Ho Chi Minh City’s walking street is crowded with people dressed up for Halloween night


A large number of young people dressed as ghosts flocked to Nguyen Hue and Bui Vien streets (HCMC) to have fun, while the central streets of Hanoi were deserted on Halloween night.

At 10:30 p.m. on October 31, thousands of young people and foreign tourists flocked to Bui Vien West Street to have fun and participate in costume activities on Halloween night. The line of people jammed together on the 850 m long street.

Halloween is an opportunity for young people to show off their costume skills.

The festival comes from ancient European traditions. Halloween means “All Saints’ Night” or “All Souls’ Night” and takes place on the night of October 31 every year. Introduced to Vietnam more than 10 years ago, Halloween has now become one of the most popular festivals of the year for young people.

About 1.4 km from Bui Vien, Nguyen Hue walking street is also bustling from about 8pm. Quynh Anh, dressed as a carnivorous plant, said that every year he and about 8 friends go down the street to walk for everyone to see. “It took us 3 months from idea to performance, each outfit cost 10-15 million VND,” Quynh Anh said.

Mr. Khoa dressed up as a purple octopus carrying a blood-stained head to “scare” everyone. “Each person wears heavy costumes, it takes a lot of effort to prepare but everyone is happy,” Khoa said.

Many parents and children enjoy taking photos with strangely costumed characters.

A foreign female tourist took a photo with an octopus witch.

Mr. Eric Nguyen, an American overseas Vietnamese and his wife who visited Vietnam, also immersed themselves in the festive atmosphere. He transformed into a devil according to a movie character.

Pham Mai Thanh Quyen and Khanh Nguyen, students at Ho Chi Minh City College of Culture and Arts, had the opportunity to dress up as two humorous ghosts, delighting visitors.

Many children are taken out by their parents on Halloween night.

Children dressed as many characters danced to fun music surrounded by parents and visitors.

In Hanoi , because it is not a weekend, the Halloween atmosphere is not as crowded as previous years, even though the weather is cool. On Hang Ma Street, little Uyen Nhi, a 5th grade student, was bought a costume by her mother to transform into Maleficent – a villain in a cartoon.

Oliver, a tourist from England, said it was the first time he and his friends celebrated a carnival in another country without his family. “The Halloween atmosphere here is not the same as in my country but it is very fun,” he said.

Photo,Video: Internet