Guide to visit and visit Co Van Con Dao temple 

Co Van Temple is a sacred and famous place that many tourists visit every time they have the opportunity to visit Con Dao . If you are planning to visit and visit Co Van Con Dao temple, then please refer to the following article!

Where is Co Van Temple in Con Dao?

Co Van Temple , also known as Co Van Tien Canh , belongs to Hon Cau Island, Con Dao, Ba Ria, and Vung Tau. This place is only about 14km from the center of Con Dao town in the northeast direction. Co Van Temple is quite small but extremely sacred, associated with a long-standing legend. About the location, this temple is located on a very beautiful sandy beach. Therefore, tourists coming here can both visit and admire the beautiful scenery that is still unspoiled in this tourist destination.
 Co Van Temple Con Dao - where?Co Van Temple is a famous spiritual place in Con Dao

How to get to Co Van Con Dao Temple?

So, how do get to the place to visit the Co Van Con Dao temple? Currently, there are 2 main means of transportation: canoe or pier 914 . However, you need to check the weather forecast first. Because if it rains on the right day, the boat will not be able to move to the island.

From Con Dao tourist pier, you can easily rent a canoe with a cost ranging from 2.8 to 3.6 million VND. The price will depend on the number of seats, new or old canoe. If you go on a regular tour, you will not have to worry about this. However, if you travel to Con Dao on your own, you need to book a canoe in advance to have the initiative and not have to wait.

In the case of going alone or in a small group, you can buy tickets to go half a day to save money. When going to Hon Cau island, it will cost you about 60,000 VND/person to get on the island.
 Co Van Temple Con Dao - moveHow to get to Co Van Temple by train?

Legend of Co Van Temple Con Dao

Talking about the legend of Co Van Temple Con Dao has many sources and is quite vague. Because it is not clearly recorded, it is passed on from generation to generation by people here. And sometimes it does not keep its original originality and has a variation. According to legend, Miss Van is the name of a beautiful girl who disappeared at sea. Her body was later buried by a fishing boat of fishermen on the island. And the beach where she was buried later was also called Co Van beach.
 Co Van Temple Con Dao - LegendLegend of Co Van Temple

Regarding the legend of Co Van Tien Canh Hon Cau  , there are also many different versions. There is also information that the body was found at that time with only a white skeleton left. In it was a white paper that was blurred and had Van’s name written on it. Since then, the grave has been named Miss Van’s grave, which is the name of the unfortunate daughter who died. After a while, the strange thing is that many fishermen passing by here see a very strange image. It was an image of a beautiful girl in a white suit gliding across the mountainside. Since then, they established Co Van temple to worship.Co Van Temple Con Dao - Legend of the templeThe area to worship the sacred aunt

Also from then on, when ships pass through here, they all stop by. Go to Ms. Van’s temple to burn incense and pray for good health. The temple has also since become sacred, not only for fishermen to offer incense but also for tourists to come here. They come to visit the scene, burn incense to pray for wealth, and pray for health and peace for themselves and their families.Co Van Temple Con Dao - Legend of Co Van TempleVisitors buy offerings to burn incense at her shrine

Beautiful scenery of Co Van Con Dao temple

Co Van Temple is located right next to the sea. The scenery here is extremely beautiful, peaceful and unspoiled overlooking the sea. The seawater here is clear and clean, visitors can take advantage of sightseeing and swimming. Above the temple are cliffs and mountain slopes creating a poetic and lyrical scene. Don’t forget to take beautiful pictures when you come here.
 Co Van Temple Con Dao - visitCo Van Temple has a beautiful location surrounded by hills and beaches

The advice for you is that, if you go to  Co Van Con Dao temple , you can combine visiting Hon Cau and Bay Canh island. When coming to Bay Canh island, visitors will have an interesting experience of releasing baby turtles into the sea. You will experience swimming, diving, watching corals, and exploring mangrove ecology.Temple of Co Van Con Dao - Hon CauCombine to visit the beautiful Cau island

With Hon Cau tourist destination, when coming here, visitors can not only visit and explore the beautiful nature here. At the same time, when you come to Hon Cau tourist destination, you will have a better understanding of historical stories. Visit the historical site of the solitary confinement of the late prime minister Pham Van Dong. Surely the trip to Cau island will bring many interesting experiences for visitors.
 Co Van Temple Con Dao - Bay Canh IslandCheck-in the famous Bay Canh Island. Photo: halotravel

How to buy ceremony to go to Co Van Temple

Instructions on how to buy a ceremony to go to Co Van Con Dao temple, you must prepare in advance in town and then carefully pack it to bring to the island to visit. In general, the ceremony just needs to be enough, simple, and not fussy, based on the sincerity of visitors.

The set of visiting ceremonies will usually include white flowers, incense, a votive paper set, and a votive casket. In addition, you need to prepare more incense and prayer lights before going to the island.
 Temple of Co Van Con Dao - shopping ceremonyBuy all the gifts to go to the sacred Co Van temple

Today, the temple of Ms. Van Con Dao is not only visited by fishermen here to offer incense but also attracts a large number of tourists to visit. This is one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations that you should not miss when traveling to Con Dao .

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