Growing “salty-loving” coconuts will produce wax, becoming a millionaire after a few years

The waxy coconut embryo planted by Mr. Be gives a very high yield, and the wax quality is up to 97%. Thanks to the strange breeding method, Mr. Be earns billions of dong a year.

Wax coconut is a famous specialty of Tra Vinh province. On the surface, the waxy coconut is quite similar to the Siamese coconut, but the inside of the rice is very thick and flexible like a paste, thick, taking up most of the space of the coconut shell.

The rice part of the waxy coconut is very thick, flexible like a paste, and has a fatty but pale taste, when eaten, it needs to be combined with sugar and condensed milk to increase the flavor (Photo: Bao Ky).

However, this type of coconut is very difficult to grow, and not every fruit has wax in the same tree. Therefore, the value of waxed coconuts is very high, averaging more than 200,000 VND (8$)/ fruit, specializing in serving gourmets with conditions.

12 years ago Mr. Dang Minh Be (37 years old, living in Luong Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh) embarked on the development of growing wax coconut embryo implantation. Talking about the reason for choosing this farming method, Mr. Be said, in a chamber of waxy coconuts, there are usually only 2-3 waxy fruits, due to the cross-pollination of coconut trees.

Anh Be became a billionaire at the age of U40 thanks to the wax coconut model of embryo implantation (Photo: Bao Ky).

Through the mass media, Mr. Be knew about the technique of growing waxy coconuts with embryo implantation, which helps increase productivity by 5 times compared to the traditional way. 

“According to the conventional propagation method, people will use wax coconuts in the coconut chamber to incubate and plant. As for embryo implantation, we will take embryos from wax coconuts and then culture them in a nutritious environment for sprouts , Only then will they be incubated into a seedling,” said Be. 

Wax coconut embryo implantation is a way of incubating from the embryos of wax coconuts, the process of creating a seedling takes about 18 months (Photo: Bao Ky).

According to Mr. Be, the process of forming an embryo-implanted wax coconut tree is very time-consuming, from the time of embryo implantation to stem and rooting, it takes about 11-12 months. After that, the tree continues to be domesticated in the natural environment for about 6 months before planting. Embryo transplanted wax coconut 3 years with cat tongue, 4 years with the first off-season.

“Since planting until now, I have owned 3 hectares of wax coconuts with 600 roots from 2 to 8 years old. The results show that the quality of waxy fruit on each tree reaches 97%, while regular wax coconuts are only about 20 %. Every month, I harvest wax coconuts once, the average income per tree is about 1.5 million dong”, Mr. Be shared. 

The embryo-implanted wax coconut is able to overcome the “soil cocoon”, the percentage of waxy coconuts reaches 97% (Photo: Bao Ky).

According to farmer 8X, in addition to the advantages of increasing wax quality, Be’s embryo-implanted wax coconut is also capable of adapting to climate change well, the tree can be grown in highland or saline-affected areas. salinity up to 15‰ and stable wax quality. 

Sharing the secret of effective wax coconut cultivation, Be said, this tree should be planted 7m apart, avoiding palm trees. When the coconut was young, farmers could take advantage of the land to intercrop other agricultural products to exploit the yield.

Wax coconut grown for 3 years has a cat’s tongue (Photo: Bao Ky).

The planting process should pay attention to rot disease, and anti-beetle. After harvesting 3 times, you should apply a chemical fertilizer once a year, you should apply organic fertilizer once a year, and in the dry season you should water regularly to avoid fruit drop.

To check whether the coconut has wax or not, Mr. Be often snaps or shakes it (Photo: Bao Ky).

Over the years, Mr. Be has cooperated with local farmers in the form of selling contract seedlings for 800,000 VND (30$)/tree, supporting farmers in cultivation techniques, and then consuming commercial wax coconuts at the price. market.

Currently, the product is sold by him for from 150,000 to 250,000 VND (7-10$)/ fruit. And in addition to coconut wax to eat fresh, he is also building a factory to deeply process waxed coconut products such as candy, jam, and ice cream…