Hoa Khai Pagoda – an ideal spiritual destination for a trip to Dak Nong

Bringing the royal architecture along with a pure and peaceful space filled with flowers and grass, Hoa Khai Pagoda in Dak Nong is the ideal rendezvous for visitors to enjoy relaxing moments in a great place. 

Traveling to Dak Nong and checking in to famous destinations has been a familiar activity for many believers, but recently, many people have started looking for spiritual places and temples in Dak. Farm to visit and admire. Outside the temple of the Lotus, the temple Khai Hoais also very easy to attract visitors by beautiful scenery and special history. 

Hoa Khai Temple Hoa Khai Pagoda is an outstanding spiritual destination in Dak Nong. Photo: Hoa Khai Temple

The special construction history of Hoa Khai pagoda in Dak Nong 

Hoa Khai Pagoda is located in Quang Phuoc pine area, Dao Nghia commune, Dak R’lap district, Dak Nong. The temple has a history of many years and has become an important spiritual destination for local Buddhists as well as tourists from near and far. 

Hoa Khai Pagoda is one of the first two temples of Dak Nong province, the pagoda was first built in 1960, at this time people were being cornered by Ngo Dinh Diem’s ​​government to establish a strategic hamlet, so people only built a small Am Thatch on the hillside as a place to pray Until the Most Venerable Thich Tri Huy, the chief representative of Buddhism in Quang Duc province (former) appointed President. Thich Thong Tinh came to work with the local people to repair and build Am Tranh into a small temple and named it Hoa Khai, also the predecessor of the current large temple. 

Hoa Khai Pagoda in Dak Nong The temple was originally just a small Am Tranh built by the people. Photo: FB/Hoa Khai Temple

By 1963, TT. Thich Thong Tinh moved the pagoda to the foothills, then he went to Saigon to participate in demonstrations against the anti-religious Ngo Dinh Diem government, then was arrested and imprisoned. In 1964, when he was released from prison, he passed away, Hoa Khai pagoda was no longer abbot and only his family members took care of the incense and took care of the temple. 

Visiting Hoa Khai Pagoda in Dak Nong The temple used to be without an abbot for many years. Photo: FB/ Hoa Khai Temple

In 2005, the Executive Board of the Buddhist Church of Dak Nong province appointed Venerable Thich Chieu Y to be the abbot of Hoa Khai pagoda, then he moved the pagoda to the top of the hill and carried out the construction and rebuilding of a pagoda. The new temple is bigger, more beautiful and more spacious, which is Hoa Khai pagoda today.

Visiting Hoa Khai Pagoda in Dak Nong In 2006, the pagoda was officially moved to the hill and rebuilt spaciously. Photo: FB/ Hoa Khai Temple

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Explore the unique architectural space of Hoa Khai pagoda 

Hoa Khai Pagoda, after being newly built and completed in 2008, has a very spacious and beautiful appearance. The architecture of the pagoda has the typical appearance of modern pagodas in Vietnam but still retains the characteristics with the curved roof but still soft. The roof fringes are carved and painted with outstanding motifs, the roof of the pagoda is made in the typical cross-section of Vietnamese pagodas, the spread is moderate, not too wide like that of the temples in China or Japan. . 

architecture of Hoa Khai pagoda in Dak Nong The pagoda has typical royal architecture. Photo: FB Hoa Khai Pagoda Chùa

The campus of Hoa Khai pagoda is very spacious, carefully cared for, filled with plants and flowers. The pagoda has many outstanding architectural items such as the main hall built in the form of a palace, a beautiful decoration area with 48 Di Da statues surrounding the statue of Quan The Am Lo Thien, a tower for the late monk. Thich Thong Tinh and many other small projects.

THE HOLY HOUSE of Hoa Khai pagoda in Dak Nong Main hall space. Photo: FB/ Hoa Khai Temple

Bodhisattva statue at Hoa Khai pagoda in Dak Nong Sacred Buddha statue at the temple. Photo:@hieu.mobile.photo

Standing at Hoa Khai Pagoda , you can see the whole scene of the village, fields and hills in the distance, a beautiful peaceful scene that makes anyone fascinated and feels light-hearted when be watched. In particular, to create a landscape, the monks and nuns at Hoa Khai pagoda also meticulously take care of and plant all kinds of flowers on the premises, the most prominent being the sunflower garden blooming brightly. 

The scenery of Hoa Khai pagoda in Dak Nong The grounds are filled with flowers. Photo: Hieu Nguyen

The scenery of Hoa Khai pagoda in Dak Nong Sunflowers in full bloom adorn the space. Photo: Hieu Nguyen

The scenery of Hoa Khai pagoda in Dak Nong Sightseeing area at Hoa Khai pagoda. Photo: FB / Hoa Khai Temple

Tourists visit Hoa Khai pagoda in Dak Nong Tourists and Buddhists often visit this temple. Photo: FB/ Hoa Khai Temple

Every year, tourists and Buddhists from all over the world still come to Hoa Khai pagoda to visit the scenery and pray, especially on holidays or at the end and beginning of the year. Returning to Dak Nong in general and Dak R’lap district in particular, visitors should take the time to find this peaceful temple on the top of this hill to immerse themselves in a peaceful and dignified space in the middle of the Central Highlands. 

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