Humiso Nam Du tourist area – a beautiful virtual paradise with millions of ‘likes’

Humiso Nam Du tourist area is not only a famous resort paradise on the beautiful Nam Du island but also a beautiful virtual living mecca that fascinates tourists today. Let’s discover what this tourist area has to offer so many visitors!

Locating coordinates of Humiso Nam Du tourist area   

Humiso Nam Du tourist area is located in group 1 – Cu An, An Son, Kien Hai, and Kien Giang. This is the only resort on Nam Du Island, with a large area of ​​80,000m2 and surrounded by 700m of coastline. This resort is designed to include waterfalls, bamboo hills, beaches and tall old trees with unique shapes. 

Humiso is the most scenic place on Nam Du Island, from here you will admire Hon Nom Trong and beautiful undulating islands. Coming here, visitors can wake up in the morning to admire the beautiful romantic sunrise. Humiso Resort is featured with thatched roof houses, and bungalows designed in harmony with nature, not only serving the resort needs of tourists but also a beautiful virtual check-in paradise. 

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - addressHumiso Nam Du is a beautiful resort and virtual living paradise that attracts young people. Photo: reviewvilla

How to move to Humiso . tourist area

Experience going to Humiso Nam Du tourist area , to get to this resort you can go from Saigon or the provinces in the southern region. For those traveling from the North, you can take a plane to Can Tho airport or Tan Son Nhat airport, then go by sea or land to Nam Du island. 

Here are 2 ways to travel from Saigon to Humiso that you can refer to: 

First: Go from Saigon -> Rach Gia (Kien Giang)

To move to Nam Du island, you need to move to Rach Gia city center by bus from the Western bus station. The bus has a stop at Rach Gia with prices ranging from 150,000 VND to 170,000 VND/ticket. If you want to have more time to visit, you should take the night bus that departs from 11pm and arrives in Rach Gia at 6am the next day. 

Monday: From Rach Gia to Nam Du Island and Humiso . Resort

When you reach Rach Gia, you need to take a speedboat to Nam Du Island. Ticket price ranges from 440,000 VND/person. Travel time is 2-3 hours. Some high-speed train companies you can refer to are: 

– Superdong shipping company: Price 210,000 VND/ticket. Travel time 2 hours. 

– Ngoc Thanh shipping company: ticket price 210,000 VND.ticket. Travel time 2 hours. 

– Song Hong shipping company: 200,000 VND/ticket. Travel time 2 hours. 

Note: The boat will not operate when the sea is rough above level 6. So before you go, you should check the weather forecast to have the most complete fun trip.

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - moveTravel by boat to Nam Du Island

What’s attractive about Humiso Nam Du resort? 

What does Humiso Nam Du tourist area have? Staying in uniquely designed houses and virtual check-in are the two main activities that attract visitors when coming to Humiso resort. 

Diverse and unique ecological population 

Humiso tourist area is a destination that attracts tourists with its wild beauty and quiet resort space. It has a unique ecosystem that is rarely found anywhere else. It is a beautiful unspoiled beach, colorful coral reefs, waterfalls and ancient trees hundreds of years old.

Besides its diverse nature, Humiso Nam Du resort is also impressive with its unique design. Those are bungalows with thatched roofs, honeycomb-shaped houses, which are ideal places for virtual check-in.

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - visitThe resort is designed with unique designs

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - nice check-inBeautiful virtual check-in paradise in Humiso Nam Du. Photo: @fone.teukie

Staying at Humiso Nam Du tourist area , you can choose from the following room categories: 

– Wooden roof bungalow: Suitable for group of friends or family of 4 adults. Price ranges from 800,000 VND/night.

– Bungalow with thatched roof: This room is designed for families or groups of friends. Price 600,000 VND/night.

– Honeycomb hostel room: Price from 400,000 VND/night, including 1 double bed suitable for couples. 

Rooms at Humiso resort enjoy complimentary breakfast.   

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - resortThe bungalows are located close to the beach with a beautiful view. Photo: @habi281

Virtual check-in paradise 

Exploring Humiso Nam tourist area, visitors can also enjoy virtual living with beautiful pictures with beautiful natural scenery here. It is clear blue sea water and green trees whispering in the wind. Or you can immerse yourself in the scenery of bungalows or thatched-roof villas with super quality shooting angles. 

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - virtual livingBeautiful virtual check-in paradise in Nam Du. Photo: ihometour

Especially the area of ​​double hammock, coconut trees or the beach. Any angle taken at Humiso is beautiful and promises to bring quality photos for you to live virtual. Or you can also check-in with the pigeons living on the island or the angle taken from the top of the mountain with a beautiful view.

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - nice check-inA beautiful virtual life in Humiso Nam Du. Photo: dulichchat

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - nice check-inThe top destination attracting tourists today in Nam Du. Photo: @huehuedinh1709

Enjoy delicious food 

Not only attracting with beautiful scenery, coming to Humiso resort, visitors also enjoy many delicious specialties such as: 

– Grilled blue bone fish

– Cobia hotpot

– Grilled scallops

– Grilled spring rolls with onion fat

Humiso Nam Du tourist area - diningEnjoy the delicious grilled urchin specialties with onion fat

Popular tourist attractions near Humiso Nam Du

Staying at Humiso Nam Du tourist area , you can also combine visiting famous places near this resort such as: 

– Hon Nom: 0.2km . away

– Bai Ngu: 5.3km . away

– Bai Chet: 0.3km . away

– Hon Lon: 5.7km

– Nam Ngu Lighthouse: 6.4km . away

– Hon Dau: 4.5km

If you have the opportunity to travel to the beautiful Nam Du island and do not know where to stay, then Humiso is the perfect choice for your upcoming trip. Don’t hesitate to quickly plan and pack your bags to explore Humiso Nam Du tourist area ! 

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