Inauguration of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

On the morning of April 28, Thu Thiem 2 bridge was nearly 1.5 km long, 6 lanes, spanning the Saigon River, considered a new symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, open to traffic after 7 years of implementation.

From 3pm today, vehicles can cross Thu Thiem 2 bridge, only container trucks are prohibited.

Location of Thu Thiem 2 bridge. Graphics: Khanh Hoang
Location of Thu Thiem Bridge 2. Graphics: Khanh Hoang

On the district 1 side, the car from Le Duan street goes straight in the direction of Ton Duc Thang to go to Thu Thiem bridge 2. From Dong Khoi street, the car follows Ton Duc Thang street, then turns to Vo Van Kiet, goes under Khanh Hoi bridge and turns back. Ton Duc Thang, then follow the branch N2 to Thu Thiem 2 bridge.

On the Thu Thiem side, the car follows Mai Chi Tho street, crosses To Huu street to the R12 line to get to Thu Thiem 2 bridge. With the direction from Thu Thiem 1 bridge, the car goes straight on Nguyen Co Thach street to To Huu street and then turns into R12 street.

Thu Thiem 2 bridge opens to traffic, helping to open more directions to connect the existing center through the new center – Thu Thiem urban area and contribute to reducing congestion on Ton Duc Thang street. With outstanding architecture, the project is considered a welcome gate from the city center through Thu Thiem New Urban Area, which is expected to be a highlight on the Saigon River.

The project has its starting point at Ton Duc Thang – Le Duan intersection (District 1) running along Ton Duc Thang street, crossing the Saigon River and connecting Arc Boulevard (route R1) in Thu Thiem New Urban Area (Thu Thiem City). Virtue). The project was built under a BT (build – transfer) contract with a total investment of 3,100 billion VND – the largest cost of any bridge in Ho Chi Minh City up to this point.

Thu Thiem Bridge before the inauguration.  Photo: Gia Minh
Thu Thiem Bridge before the inauguration. Photo: Gia Minh

According to the approved plan, there are 4 bridges and a tunnel connecting Thu Thiem urban area with the city center. In which, Thu Thiem 1 bridge connecting Nguyen Huu Canh street and Saigon river tunnel on East-West highway axis has been put into operation. After Thu Thiem 2 bridge, Ho Chi Minh City is preparing to invest in the remaining two bridges including Thu Thiem 3 (connecting District 4) and Thu Thiem 4 (connecting District 7) before 2030.

Recently, the council on renaming the streets of Ho Chi Minh City unanimously proposed naming Thu Thiem bridge 1 to 4, respectively, as Thu Thiem, Bason, Thu Ngu and Ben Nghe. These are famous landmarks of Ho Chi Minh City for hundreds of years.

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