Hanoi fish sour soup


Eye-catching bowl of sour soup with white, sweet, and soft fish meat; Along the green mosquitoes ripen; red tomatoes; Sour soup helps stimulate taste buds on summer days. Hanoi sour soup is often eaten with pickled vegetables: 


  • 400 grams of fish (head, tail or pieces are fine)
  • 150 gr along mosquito net
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 small branch of turmeric or turmeric powder
  • Dill, green onions, dried onions
  • Create a sour taste (sour, sour, vinegar, optional)
  • Spices: Fish sauce, salt, MSG, pepper


1. Preliminary processing

  • You can cook fish soup in pieces, head or tail. If you buy a whole fish, you should use the head part to cook soup, and leave the piece fried or braised. Prepare the fish, scrape off all the blood and black film in the belly, then rub with lemon and salt to remove fishiness, then wash and drain. 
  • Strip the skin along the mosquito net, cut into pieces, squeeze a little salt, and wash. Tomatoes add areca zone. Wash green onions and dill, cut into pieces. To create a sour taste, depending on the season and taste, you can use ingredients such as dracontomelon, lemongrass, green tea, vegetarian fruit or natural vinegar, and fresh rice. 

2. Marinate

  • Marinate the fish with a little salt, pepper and turmeric juice or turmeric powder for 10 minutes. Turmeric juice or turmeric powder not only helps give the soup a beautiful yellowish color, but also helps effectively eliminate fishiness. 

3. Cook soup

  • Measure the amount of water enough for the number of people to eat and boil. Add ingredients to create a sour taste (in summer, there are dracontomelon, green tea, lemongrass, vegetarian or sour fruit, natural vinegar…). When the water boils, add the fish and cook for a few minutes, skimming off the foam. Add diced tomatoes and season to taste. After that, add the mosquito net and add a little fish sauce to flavor it. Turn off the stove, scoop the soup into a bowl and add onions and dill for a delicious bowl of soup. 

4. Finished product requirements

  • Eye-catching bowl of sour soup with white, sweet and soft fish meat; Along the green mosquitoes ripen; red tomatoes; The broth is clear and has a mild sour taste that helps stimulate the taste buds on summer days. Hanoi sour soup is often eaten with vegetables (lettuce, perilla, marjoram, coriander…). 


  • If sour soup in the South is rich and diverse in ingredients, sour soup and fried soup in Hanoi are simpler. It is necessary to distinguish the way of cooking with two different names: Sour soup, Hanoi rieu soup, both have the main sour taste from Muom, Que, vinegar, Bat, tamarind, star fruit, long, dracontomelon, Thanh Tra, sour ear… Among them, crab soup, fish sauce, clam sauce, mussel sauce, snail sauce… besides the main sour taste, tomatoes are added to create a beautiful red color and are not accompanied by any vegetables. As for sour soup, add vegetables (mung bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, banana flowers…).
  • The secret to making fish soup in general not fishy is to add the fish when the water boils. Because of this, the fish skin cooks quickly, does not cause amino acids to dissolve in water, and reduces the fishiness quite a lot. In addition, adding sour spices containing organic acids also helps neutralize the alkalinity of the fishy substance trimelylamine in fish.
  • Each sour soup dish in each region has its own unique spices. With Northern fish soup, dill and green onions are indispensable. Some regions like Thai Binh also add lolot leaves to create a rustic, rustic taste. As for Southern sour soup dishes, coriander and Chinese coriander are indispensable. Vegetables and spices are often added at the beginning of eating, ladle the boiling soup into a bowl and then add it to avoid the acidity making it yellow and unsightly.

Photo,Video: Internet