Ham Nghi bus station – a beautiful virtual living place in Saigon

It is not known when Ham Nghi bus station became a “so deep” photoshoot that is extremely loved by young Saigonese. This place has a modern beauty like a foreign country, promising to produce a series of extremely cool photos.

Ham Nghi bus station – extremely hot photography coordinates in Saigon

When it comes to beautiful photography locations in Saigon, Ham Nghi bus station is one of the places that are both free and have many beautiful corners to relax. I don’t know which young people came up with the idea to take pictures here, but over the years, this bus station has been the place where many beautiful photos have been born.
 Where is Ham Nghi bus station?Ham Nghi bus station is located in the heart of District 1. Photo: @im_jooseob

This bus station is located right at the end of Ham Nghi Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1. This location connects many hot coordinates of District 1 such as pedestrian street, Ben Thanh market , September 23 park, and Museum. Fine arts, etc. Therefore, you can combine to explore the above places and come here to take beautiful pictures for yourself.
 Where is Ham Nghi bus station?This location is located near Ben Thanh market, Nguyen Hue walking street. Photo: @mo_every

In particular, this beautiful bus station is also located near the road with many pink lilies blooming between the sunny days of March and April. Therefore, if you only have 1 free day to wander around Saigon, come to District 1 to enjoy the color of pink lilies and take a nice photo at the bus station.

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What’s at Ham Nghi bus station?

Currently, Ham Nghi bus station is the most beautiful and luxurious transit station in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to its multi-lane scale, modern design and beautiful foreign scenery. This place is the pick-up and drop-off stop of many bus routes going around the inner city of Saigon, with a larger scale than other bus transit stations.
 What's so beautiful about Ham Nghi bus station?The bus station is luxuriously and modernly invested. Photo: @29.1___

In addition to the name Ham Nghi bus station , the locals also call it Ben Thanh bus station because right behind is the iconic Ben Thanh market of Saigon. Having the opportunity to take any bus route passing here, you will have the opportunity to admire a modern and vibrant picture right in the heart of District 1.
 What's so beautiful about Ham Nghi bus station?This place is the pick-up point of many bus routes. Photo: @iam_ngochai

In the past, this bus station, although it was the intersection of many bus routes, was quite sketchy, no different from other bus transit stations in the city. However, in the past few years, this bus station has been designed and repaired to become more spacious, modern and larger in scale with spacious lanes and specific lanes.
 What's so beautiful about Ham Nghi bus station?The partitions and roofs have modern colors like Japan and Korea. Photo: @bonjourtructruc

If you have the opportunity to travel to Saigon or come to this bus station, you will see that this place has the colors of Japanese bus stations, which are both modern and sophisticated, with clear instructions for people to easily catch the bus route. that I need to go. As for the artistic aspect, the bus station exudes a modern impression, no less than the developed countries in the world.
 What's so beautiful about Ham Nghi bus station?The waiting bench also produced many “so deep” photos. Photo: @dlna_01

Ham Nghi bus station is invested with many modern types of equipment including information poles, surveillance camera systems, toilets, etc. to give visitors the most optimal experience. It is important that the roof system is wide and cool, making waiting time for the bus comfortable and pleasant. 

What's so beautiful about Ham Nghi bus station?

Some shots can see the Bitexco building. Photo: @m.thao.nghi

The impressive point at this bus station is probably the bench, the large roof, the paint color of the walls and even the paint color of the dividing partitions are soft neutral Korean and Japanese-style colors. And perhaps because of early recognition of this point, many young people came to take pictures at Ham Nghi bus station. 
 What's so beautiful about Ham Nghi bus station?Young people often check in Ham Nghi bus station. Photo: @ralph_dzzz

In tourist communities, and beautiful photography communities in Saigon, the bus station on Ham Nghi street always appears regularly. Young people come here to take cool photos like “so deep”, couple photos or even couples come to take wedding photos. As long as you cleverly choose the right outfit, you won’t be short of beautiful photos to bring home. 
 What's so beautiful about Ham Nghi bus station?At this bus stop, guests can catch a bus to all parts of the city. Photo: @phuongtrang.22

It’s just a bus stop, but if you cleverly choose the time and outfit as well as the angle of the shot, you can have stylish, youthful, or contemplative photos like someone who is in love. That is the interesting and interesting that this virtual living photography location in Saigon brings to you. 

Experience taking photos at Ham Nghi bus station

Ham Nghi bus station is a beautiful and free photo spot, so it is loved by many young people. If you want to take pictures at this bus stop , it is best to take pictures in the evening after 9pm. Because this is the time when the bus stops working, it will not affect traffic and ensure your own safety.
 photography experience at Ham Nghi bus stationIf you want to take pictures here, you should take pictures at night after 9pm. Photo: @lethitrinh1704

In case you need to shoot during the day, consider shooting in a covered waiting area, do not move to the roadway because the bus is constantly in and out. Surely you don’t want to be yelled at by drivers or worse, disrupt traffic activities, right? 
 photography experience at Ham Nghi bus stationIf shooting during the day, you should stand in the sheltered area to ensure safety. Photo: @cuonphimbietdi

If you come here by motorbike, you can park your car at Cao Thang school and move to the bus station to take pictures. You should not leave your car on the roadway because it will not be safe, and it will also affect the photo background. 
 photography experience at Ham Nghi bus stationNight helps you produce more beautiful photos. Photo: @_angie.nie

Depending on the purpose of photography and your preferences, you choose the right style for you. If you take a single shot, you have the flexibility to choose the outfit you like. And if you take a couple, you should coordinate your clothes so that you and that person match, or between you and your best friends, brothers and sisters.
 photography experience at Ham Nghi bus stationQuality photography coordinates not to be missed. Photo: @misaki.meoww

Although Ham Nghi bus station is only a place to pick up and drop off passengers, thanks to its modern beauty, it has become a photo coordinate that is very popular with young people. If you have the opportunity, once come here to take a few pictures as a souvenir, as well as feel a real and poetic Saigon at night. 

Photo: Instagram

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