Indispensable luggage when traveling abroad

Personal papers, medicines, toiletries, electronic devices… are items that need to be carried on every trip.

Reader Trinh Thu Hang, Hanoi, shares certain items to bring when going abroad, from personal experiences through trips.

The baggage of a trip abroad.
The baggage of a trip abroad.

Personal papers and money

Outside the border, the passport is the most important item. Whenever I go, I usually put my passport in a thin, light stomach bag, along with even money and a bank card. This stomach bag I always wear under my coat and only open it in case of absolute necessity. For change and frequently used documents, I keep other wallets and store them in places where it is easy to draw in and out such as pants pockets, shirt pockets, crossbody bags. Note, you should wrap your passport in a plastic cover to reduce the possibility of getting wet, smudged, torn if it gets wet, because any minor damage to the passport can also bring big trouble for you when entering or leaving. .

In addition to our passports, we usually carry at least one other official document (ID card, ID, driver’s license…) and always have a 3×4 photo, a 4×6 photo ready in case we need some trouble. use.

Passport and even money should be kept in separate pockets, avoid opening and closing continuously.
Passport and even money should be kept in separate pockets, avoid opening and closing continuously.

Common drugs

Few people can anticipate all the medical situations that will happen when traveling, so prepare a small medicine bag with you: fever reducer, flu, medical bandage, digestive disorder medicine, medicine eye drops, nose drops, mosquito repellent… Most of the trips I don’t use this medicine bag, but sometimes they are a lifesaver, because it’s not as easy to buy medicine abroad as when you’re at home, that’s not to mention the pharmacy can be quite far away or closed when you need to. If you have a chronic illness then the usual medications are certain.

Folding bags and portable scales

Almost every time I go to the airport, I don’t see passengers frantically wrapping their belongings and then grimacing and paying extra money. This situation is quite common because after going out, everyone wants to take advantage of shopping. Therefore, you can prepare some foldable bags and backpacks. In the afternoon, you keep it in your suitcase, in the afternoon when you have extra things, bring it out to use.

An indispensable item in our travels is a small hand scale and tape measure. There are scales that can hold up to 50 kg. That way, every time you plan to buy something heavy or too wide for your suitcase, you can weigh it and think about whether it’s worth bringing back from abroad, because in addition to the money you may have to pay. Shipping costs can sometimes be more expensive than the purchase price of the item. Most airlines regulate hand luggage only 7-10 kg, with a compact shape.

Watches and electronic devices

Being on time is a very important factor in ensuring a smooth, enjoyable travel and therefore you should have a watch in case your phone malfunctions. The watch is less likely to run out of battery, fall, be stolen or be forgotten, even if you wear it to the pool or go in a storm, it is difficult to damage, and the phone is the opposite.

With your phone, make sure it can serve you best, by installing useful travel apps. If your phone does not have enough space, you can boldly uninstall entertainment applications and then reinstall them later when you get home. A smooth working phone will be your useful companion in 4.0 era travel.

And for the electronics to work properly, bring a variety of universal plugs, which can fit into sockets in many countries. Plugs, charging cords and spare batteries are always in hand luggage. In particular, many airlines do not allow spare batteries in checked baggage, so please check carefully before sending.


Not only in the Muslim countries, but many attractions around the world also give instructions on what to wear. So please research carefully before “packing” travel. In addition, weather factors and convenience are always put on top. If you have to choose between beauty and convenience, you should choose convenience. For example, high heels, hard-soled Western shoes look luxurious, but will make you quickly tired and exhausted compared to sports shoes, soft-soled shoes.

In addition to fashion clothing, some “protective” items that should be present in the luggage whether it is hot or cold, rainy or dry season are wide-brimmed hats, coats, raincoats, masks and scarves. These items don’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase and will come in handy when the weather turns “offbeat”.


Many hotels in foreign countries do not have shower gel, shampoo, soap, toothpaste …, even some places do not prepare towels, or towels are too old. Therefore, to avoid having to hold off washing your hair and washing your face for many days, bring enough personal hygiene sets, put in small capacity bottles. You can put all the small bottles in a waterproof bag, with a hanger, when you arrive at the hotel you just hang it in the bathroom and clean it up quickly when you check out. Toiletries bags have many types, you can easily buy online for from 100,000 VND. You can also bring your own towels and face towels to ensure hygiene.


Enjoying the cuisine of different countries is a pleasure when traveling.
Enjoying the cuisine of different countries is a pleasure when traveling.

There are Vietnamese tourists going abroad who are afraid to get used to the new cuisine, everyone is filled with instant noodles, canned meat, even fried rice, sesame salt… In fact, many countries have strict regulations on the ban on bringing some foods into their country, even being fined. So read carefully the regulations of the place you are going to, to consider whether to bring food or not. According to advice, this is a rare opportunity for you to enjoy new flavors and new cultural identities, so it is advisable to get acquainted with local cuisine.

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