the war as well as the war. is the place to store woodblock documents of the Nguyen Dynasty. 

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

Today, Tran Le Xuan Palace has become the National Archive Center IV. Photo: @myy.____

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

It displays many artifacts, including woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty. Photo:@tmh____

Check-in Tran Le Xuan Palace to discover the magnificent and poetic beauty 

This work is a combination of European architecture and beautiful natural scenery. The magnificent beauty of the villas among the flowers and grass, the small road winding under the green pine forest. Tran Le Xuan Palace has a total of three different large villas named Lam Ngoc, Bach Ngoc and Hong Ngoc. 

Villa Lam Ngoc 

This villa has a very popular French architecture at that time, this is the place for Mrs. Tran Le Xuan and her husband to rest every time they come to Da Lat, so it is extremely lavishly decorated, also the most splendid place in the villa . Tran Le Xuan . The villa has a direct view to Yet Kieu Street with a long staircase, the interior space is divided into many small rooms with different functions. Currently, Lam Ngoc villa is decorated like an exhibition area for visitors to visit and admire. The special thing here is that there are bulletproof tunnels leading to the shelter with a capacity of about 10 people.

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

Lam Ngoc is the most luxurious villa in the Tran Le Xuan villa area. Photo: ST

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

A rather chill check-in corner in Lam Ngoc. Photo:@dii98_Y.

Bach Ngoc Villa

This villa has a very special architecture when it is built in a folded form, inside there are many large and small rooms connected to each other. There is a French fireplace system, a large hot water pool for Tran Le Xuan’s family to relax. This is considered an important villa of Tran Le Xuan’s palace because it contains important political plans and secrets. 

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

Bach Ngoc is a villa for entertainment and relaxation. Photo:@gogosapu_

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

The heated swimming pool has been drained and has become a very chill check-in place for young people. Photo: @yy.chu__

Hong Ngoc Villa 

If the two villas above are French, Hong Ngoc has a very typical classical architecture with round columns and gray stone. It is known that this is a gift from Tran Le Xuan to his father. The area of ​​this villa is much smaller, but the inside is still very lavishly decorated.

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

Ho Ngoc is the villa Tran Le Xuan built for his father. Photo:mia

In addition, in the campus of Tran Le Xuan Palace, there is also a Japanese garden with a very beautiful space including lawns, rocks, strange flowers, and a beautiful combination of lotus ponds. In particular, behind the flower garden with a swimming pool, when fully filled with water, a map of Vietnam will be displayed. 

Come to Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat

The flower garden in Tran Le Xuan palace is very beautiful. Photo:@_thienhang.dino

The beauty of Tran Le Xuan villa is the harmony of villas, pine forests and beautiful gardens with countless beautiful virtual living corners. Check-in this once-luxury luxury palace, enjoying the peaceful space in the cool or chilly weather of the mountain town of Da Lat will be a great experience that you will still not forget. 

Photo: Internet