Hoi An is peaceful after storms

After two consecutive storms in early October, Hoi An ancient town has returned to its peaceful appearance, especially in the early mornings.

Duy Hau, freelance photographer, was born and raised in Hoi An. Every day, Hau observes and records images of Hoi An from time to time. “Every day, Hoi An town is beautiful in its own way, even during storms, and peaceful days when the storm has passed,” Hau said.

The set of photos was taken by Duy Hau in mid-October, the time between and after two big storms hit the central region and floods caused water to rise all over the old town. Especially near Hoai River, the streets are submerged in the sea tens of centimeters deep, creating a scene like a river in the heart of Hoi town. Through the survey after the storm, there are about 45 degraded relics classified into 3 levels (light, heavy and seriously degraded).

In the pictures Duy Hau took during the stormy weather in early October, many places in the old town had not yet receded the water. However, these are still experiences that many Western guests enjoy.

When the storms pass, Hoi An old town returns to its inherent peace, especially in the early mornings. Only a few people rode bicycles in the cold weather. Stores are still closed.

From October to about February-March next year is the rainy season in Hoi An. The remnants of the night’s rain were still on the leaves, but the streets were dry.

This is also the time when there are no more tourists like summer. However, Hoi An in the rainy season also brings different, peaceful, cooler experiences and is very suitable for solo travelers, experiencing food and culture.

“Rainy days are sad, but sadness is also romantic with the space of Hoi town. No storm can take away the peace of this place”, Duy Hau added.

Pho Hoi began to have visitors. Relics such as Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Cau Pagoda, Quan Cong temple or Ong Pagoda and Tran family church… have all opened their doors to tourists.

After a whole month of heavy rain, Hoi An has brilliant sunsets again.

At night, the Hoai River is brilliant with lights reflected from the houses near the riverbank.

Photo: Duy Hau