Hundred delicious dishes in An Giang

Fish vermicelli, Banh Xeo, broken rice, fish hot pot, fish spirit, climbing beef, puffed sticky rice, burnt chicken, and silkworm skin, to taste the delicious and rustic dishes of An Giang, you will need many days.

An Giang is spread on both sides of Hau Giang, with mountains and rivers, rich plains, and many ethnic minorities such as Viet, Hoa, Cham, Khmer… Rich materials and interference from many peoples. Ethnicity has helped create a diverse cuisine, with each dish bringing its own flavor and identity. Coming to An Giang, you should not miss the typical dishes below.

Fish noodle soup in Chau Doc

Fish noodles here are cooked in a way that keeps the typical flavor of the West River, including wormwood vermicelli. This is an indispensable spice in fish vermicelli, which is pounded with fresh turmeric and filtered for water. The juice from the wormwood vermicelli will be added to the broth, bringing a faint aroma and eliminating the fishy smell of snakehead fish.

An important ingredient of fish vermicelli is also fish sauce with a characteristic-rich taste. The sweetness of the broth is simmered from chicken or pork bones. The accompanying vegetables are quite diverse and indispensable such as dandelion, bean sprouts, grated water spinach, banana fiber, laksa leaves. The dish will stimulate the taste, even more, when there is a cup of dipping sauce with lemon, sugar, garlic, and chili mixed together.

The bowl of vermicelli stimulates the taste with fragrant chewy snakehead fish meat, rich broth with vegetables.  Photo: Ha Lam
The bowl of vermicelli stimulates the taste with fragrant snakehead fish meat, rich broth with vegetables. Photo: Ha Lam

Fish sauce hot pot in Long Xuyen

An Giang is a land famous for fish sauce made from snakehead fish, spirit fish, choke fish, pelagic fish, catfish… for a specific taste. And fish sauce hot pot is one of the special dishes from fish sauce that is loved by many tourists.

An Giang people choose choke fish sauce and fish peg to cook hot pot because of its sweet taste and stimulating scent. Ingredients for cooking include basa, goby, cod, snakehead… and indispensable bacon, shrimp, squid… In the fish sauce pot, it’s indispensable for sliced ​​eggplant, bitter melon, mushrooms. Straw… In addition, the accompanying vegetables will have cotton, dandelion, water lily, bananas, bitter vegetables, pumpkin .. and fresh vermicelli. The fish sauce hot pot dish will stimulate the taste and become more rich with the salty taste of fish sauce, a little spicy of chili peppers.

Banh Xeo in Cam Mountain

Many tourists like to enjoy Banh Xeo cake in the Tinh Bien district. Banh Xeo here is made from rice soaked in water for a few hours until soft, then pureed with water in a stone mortar. As for the filling, there are bacon, bean sprouts, shrimp or coconut tofu, bamboo shoots…

Crispy yellow pancakes served with a variety of wild vegetables and sweet and sour dipping sauce.  Photo: Ha Lam
Crispy yellow pancakes served with a variety of wild vegetables and sweet and sour dipping sauce. Photo: Ha Lam

The fried pancakes have a crispy golden outer shell and a sweet inside from bacon, bean sprouts and shrimp served with a variety of wild vegetables. In particular, the forest vegetables here are obtained from clean vegetables and natural vegetables on Cam mountain with leaves of a mango tree, toad tree, cassia leaf, guise leaf; perilla, broccoli; clones, weevils, cinnamon, and mausoleum; assorted salads…

Sweet and sour dipping sauce dotted with white radish and thinly grated carrots, hot chili… also makes pancakes at Cam Mountain so appealing to diners.

Broken rice in Long Xuyen

Long Xuyen broken rice dish is loved by diners thanks to its ribs, skin, sour food and braised eggs. In particular, ribs and eggs are all cut into small pieces to help people eat without feeling sick.

The plate of Long Xuyen broken rice also attracts guests because the broken grain is very fine, eating it like melting in the mouth. On the plate of broken rice, there is also a little onion fat, pickles are usually made of water spinach, cabbage, cucumber … add a cup of sweet and spicy fish sauce.

Burnt chicken in Tri Ton

Burnt chicken at Tri Ton is seasoned to taste.  Photo: Quynh Tran
Burnt chicken at Tri Ton is seasoned to taste. Photo: Quynh Tran

As one of the dishes originating from Cambodia, the burnt chicken in Tri Ton won the hearts of gourmets because of its special taste.

Each burned chicken weighs from 1.3 to 15 kg of tough, crispy meat, not friable, not bored. When burning, underneath the chicken will be lined with a layer of lemongrass leaves, wish leaves. Apply a layer of oil to the chicken skin so that it does not burn black. Initially, the fire will be opened very large and burned directly for 15-20 minutes and will gradually reduce the heat so that the chicken is cooked evenly from the inside out.

The chickens after burning score points thanks to the crispy skin outside, yellow color, and the rich sweetness inside because the ingredients are evenly absorbed. The dish retains the natural sweetness and blends the characteristic aroma of the leaves, dipped with salt and lemon chili…

Spirit fish

Linh fish is a floating season product in the Mekong Delta, especially An Giang. The meat of the fish is sweet, soft and fragrant, so you can cook a delicious sweet and sour hot pot with water lily, bananas, crazy cotton, bud, chopsticks, vegetables, crazy… The sweetness of the meat. The fish blends with the rich sour taste of tamarind, the flesh of crazy flowers, water lilies… creating a distinct flavor.

In addition to cooking hot pot, Linh fish is also a raw material for making pepper stock. Wash fish, marinate spices for about 15 minutes, put on the stove with simmering fire. When the fish is almost cooked, the sauce thickens, add two chili peppers on top, a little fish sauce and simmer until the fish and sauce are dry; Turn off the stove, add pepper, fresh onion for fragrance. Sautéed garlic until the fish has a rich aroma.

Linh fish is also braised with pepper - one of the delicacies of the floating season in An Giang.
Linh fish is also braised with pepper – one of the delicacies of the floating season in An Giang. Photo: Ha Lam

Where is the bitter gourd salad?

An Giang people use buds and leaves of durian (wild plant, bitter taste, sweet aftertaste, cool nature) combined with dried choke fish, dried snakehead fish, or meat and shrimp to make salad. To reduce the bitterness of the leaves, many people blanch them before mixing them with other ingredients.

The sauce for this salad is usually made from tamarind fish sauce. Put the tamarind in the pot, add a little water and boil gently until it dissolves, then filter the water. Tamarind juice mixed with ear fish sauce, add a little sugar, garlic and minced chili. A good dipping sauce is when tasted harmonious but clearly, each taste is sour, spicy, salty, or sweet. The dish has all the bitter, sour, salty and sweet taste of tamarind mixed with the bitter after-sweet taste of bitter melon leaves and the spicy taste of chili peppers.

Besides the above-mentioned dishes, An Giang also has seven dishes of beef at Sam Mountain, Cho Moi puffed sticky rice, Tri Ton beef porridge, papaya salad, delicious dishes from jaggery, Tan Chau mountain climbing beef, and silkworm cake. .. that you should try at least once in your life.

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