Ha Tinh parades giant Mid-Autumn lanterns for the first time


HA TINH – People and tourists for the first time can admire large models of Mid-Autumn Festival mascot lights parading around the streets of Ha Tinh City.

On the evening of September 23, at the pedestrian street of Nguyen Du ward, Ha Tinh city, the festival “Len Thanh procession with Mid-Autumn lanterns” took place. The event attracted thousands of people to visit and take photos.

“Sen Citadel” is another name for Ha Tinh ancient citadel, built in 1882 in the area now known as Tan Giang ward, Ha Tinh city.

Dozens of giant Mid-Autumn Festival lantern models with all kinds of shapes such as dragons, fish, and stars, crafted by local people from iron, steel, bamboo, and paper, were put on display.

Among these are many large-sized lamps like dragon mascots, more than 10 meters long and one meter wide, made by people in Thang Loi village, Dong Mon commune, Ha Tinh city in 10 days.

Previously, Ha Tinh City assigned localities to organize Mid-Autumn Festival on a small scale. This is the first time a lantern procession has passed through all streets. “The purpose is for people to have interesting experiences, in addition to stimulating tourism development,” said a leader of Ha Tinh City.

At 8:30 p.m., the giant Mid-Autumn Festival mascot lantern procession begins to parade. The lights are placed on wheeled stands that are pulled by someone.

A baby is carried by his father to Nguyen Du walking street to watch the Mid-Autumn Festival lantern parade.

The Mid-Autumn Festival lantern procession passed through Xuan Dieu street, dozens of police were mobilized on both sides of the road to direct traffic.

The fish lamp mascot, over 5 meters long, attracts the attention of people passing through Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street. Many people were waiting in advance, then joined the group, followed and danced to the music.

Children paraded with the Mid-Autumn Festival mascot through dozens of streets.

“This is the first time I have experienced marching with the giant Mid-Autumn Festival mascot, it feels very interesting,” said Nguyen Tu Anh (10 years old, resident of Tan Giang ward, 4th from the right).

The mascot lights go first, the unicorn teams follow. Many young tourists enjoyed listening to the soundtrack of the movie Journey to the West, waving to the local man who was dancing with his fan.

A woman from a house across the street bangs a cymbal in response to the Mid-Autumn Festival lantern procession.

To increase excitement, every 5-7 minutes, the mascots will create effects. Fish lanterns blow water bubbles, dragon lanterns breathe fire.

The Mid-Autumn Festival lantern procession marched for more than two hours. After 10 p.m., after passing through many streets, the mascot of each commune or ward will be brought to the headquarters of that unit.

Many people and tourists gathered on both sides of the street cheering and taking their phones to record the fun moments from the lantern procession.

“This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, my family went to Thien Cam beach to travel, and in the evening returned to Ha Tinh city to watch the lantern parade. The whole family had very new experiences,” said Ms. Hong Lan, a tourist from Ha Nam. speak.

The stream of people returned at 10:30 p.m., after the end of the lantern procession.

Mr. Ho Quoc Tuan, Head of the Culture and Information Department of Ha Tinh City, said that the large Mid-Autumn Festival lamp mascot continues to be displayed on Nguyen Du walking street on the evening of September 24, parading through main streets, so that those who missed last night’s lantern procession “party” have a chance to admire it.

Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)