Indulge yourself with nightlife restaurants in Vung Tau that are ‘delicious with a turkey’

Coming to the nightlife in Vung Tau, you will enjoy the delicious dishes of the coastal city as well as increase your energy after a day of exploring here and there. So which are the famous nightlife addresses in Vung Tau today?

Review of the best Vung Tau night eateries

Here is a list of the most delicious and famous nightlife in Vung Tau today that you can refer to:

1. Pho Ky – Vung Tau

– Address: No. 71 Tran Dong, Ward 3

– Opening hours: 17h – 23h30

– Reference price: 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND 

One of the delicious nightlife addresses in Vung Tau that you should not miss is Pho Ky at 71 Tran Dong. The restaurant serves many delicious and attractive pho dishes such as: Pho with beef tendon, beef, beef tongue, ox tail… In particular, the restaurant is very famous for its delicious beef hot pot and rich broth. All food ingredients at the restaurant are selected and processed hygienically. The price of a full bowl of pho ranges from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND, suitable for many budgets of tourists.
 Vung Tau night restaurant - Pho KyEnjoy delicious Pho Ky famous in the coastal city of Vung Tau

2. Frog porridge 42

– Address: 207 Binh Gia – City. Vung Tau

– Open 10am – 10pm

– Reference price: 35,000 VND – 50,000 VND

Frog porridge 42 at 207 Binh Gia is a cheap Vung Tau night restaurant chosen by many tourists to relax after a tiring day and want to recharge. The restaurant has a rather small space, but it is very neat and airy. The owner is enthusiastic and the service is very quick. Coming to frog porridge shop 42, you can order 1, 2 or 3 dishes depending on your eating needs. In addition to the famous frog porridge, the restaurant also serves many delicious dishes from frogs such as: Frog roasted with salt, frog hot pot. The plus point of the restaurant is that frog meat is fresh and delicious, with absolutely no frozen goods, so frog meat is very chewy and sweet.
 Vung Tau night restaurant - frog porridge 42Can’t miss the super delicious 42 frog porridge shop in Vung Tau for dinner

3. Vung Tau Night Market

– Address: 83VV+VP City, Thang Tam Ward, Vung City

– Opening time: 15h – 01h

Does Vung Tau have a good night restaurant? You can not ignore the dining paradise at Vung Tau night market, with anything, everything is available. In the market, there are many fresh seafood shops with all kinds of shrimp, crab, oysters, snails, mussels, squid at affordable prices. The night market opens from 3pm to 1am, so you can go in at any time. Besides seafood, there are many attractive snack shops in the market. Besides eating, you can also combine sightseeing and walking to see the beautiful night market. 

Some delicious restaurants in Vung Tau night market you can refer to such as:

– Hang Uyen restaurant specializes in serving fresh seafood at reasonable prices. 

– Truong Thanh restaurant has a spacious and airy space. The main menu of the restaurant is seafood dishes.  

– Kinh Anh Restaurant specializes in fresh and delicious seafood.
 Vung Tau night restaurant - night marketNight market is known as the snack paradise in Vung Tau

4. Do Chieu Vung Tau nightlife street

It would be a big mistake to mention the famous nightlife in Vung Tau without mentioning the Do Chieu nightlife street. When the sun goes down, this famous food street starts to light up and is crowded with tourists. Coming to Do Chieu night street, you will enjoy a lot of dishes such as: Seafood, grilled hot pot, noodle soup, beef vermicelli, milk tea, bread, pepper cake… After swimming in the afternoon, you can go to the beach. This neighborhood enjoys a delicious bowl of warm pigeon porridge. Or join a group of friends to visit a pub to chat and eat all night.
 Vung Tau night restaurant - Do Chieu night streetDo Chieu Vung Tau nightlife street with all kinds of attractive dishes

5. Vung Tau Stingray Hotpot 7 Picked up

– Address: No. 37, Nguyen Truong To Street, Ward 3, Vung Tau City

– Opening time: 9 a.m. – 23 p.m

– Price: Fluctuating 150,000 VND

What to eat in Vung Tau at night? Vung Tau is famous for its specialty of stingray hotpot and one of the most popular places for tourists is the 7 Luom restaurant on Nguyen Truong To street. The restaurant serves hotpot with turmeric stingray, the meat is fresh, firm and very sweet. In particular, the hot pot dish at 7 Luom restaurants is served with homemade sour bamboo shoots that are naturally brewed according to a super delicious heirloom recipe. Restaurant 7 Luom has a clean and spacious space, ideal for drinking at night and enjoying a few cans of beer and chatting with friends after a tiring day.
 Vung Tau night restaurant - Stingray hot pot 7 LuocVung Tau Stingray Hot Pot 7 Famous delicious dishes in Vung Tau

6. Chu Canh broken rice restaurant

– Address: Crossroads of Ben Dinh, Vung Tau

– Opening hours: 20h30 – 23h

– Selling price: 35,000 VND

More suggestions about the best nightlife in Vung Tau you can refer to is Chu Canh broken rice restaurant at Ben Dinh intersection. It says it’s a restaurant, but it’s actually a very famous barbecue car with delicious food that can’t be faulted. The grilled meat at the restaurant is deliciously grilled, very tender, with a lean fat inside, but very crispy when eaten with a rich sauce. Broken rice is served with skin, egg rolls, ribs and very tasty pickles. The price of a full meal is only 35,000 VND. 
 Vung Tau night restaurant - Chu Canh broken riceChu Canh broken rice restaurant is delicious and cheap

7. Natural Snail Shop 

– Address 1: No. 245 Truong Cong Dinh, Ward 3, Vung Tau City

 – Address 2: No. 32 Le Quy Don, Ward 1, Vung Tau City

– Opening hours: from 11:00 to 23:30

– Price from: 50,000 VND

Natural snail restaurant is a famous nightlife address for many tourists whenever they have the opportunity to visit the coastal city of Vung Tau. The restaurant is spacious and airy. Food and service are rated 5 stars. The main menu at the restaurant includes a lot of super delicious seafood and snail dishes. Among them are the “cabinet” dishes of the shop such as: Fried egg with salted egg, fried mantis shrimp with salted egg, natural salad, a fried snail with coconut, a snail with spring rolls, a snail with fried salted egg,… The food is delicious, each serving is full, but the price is very affordable. Beautiful space, delicious food and cheap prices are the plus points of Natural snail restaurant which is loved by many tourists.
 Vung Tau night restaurant - Natural snailsNatural Snail Restaurant, paradise of seafood

Hopefully, the above review information about the best nightlife in Vung Tau will help you choose the most suitable address for you. Don’t forget to save the super complete Vung Tau travel experiences for your upcoming trip. 

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