Interesting tourist experience at Thai Hai – Thai Nguyen eco-tourism area

Thai Hai eco-tourism area is a conservation area in the form of stilt houses with the bold culture of the Tay and Nung ethnic minorities in Thai Nguyen province recently, attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

Thai Nguyen is a province close to Hanoi with its tranquil, serene features and attractive cultural destinations. Including Thai Hai ecotourism area (also known as Thai Hai Stilt Village) is a unique destination in Thai Nguyen discovery. Only 12km from the center of Thai Nguyen city, located in My Hao hamlet, Thinh Duc commune, coming to Thai Hai, visitors can admire the beauty, sophistication and originality bold culture of the people. Tay and Nung ethnic groups in Thai Nguyen province and enjoy life in a green oasis in the heart of the city.Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaTourists visit Thai Hai eco-tourism area

Information on Thai Hai eco-tourism area

The conservation area of ​​Thai Hai ecological ethnic stilt house village is the full name of this Thai Nguyen tourist area. With a scale of up to 25ha, there are 30 stilt houses here with the age of hundreds of years. The special thing is that the stilt houses here were moved from Dinh Hoa Thai Nguyen ATK and restored to the original in order to preserve and preserve the best way.Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaStilt houses were brought back from ATK Dinh Hoa

Surrounding the stilt house area is a landscape of four hills and mountains, the Tay and Nung people living in this basin are as familiar as their own village and together keep the bold character of their nation. This green and peaceful space is sure to satisfy those who want to find a truly peaceful life.Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaImmerse yourself in the life of local people

Time to travel Thai Hai stilt house village

You can visit this resort at any time, especially in the summer. The high mountain terrain, lush greenery is a suitable place to avoid the hot sun and enjoy the fresh air, away from the hot sun and dust in the city.

According to the experience of traveling to Thai Hai, whatever season of the year comes, invite more of your friends to come together to have fun and learn about the Tày people’s culture, especially Then sing.Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaCool green space suitable for a summer trip

Guide the way to Thai Hai eco-tourism area

Thai Hai Ecotourism Area (My Hao Hamlet, Thinh Duc) is an oasis located between two big cities, Thai Nguyen and Song Cong. You can choose to go in one of two directions:

– From Song Cong city center: You move about 10km away from Ba Van Horse Camp about 3km, a very convenient direction to visit Horse Camp.

– From the center of Thai Nguyen city: Go towards the Dan overpass -> go through Medical College 1 part, then turn left -> go into Thinh Duc Street for about 4km more -> turn left to reach the welcome gate of Thai stilt village Hai.

What is the attraction of Thai Hai eco-tourism for tourists?

The sanctuary of the Thai Hai house on stilts of ecotourism is located between more than 70 hectares of hills and mountains and trees. Not only is the place to preserve and preserve the traditional physical and intangible cultural values, combined with nature conservation; This is also the place to re-enact the customs and practices of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups in Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen. Therefore, domestic and foreign tourists who want to come to Thai Nguyen Quan, relax or learn about Thai Nguyen ethnic culture can choose this place as a stopover; Especially since the nature reserve has now developed into a multi-function eco-tourism area to meet the needs of visitors to experience and use the services.Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaThe place where the Tay and Nung people live

The first feeling when coming to Thai Hai tourist area is to be able to immerse in the green nature and immerse in the lives of rustic people in indigo clothes and live as a tree. Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaA destination for you to immerse yourself in nature and live in harmony with the local people

The stilt village village is divided into many areas, including conservation area, food court, resort, entertainment area, event organization …

The village’s residence area is traditional stilt houses alternating between indigenous forests, airy, comfortable space with a full range of equipment and facilities for 500 guests staying.Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaThe entertainment area also follows the house on stilts

In addition, the culinary service is focused on serving more than 100 traditional dishes of the nation such as stitching, roast pork, grilled buffalo meat, batch fried buffalo meat, grilled chicken, chicken soup with ginger. Braised carp, charcoal-grilled fish, braised fish with sour bamboo shoots, stir-fried snails with bamboo shoots, wild banana flower salad, five colors of sticky rice … The capacity of this area is up to 2000 people. For drinking water only, visitors can choose bottled water that has been treated and sterilized, traditional fermented rice wine or green tea harvested according to the traditional methods of indigenous Tay ethnic groups.Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaInternational visitors also love to come here to experience

Many groups of tourists who are students, families, and even businesses choose to experience tourism in Thai Hai with many attractive activities such as vegetable growing, deep catching, watering, cooking like the people. native. In the activities, they do not forget the activities of baseball, playing the lute, singing then … making visitors love and not want to leave. Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaMany interesting outdoor activities are organized

The nature reserve also has a separate outdoor space with an area of ​​300 – 2,000 square meters to organize various outdoor games and programs; Many large stilt houses are available to hold separate seminars and festivals that can accommodate about 100 people …Exciting Travel Experience At Thai Hai - Thai Nguyen Ecotourism AreaTogether planting trees, picking vegetables, cooking rice according to the Tay method

The above is the experience of traveling and playing in the Thai Hai – Thai Nguyen eco-tourism area . Anytime you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle life, want to return to the rustic experiences, learn about unique cultural features and enjoy the rustic and peaceful life, don’t miss the opportunity with this unique village of stilt houses.

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