Guests in Hoi An go to the street to take pictures after the storm

QUANG NAM – After Typhoon Noru hit, many Guests went down the street to take a walk, take pictures and experience tourism on a rainy day.

On the morning of September 28, after the storm hit, Hoi An old town only had light rain, no wind. The area of ​​An Hoi bridge and Bach Dang street was flooded due to the high water of Thu Bon river.

Around 9am, the rain stopped, the sky gradually cleared, many tourists, mainly foreigners, started walking down the street and taking pictures. Restaurants in Hoi An ancient town are still closed.

The streets of the old town center are dry. Many trees were uprooted and broken down in the middle of the road, people and functional forces have shrunk, creating ventilation for the street. Some travelers said they wanted to go out to the street for a change of atmosphere after a day of just staying in the hotel.

Instead of taking pictures with the ancient houses, yellow walls or the typical bougainvillea of ​​Hoi An, tourists take pictures along the riverside roads, capturing images of the lives of local people after the storm.

Many foreign tourists support people to travel.

Mr. Van Kalken Petrus Josephus, from Australia, shared: “I feel comfortable, the air is fresh. I have been to Vietnam many times, but this is the first time I have encountered a storm. Since yesterday afternoon, we have stayed in the hotel. There was a power outage, rain and strong wind, but all did not affect everyone in the group.”

Others expressed interest in the scene. They not only take photos at famous places in the old town but also take pictures with water, fallen trees… to save the memory of the first time traveling in a storm.

Western guests are not afraid to roll up their pants and wade in the middle of the road, experiencing a different Hoi An.

Dieu Anh (22 years old, Hanoi), a new visitor to Hoi An on September 26, said: “The first time we traveled to meet a storm, we were a little nervous, but also relaxed because we had a day in the city. This is the first time I’ve seen Hoi An so different, and it’s also an opportunity to better understand the lives of the people here.”

Currently, there is no longer a ban on going out of the city. Travel activities of guests can take place normally depending on the needs of the experience.

Previously, on September 27, Hoi An city conducted a concentrated evacuation of more than 480 people, evacuating more than 7,800 people to ensure safety when the storm hit the mainland.