Hong Thai tour 2 days immersed in the beautiful beauty of ‘Sapa’ in the heart of Na Hang

Traveling to Hong Thai for 2 days to admire the fanciful scenery like a fairyland with unique customs and habits will be an extremely valuable experience for any travel enthusiasts.

Speaking of Na Hang in Tuyen Quang , people will immediately remember the land of 999 mountains, deep blue lakes, peaceful villages and especially a romantic Hong Thai with beautiful pear gardens like a beautiful place. terraced fields in the middle of the clouds. Choosing Hong Thai 2 day tour will be enough experience for you to fully enjoy the wonderful scenery of this place and explore the most unique places.

What is the most ideal season to travel to Hong Thai for 2 days?

Located at an altitude of over 1000m above sea level, Hong Thai has a very cool and fresh climate all year round, the average temperature is 18-25 degrees Celsius, in winter it can drop to 5 degrees Celsius. will bring a distinct beauty, so no matter what time of year you plan to travel to Hong Thai for 2 days , you will be able to admire and enjoy the most wonderful scenery. 

Hong Thai tour 2 days timeEach Hong Thai season will have its own beauty. Photo: @ltrunghieu_

Hong Thai spring is brilliant with pear flowers, plum flowers, yellow mustard gardens bloom immeasurably, adorning the mountain space with an irresistible dreamy look, Hong Thai summer is adorned with green terraced fields. smooth across the hillside. Coming to Hong Thai in autumn, you will be stunned by the beauty of ripe golden terraced fields, layers, layers of waves and the scent of new rice or sweet and juicy pear gardens. Hong Thai winter becomes magical again in the mist and clouds swooping down on the edge of the forest, on each beautiful roof. 

According to the 2-day Hong Thai travel experience of many traveling believers, the ideal time to check-in is from about February to March, at this time you will be able to see and take pictures with the pear and mustard flower gardens. , beautiful plum blossoms. In addition, September and October is also an ideal time because at this time pears in Hong Thai are ripe and also in the season of ripe rice, hunting clouds. 

Hong Thai tour 2 days timeAutumn is one of the ideal times to visit Hong Thai. Photo: Hoang Thai

Directions to Hong Thai 

Hong Thai commune is located about 50km from the center of Na Hang district, lying precariously on the mountains and clouds. Traveling to Hong Thai for 2 days, you can choose to go by many different means of transport such as passenger cars or motorbikes, self-sufficient cars. 

If traveling by bus, from My Dinh bus station, take the Hanoi – Tuyen Quang route, there are many bus operators operating this route, especially Limousine cars such as Bao Yen or Cuong An, etc.

If traveling from Hanoi, you can take the My Dinh bus station route through Thang Long bridge to Phuc Yen, Viet Tri city, Doan Hung district, then move on to Tuyen Quang city. This distance is about 130km. In addition, you can travel along the Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway to save more time. From Tuyen Quang city, you continue to travel about 110km with a time of about 2h30 minutes to Na Hang.

Hong Thai tour 2 days movingYou can travel by self-sufficient motorbike to Hong Thai if you like sightseeing. Photo: @vietgoing

The recommended route is from the center to the southwest direction of Binh Ca and Pham Van Dong roads and then to National Highway 2 in the direction of Ha Giang. Go to Km31 Ham Yen province road 190. From Na Hang, go along Highway 29 to reach Hong Thai commune, travel time is about more than 1 hour. 

Where to stay when coming to Hong Thai Na Hang?

Traveling to Hong Thai for 2 days , the most popular and popular form of accommodation is homestay. The homestays here are impressively designed with indigenous colors, including homestays whose space is the old house of the Dao people with rustic, unspoiled architecture, with an impressive view. Some outstanding homestays in Hong Thai you can refer to are Dang Duong homestay, Goc Vai homestay Hong Thai-Na Hang, Hong Thai Homestay. Hoa Homestay.

Hong Thai tour 2 days homestayHong Thai has many beautiful local homestays for you to check-in. Photo: dulich.pro.

Suggestions for Hong Thai travel itinerary 2 days self-sufficient 

Hong Thai commune is not too large and the places to visit are not too far apart, so depending on your preferences and the time of visit, you can schedule a 2-day Hong Thai tour accordingly. 

Day 1: Hong Thai pear garden – Shan Tuyet tea garden – Dao and Hmong village 

The most favorite place in Hong Thai is the dreamlike pear gardens, especially in the flower season. The most famous pear garden is in Khau Trang village or the pear flower route from the central area of ​​the commune to Khuoi Phey village. If you go in March, in addition to watching the flowers, you will be able to participate in the Hong Thai pear blossom festival with many interesting activities such as camping in the pear garden, listening to Poo Dung singing, dancing fire or painting beeswax, embroidering traditional towels. of the Dao Tien ethnic group, fire dancing, paragliding and enjoying delicious dishes. Traveling in September, you will experience the pear harvest and enjoy the fresh and sweet taste. 

Hong Thai tour 2 days homestayMarch in Hong Thai has a beautiful white pear flower festival. Photo: check-invn

After coming to the pear garden, you can stop at the yellow rape flower garden of Na Mu village, flowers are grown on small terraced fields that show off brilliant colors creating a fairy scene, this will be a great check-in place for you. believers like to live virtual. 

Hong Thai 2 day tour with cabbage gardenNa Mu cabbage garden blooms in brilliant spring. Photo: @vanaiquan

You also do not miss the ancient Shan Tuyet tea garden in Hong Thai, the beautiful and romantic green scenery will make you ecstatic. After watching the flowers and checking-in the tea garden, if you still have time, you can combine check-in with attractive places such as Dan Khanh peak, Sam Kha, Ki Trang to admire the majestic mountain scenery, breathe. clean Air. Do not forget to visit the villages of the Dao and H’mong people in Hong Thai to discover the local culture and the peaceful rhythm of life of the highlanders. 

Hong Thai tour 2 days tea gardenThe ancient Shan Tuyet Garden is also an attractive destination. Photo: Ethnic and mountainous newspaper

At the end of the first day of the 2-day Hong Thai travel experience , you return to the Homestay to participate in community activities with local people, this experience is also very attractive. 

Day 2: Khau Trang village – Hunting clouds – Khau Trang terraced fields – Hanoi 

Your 2-day Hong Thai travel itinerary will not be complete without the experience of hunting clouds, you should get up from 4-5 am to go to Khuoi Phei to watch the clouds, the sea of ​​clouds here floats beautifully. Immediately others follow the wind to create a true paradise. In addition to Hong Thai, if you want to see more beautiful clouds, you can go to Da Vi commune next door. 

Traveling to Hong Thai 2 days hunting cloudsHunting clouds in Hong Thai you will be fascinated. Photo: hinn_tuh_

Day 2 of Hong Thai Na Hang tour , come to Khau Trang village to see the typical scenery of Dao Na Hang village. There are old houses with traditional cow-tiled roofs that bring a sense of antiquity and peace. No matter what season you come to Hong Thai, you should not miss the opportunity to see the terraced fields in the rainy season reflected with the clouds in the sky, or the lush green rice paddies.

The best season to check-in terraced fields in Hong Thai is September and October, at this time the terraced fields turn brilliant yellow, forming golden waves winding on the ravishing mountain slopes. The terraced fields here are considered as one of the most beautiful places, you can see the terraced fields stretching as far as the eye can see. The place to see the most beautiful terraced fields is in Khau Trang, Pac Khoang, Na Mu and the most beautiful is the inter-commune road area around the center of Hong Thai commune. 

Hong Thai tour 2 days terraced fieldsThere are many places to see beautiful terraced fields in Hong Thai commune. Photo: @dzit_hi_.

What to eat when checking in Hong Thai 2 days?

Traveling to Hong Thai for 2 days in addition to beautiful scenery, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious specialties of the local Dao people. Accordingly, you definitely do not miss the delicious dishes typical of this place such as strange sour pork, rocket pig, coriander, five-color sticky rice, lam rice, bamboo shoots, enjoy corn wine, meat kitchen buffalo.

Traveling to Hong Thai 2 days eating sour porkSour pork is a specialty in Hong Thai and Na Hang. Photo: vnplus

Especially, surely you will not be able to ignore the sweet fragrant Hong Thai pears or plums and some other attractive fruits. In addition, do not forget to buy specialties of Hong Thai pear and local Shan Tuyet tea to make after this experience. 

Traveling to Hong Thai 2 days eating pears

Le Hong Thai is succulent and sweet. Photo: Tuyen Quang Newspaper

Hong Thai tour 2 days buy Shan Tuyet tea

Don’t forget to buy Shan Tuyet tea as a gift. Photo: tracothu.vn

It is a beautiful land with too many strange things for you to enjoy and explore, if you are looking to hide in a wild, fresh, dreamlike paradise, then definitely Hong Thai travel schedule 2 The date above is worth your reference. 

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