Hang Tom Bridge – a majestic ‘Northwest wonder’ in the middle of the Da river


Not only impressed by the largest cable-stayed bridge in the Northwest region, but Hang Tom Bridge also attracts visitors with the beauty as a music frame squeezed across the romantic Da River.

Determine the coordinates of Dien Bien Hang Tom Bridge

Where is Hang Tom Bridge ? This bridge is located on Highway 12, section Km66-102, located in Muong Lay town, Dien Bien province. The bridge connects the two provinces of Lai Chau and Dien Bien upstream of the Da River. 

Hang Tom Bridge is made of a cast concrete bridge with a reinforcement 9m wide and 362.4m long, including 4 spans. This bridge is located on 2 abutments and 4 pillars, with a height of about 70m calculated from the bottom of the Da River, the bridge construction cost is up to 235 billion VND. 
Hang Tom Bridge - where the address isFamous tourist destination in Dien Bien

Dubbed the hardest cast concrete bridge in Vietnam, partly because the height is too large and the process of transporting construction between the northwestern mountains and forests is dangerous. To transport stone from Son La province, this bridge is built up to hundreds of kilometers. Not only that, the construction site faces many difficulties with extremely dangerous terrain. Therefore, the successful construction of this bridge is the enthusiasm of many people and is of great significance to the people of the Northwest.

Currently, the bridge has become a key traffic hub between Lai Chau and Dien Bien, as well as the pride of the Northwestern people. If you have the opportunity to travel to Dien Bien to visit Muong Lay, take the time to explore this famous bridge.

How to move to Hang Tom bridge

About 487 kilometers from the center of Hanoi, in Muong Lay, Dien Bien; To visit this famous bridge you can take a bus from Gia Lam, My Dinh bus station … from Hanoi to Muong Lay town bus station then ride a motorbike taxi or rent a motorbike to get to this famous bridge. . 

If you are in good health and want to be active in travel time, you can go by motorbike to the direction of Lao Cai city or Lai Chau. Next, go in the direction of NH4D, go straight in the direction of NH12 to the bus station of Muong Lay town, continue straight along NH12 about 7km to reach Hang Tom Bridge in Dien Bien . 
Hang Tom Bridge - how to moveBridge name signs

Why is it called ‘Hang Tom’? 

According to local people, when the bridge was not built to move across the river, it had to go by boat. However, during the flood season, the river rises and swirls strongly and cannot travel. The reason is called Hang Tom, because before the river had a lot of shrimp, only a section of dense shrimp river was shrimp. People in the area came together to catch shrimps to eat, but because there were so many people, each family could only catch about an hour and spend for other families.
Hang Tom Bridge - located on Highway 12The bridge is located on National Highway 12

Hang Tom Bridge is famous as the Indochina first bridge” and became the pride of the people of the Northwest. The bridge was built in late 1960 with the help of China when it opened the Ma Lu Thang border gate, Hang Tom connecting the two banks of the Da River . 

During the construction of the bridge, it was influenced by the Chinese cultural revolution and due to the dangerous terrain, although it started in late 1960, it was not completed until 1973. After the bridge was put into operation, the people of Lai Chau and Dien Bien are very much expected to be likened to “Northwestern Wonders” with a magnificent scale.
Hang Tom Bridge - a famous sightseeing placeAdmire the famous Hang Tom bridge

Hang Tom Bridge – an important traffic hub and an ideal tourist destination

“Indochina First Bridge” is built not only to serve the travel needs of people within, but also helps to connect traffic to promote economic, cultural and social development in the Northwest. Since the inception of the bridge, it has brought about clear results, increasing agricultural products many times over the previous time. 
Hang Tom Bridge - the top destination in Dien BienBeautiful and beautiful Hang Tom Bridge in the middle of the Northwest mountains

Not only important in terms of traffic, Muong Lay Shrimp Cave also helps promote tourism with thousands of visitors annually. Many tourists when traveling to Dien Bien must definitely reach Hang Tom to admire the majestic mountain scenery and check-in as a souvenir.

Just moving on NH12, you can see the bridge gradually appearing after the winding passes. When you arrive, you will be able to admire the bridge with its unique architecture, towering over the Da River in harmony with the beautiful scenery of the Northwest mountains. 
Hang Tom Bridge - an important traffic hub in the NorthwestClose-up of the beauty of the bridge

When standing on Hang Tom Bridge , visitors will admire the scenery of vast mountains and forests in the front and the flowing Da River below. Together with the fresh natural air, this place relaxes and doesn’t forget to take pictures.

Not only a bridge serving the traffic of the Northwest people, Hang Tom also owns a beautiful natural landscape. Not only that, but Hang Tom Bridge has always become the top destination in Dien Bien with interesting experiences. 

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