Hot girl 9X turns coconut shells into valuable jewelry

Originally a waste product, through the hands of Ben Tre hot girl, rough coconut shells have turned into beautiful and valuable jewelry, popular in the market.

Nguyen Bang Nhi (26 years old, living in Huong My commune, Mo Cay Nam, Ben Tre) is currently the owner of a brand specializing in handicraft products made from coconut quite famous in the province.

Products of Bang Nhi mainly include jewelry, paintings, and souvenirs made from coconut shells.

Ben Tre girl dreams of bringing coconut shell jewelry abroad (Clip: Nguyen Cuong).

Bang Nhi said that in the past, only Nhi and her relatives did all the steps themselves. But the longer, the more demand for souvenirs from agencies and businesses in the province. Not doing enough to sell, the young girl linked up with a number of workshops, to divide charge of each stage.

“I’m very happy when the product is well received, not only earning income but also creating jobs for many people,” Nhi shared.

Hot girl 9X turns coconut shells into valuable jewelry - 1
The jewelry design must respect the beauty of the coconut shell to achieve the highest value (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

The young girl said, she has been passionate about making coconut shells since she was a child. The older you get, the more passion you have. Going to university, Nhi chose to major in art design with the goal of gaining more knowledge to increase the technical content and sophistication of her manufactured products.

According to Bang Nhi, coconut shells look the same on the outside, but in fact, the quality, vein, and color are very different, so you have to know how to choose to get the right processing materials.

The most prominent feature of the coconut shells is their curvature, all artifact products must highlight this feature to reach the highest value.

Hot girl 9X turns coconut shells into valuable jewelry - 2
The product is completely handmade (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

The process of creating products from coconut shells goes through stages from material selection, design, shell cutting, polishing, and then drawing patterns. Most of Nhi’s products retain the “rustic” color of the coconut shell, not coated with paint or combined with other materials.

However, to meet the market demand, some products are also coated with gloss, combined with additional accessories such as embroidery thread, leather strap, copper, silver, seashell… The biggest product of the workshop is currently the painting of the shell. coconut. The details from the dipper are cleverly arranged in the woven bamboo mat showing many unique themes.

Hot girl 9X turns coconut shells into valuable jewelry - 3
Creating a small detail sometimes takes a whole day of labor (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

“I always learn and draw experience to make the product more and more perfect. I am about to have a field trip in Thailand to see how people do it, hoping to gain a lot of useful knowledge.

Currently, domestic consumption is growing very well. Foreign visitors to visit the factory appreciate the product very highly. The factory is creating an account to offer and bring products to the international market, the target is Europe because this is a potential market.

Coconut is not only a typical tree but almost the most outstanding resource of Ben Tre. I hope that material from coconut will be used to create valuable products, from which people’s lives will be improved”, 9X of coconut shared.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen Ngan – Director of Huong My Agricultural Cooperative said that the coconut handicraft production model of young girl Nguyen Bang Nhi has opened up a potential direction for local agriculture.

Hot girl 9X turns coconut shells into valuable jewelry - 4
Necklaces, and coconut shell bracelets costing a few hundred thousand dongs are the most popular product lines of the factory (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

Currently, Bang Nhi’s facility is cooperating with a number of households in the commune to guide production and product consumption, creating more jobs for people in their leisure time. Along with that, Ms. Nhi also buys a number of coconut shells at a high price for people in the commune.

“After assessing the potential of a new production model at Ms. Nhi’s handicrafts base, the commune is currently supporting the application for registration of coconut handicraft products as typical local products. In the near future, the model will be replicated, Huong My Agricultural Cooperative will cooperate with Nhi’s workshop in all stages from selecting raw materials, to creating and selling products,” said Ngan.

Hot girl 9X turns coconut shells into valuable jewelry - 5
The immediate orientation of 9X Ben Tre is to improve the quality and output to be able to export goods (Photo: Nguyen Cuong).

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