Invite each other to Phu Quoc’s Cloud Stream to bathe in the stream, camp, and live a very chill virtual life

Suoi May Phu Quoc is a favorite destination chosen by many young people to admire the poetic beauty, immerse themselves in the cool stream, and organize super fun camping. In particular, when visiting Suoi May, you can also enjoy checking in on a beautiful virtual life from every angle.

    Where are the coordinates of the May stream located in Phu Quoc?

    Suoi May is located in Suoi May hamlet, Duong To commune, Phu Quoc , Kien Giang. The natural scenery at Suoi May has not been exploited much for tourism, so it is still wild. What impresses visitors when coming to Phu Quoc May Stream is the cool, fresh natural scenery and clear water that can be seen to the bottom. Suoi May has become a destination that attracts young people to sightsee, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, check in for virtual living and camping.

    Phu Quoc Cloud Stream attracts touristsSuoi May attracts tourists with its beautiful, poetic and pristine natural scenery. (Photo: salgue_ro)

    How to get to Phu Quoc May stream

    Suoi May is about 9km south of Duong Dong town center. Therefore, to get to Phu Quoc Cloud Stream, you can go by many different means such as: a self-driving car, motorbike, taxi… Or you can rent a motorbike to be proactive in travel time. Car rental prices range from 150,000 – 200,000 VND/day depending on the type of car.

    To get to the nearest May stream, you can refer to the travel schedule as follows: Depart from Duong Dong town center -> go Southeast along route 30/4 towards Ham Ninh -> follow Road TL47 will reach Suoi May hamlet.

    If you don’t know the roads or are traveling with children, it’s best to take a taxi to Suoi May for only 90,000 – 100,000 VND/way. In the center of Duong Dong town, there are many taxi companies for you to choose from.

    How to get to Phu Quoc May StreamHow to get to May stream from Duong Dong town center

    What to do at Suoi May Phu Quoc?

    Perhaps you are wondering what to do at Phu Quoc Cloud Stream, right? Don’t worry, because there are many interesting activities when exploring the beautiful scenery of May stream such as camping, virtual living and cool stream bathing. 

    Relaxing bath in the stream

    Suoi May has beautiful and poetic waterfalls, with the combination of mountains and clear streams creating a beautiful scene. Visiting May stream, visitors will have a relaxing soak in the cool water to dispel all the fatigue and worries of everyday life.

    In particular, the waterfall in May stream flows gently, creating beautiful white foam. Visitors can soak in the waterfall to cool off and experience extremely exciting thrills.

    bathing in May Phu Quoc streamRelaxing bathing in May stream is loved by young people. (Photo: Nguyen Danh Thien)

    bathing in May Phu Quoc streamTake a relaxing bath with your friends at May stream. Photo: basalttravel

    Check-in for a beautiful virtual life

    Exploring Phu Quoc Cloud Stream, you can also freely check-in and take beautiful, sparkling pictures. With the romantic mountain and forest scenery, the cool stream will be super beautiful shooting angles for you to create virtual living poses. Remember to prepare clothes, dresses and fully charge your phone and camera to take lifetime photos with the romantic stream scene!

    Check-in for virtual living at Phu Quoc Cloud StreamCheck-in for a beautiful virtual life at Phu Quoc Cloud Stream. (Photo: Hanh My Tran)

    Check-in for virtual living at Phu Quoc Cloud StreamEnjoy creating all kinds of beautiful designs at Suoi May. (@ellysmile_photo)

    Camp overnight at May stream

    Not stopping there, Suoi May is also a destination chosen by many families and groups of friends to organize camping. The area around May stream has large lawns suitable for camping. Remember to bring enough tents to set up camp and sing and grill food all night long with your friends.

    camping at May stream Phu QuocCamping overnight at May stream is an interesting experience loved by many tourists. Photo: Vinwonders

    camping at May stream Phu QuocOrganize a BBQ party on the banks of May stream. Photo: zoomtravel

    Things to note when traveling to Phu Quoc May Stream

    When traveling to Phu Quoc Cloud Stream, you should also “pocket” the following notes:

    – First of all, choose appropriate clothing, you should wear loose and comfortable clothes for convenience when walking. Besides, you should bring swimsuits, bikinis, and dresses to take virtual photos. In addition, if camping overnight is quite cold, you should bring a thin jacket and long pants. 

    – Services around May stream are not yet developed, so you should bring enough food, water and especially personal belongings when camping.

    – You should bring insect cream, anti-salt cream and medical equipment to avoid slipping and falling when moving. 

    – Stream bathing is an interesting activity at May stream, however you need to choose a safe location and avoid places with strong currents to bathe. Besides, you should use a long stick to test the depth of the stream before bathing to ensure safety.

    – You can freely create many different designs at May stream such as: Angles taken with the stream, scenes of walking in the forest or bathing. In general, the scenery at Suoi May is very beautiful, you can choose many beautiful shooting angles to enjoy virtual life.

    To have more choices when traveling to Phu Quoc , you can refer to other famous places such as: Suoi Mo Phu Quoc, Da Ban stream Phu Quoc , Suoi Tranh tourist area, dog conservation center Phu Quoc vortex…

    Suoi May Phu Quoc is an ideal destination to relax with family and friends after stressful working days. With peaceful scenery and gentle streams, coming to May stream promises you will have many extremely interesting and memorable experiences!

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