Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping – a campsite with a charming view, once you visit, you will fall in love  


Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping is a campsite with a large space and beautiful view of nature, for young people who are passionate about immersing themselves in heaven and earth, experiencing joyful and dynamic youth moments. 

Where is Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping?

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping is a campsite that is making Hoa Binh youth “stand still” because of its large, cool space and especially the enchanting beautiful view. This camping site is located in Xom Pheo, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province. From the city center to here is about 29 km, very convenient for you to move. 

Where is Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping?Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping is located in Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province. Photo: @kimchangchun

Nature has been very gracious when bestowing Hoa Binh with many beautiful landscapes, from rice fields, mountains to traditional villages. In particular, this place also has many spacious green lawns for camping activities. And Hideaway Camping is a coordinate full of beautiful grasslands, high mountains and fresh, cool streams and lakes.

What's so beautiful about Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping?This campsite has a lake view, a mountain view, any angle on the picture is beautiful. Photo: @xxngquoctruq

If suddenly one day you want to go camping but are afraid to prepare messy things, choose Hideaway Camping. This campground is quite comfortable with a full range of package services so that visitors can comfortably enjoy a fun and interesting camping trip. Just contact to book an appointment, you can rest assured to visit here to experience. 

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping – interesting camping coordinates in Hoa Binh 

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping is a camping site in Hoa Binh with a fairly large area with green lawn up to 3300 m2. The first time you come here, you will fall in love with the cool, peaceful atmosphere here. Surrounding the campus of this campsite are also high mountains, lakes, and beautiful streams. 

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping has a large spaceCampground with beautiful green lawns stretching. Photo: @dooixthifnhaats

The beauty of this coordinate makes people think of the lawns at the foot of Mat Than Mountain, Cao Bang . There is also a long green lawn, a lake in front of it, and distant mountains. However, this time it is Hoa Binh – a locality that when you hear about it, you feel peace and tranquility. 

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping is a camping coordinate with all facilitiesThis campground provides tents and full facilities for visitors to experience. Photo: @hoabinhhideaway

Compared to other luxury campsites in the North, Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping brings a breath of closeness and simplicity, creating conditions for visitors to immerse themselves in the fresh nature here. You can run around on the green grass, breathe in the cool air and spend time chilling in the middle of this beautiful picture. 

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping offers many interesting activitiesComing here, you can spend time sailing, fishing,… Photo: @hoabinhhideaway

Hoa Binh Hideaway Campground provides professional camping services with full basic facilities. You do not need to prepare anything extra, just pack your backpack and come here. Although not too luxurious, at Hideaway Camping, you are given the maximum conditions to have a memorable camping trip. 

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping brings visitors peaceful momentsComing here, you will enjoy the feeling of peace. Photo: @hoabinhhideaway

Here, you can rent a tent and have all the necessary camping gear to live a little wild days. The tent here is a high-class self-expanding tent, arranged on clean, dry wooden floors. There are also chairs for you to arrange around the tent, for large groups of tourists. 

Come to Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping to put aside all worriesAt this campsite, you can spend your time living slowly. Photo: @hoabinhhideaway

Not only having a basic tent or table and chairs, Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping also rents out many other items such as a grill for you to cook your own food, rental of portable speakers for visitors to sing. In addition, if you want to fish, fishing rods are also rented here. All are utilities prepared for visitors to have a complete and memorable experience. 

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping brings visitors closer to natureIt has charming mountains and rivers, giving you a really relaxing time. Photo: @hoabinhhideaway

For those who are traveling to Hoa Binh  , this coordinate is also worth a stop. In addition to the main camping activity, visitors here can also spend time boating on the lake, dropping their souls into the peaceful and poetic natural picture. Those are really the moments when you can live slowly, find the balance in your mind. 

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping also has a stream flowing acrossDrinking beer by the stream is also a great experience when coming here. Photo: @hoabinhhideaway

On cool evenings, it is also very interesting to gather with friends by the fire to talk, eat barbecue or sing a little. Being young, a little simple and simple experience is also great. You don’t always have to be in a luxury resort to be happy. This life is fun or not, it’s in your heart. 

Camping experience at Hoa Binh Hideaway 

Basically, Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping has all the facilities, visitors do not need to bring anything except personal belongings when coming here. If you want to have beautiful travel photos, prepare beautiful outfits suitable for camping. In addition, bring a camera and phone to check in. 

Experience discovering Hoa Binh Hideaway CampingIf you have a need to camp here, you should contact to book in advance. Photo: @hoabinhhideaway

To book in advance, you can contact through the website or fanpage of this campsite. Taking the initiative to book in advance helps you ensure a more attentive service, as well as avoid the situation of running out of seats. If you need to consult the prices of services here, you just need to visit the website of this campground. 

Experience discovering Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping  Prices for services at Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping are listed on a specific website, you can check it out before coming here to camp. Photo: @hoabinhhideaway

Hoa Binh Hideaway Camping is a beautiful and large campsite in Hoa Binh that you should visit if you have the opportunity. This place offers comfortable and connected experiences with nature, helping you to have really comfortable and happy moments with the people you love. 

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