Invite each other to the mountain to watch wild sunflowers bloom, leave the dust and go to a peaceful region

Across the mountainside, along the road leading to Ba Vi National Park, the yellow color of wild sunflowers filled with the green of the mountains has attracted thousands of visitors to check-in “virtual life”.

Ba Vi National Park (Ba Vi district) is about 60km from the center of Hanoi, which attracts tourists by its fresh air and peace, helping to balance energy after stressful working days.

In these last days of November, the presence of yellow flowers blooming on the mountainside – wild sunflowers – makes visitors even more excited to flock to the national park, check in to save the first moments in the east wind. about.

Wild sunflowers bloom yellow along the romantic road inside Ba Vi National Park – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

As soon as they passed the gate of the national park, visitors were surprised by the yellow color of wild sunflowers. Here flowers grow in rows along both sides of the road creating a poetic and lyrical scene.

That dreamy space makes visitors go a few hundred meters in the car and have to pull over to the side of the road, stop to check-in.

Conveniently returning to her hometown after a week of work, Phuong Anh (27 years old) enlisted her family to visit Ba Vi National Park to take pictures with her mother. With the experience of going to Ba Vi “thick”, Phuong Anh advises that if you want to have the best pictures with wild sunflowers, the right time is mid-November because at this time the flowers are “the freshest and most beautiful”.

“People should wear vintage clothes that are a bit old-fashioned, bright colors like white and cream to match the color of yellow flowers,” Phuong Anh said.

And Nguyen Thi Thu Hien (Ung Hoa district, Hanoi) shared that the journey to the national park today was a bit arduous because the weather was not very favorable, it was cloudy.

“On the way here, many parts of our group encountered rain, but fortunately when we reached the spot to shoot wild sunflowers, the sun was shining again. The photos that I took today were really worthless to travel long distances. sticky rice,” shared Thu Hien.

When coming to check-in with wild sunflowers, visitors should choose gentle white and blue outfits that will create a striking effect on the blue and yellow background of wild sunflowers – Photo: HA QUAN

When coming to Ba Vi National Park on this occasion, visitors can combine camping and visiting other destinations of the national park such as the church shed, the Korean road, the cactus garden…

Faced with the situation of some young people screaming, performing on a unicycle, without wearing helmets in the national park, the rangers have set up many checkpoints and increased patrols to ensure that this situation does not happen. out, keeping visitors safe when visiting the garden.

Young people note that you need to wear a full helmet when going to Ba Vi, because even if you have bought a ticket but do not comply with traffic safety laws, you will not be able to go through the ticket gate to go to the national park.

Tickets to visit Ba Vi National Park cost 60,000 VND/adult, 30,000 VND/old/disabled person and 20,000 VND/student/student – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

Everyone wears clothes to have the most impressive pictures – Photo: HA QUAN

Along the way to the national park, young people take advantage of stopping to take pictures to capture impressive moments – Photo: HA QUAN

Wild sunflowers bloomed yellow on both sides of the road to Ba Vi National Park – Photo: HA QUAN

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