Just have to go to Da Lat forever: updating a series of beautiful places like Pinterest makes young people extremely eager


Every time I return to the foggy city, the “virtual life” association cannot sit still with countless new scenes.

A long holiday season is coming very close to us, and many people also predict that the most visited place by many tourists is Da Lat. This city has long been a paradise for “dreamers”. However, visiting or taking photos of famous places is always boring, many “hot” cafes have already gone. So young people are actively hunting for new places in the upcoming trip.

Coincidentally, the closer to the big holiday, the more authentic places are found by many young people. Not only are the places to save costs all the way, but also have super diverse architecture. Making many people admit that taking photos at these locations is as beautiful as the photos on Pinterest (a popular photo-sharing application with young people).

The most sought-after place of the moment – the classical church of Don Bosco

If you are a person “in the area” in the group of Da Lat addicts, then this elegant church is being spread by young people at a dizzying speed. With the dominant white and beige tones and white columns like poets in Europe, young people can freely wear clothes and take countless beautiful photos. Not only is it sought after by its modern and classical architecture, but it is also popular because it is completely free to visit.

Photo: Ly Thanh Co, Thu May

Photo: @littlength, @_hngoc24.8, @sun.babeeee,@mabel.ee

Small note:

– Because it is a free place, visitors should not stay too long to let other guests take pictures.

– The church is a sanctuary, so visitors should pay attention to appropriate attire, keeping order and general hygiene.Address: No. 4 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Da Lat City

Take a photo right away lest you miss the “trend” of youth at Da Lat stadium

There is no doubt, since the standard set of photos taken at this location, people have a reason to go to Da Lat this season. When discovering the colorful stadium, many young people who love to take pictures are extremely excited because this place is just like the inspirational photos on the Pinterest app.

Photos of the models taken on Pinterest. (Source: Park Sora)

And this is a photo taken at Dalat Stadium. (Photo: Hie, @son.chans)

The most suitable time to capture the moment at this place is the sunset time from 3pm to 5pm or the morning from 7am to 9am. This place is also quite capable and the workers are also working so the forerunners advise that you take photos as quickly as possible. But don’t worry too much because you just need to bring the camera up at this stadium to have a good photo right away.

Photo: Jellyfish, My Anh Nguyen, Ky Sang

Small note:

– The stadium is not completed yet, so visitors must always maintain order and maintain general hygiene

– Do not wear high heels, do not step on the grass.Address: Da Lat Stadium in Lam Dong Culture – Sports Complex, located at Thanh Mau Hill, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Da Lat City

Ghostly but equally poetic at the Provincial Governor’s Palace

A place that is not too new but is still regularly visited by many young people because the scene is just like the fairy movies here. After a film crew decided to choose this place as the main setting, the Provincial Governor’s Palace was visited by more tourists. Many visitors commented that the old trees in the palace seemed to be a bit of peace in the center of the city.

Photo: Nguyen Tin, Nhat Ly, Thanh Dat, @whereishanzhanz

Small note:

– Similar to the above areas, visitors should limit noise and do not litter to preserve the landscape here.Address: at the end of Ly Tu Trong Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City

“Beo cake” for girls at Jeju cinema area

Unlike the places mentioned above, the cinema area will cost you if you visit or take pictures. This place was originally a film studio, so there will be countless beautiful scenes from indoor to outdoor for visitors. Especially for those of you who have a gentle, feminine style but have been bored with Yooberi, Chika Farm, .., this place is a place to save on your to-go list.

Photo: Hanh Dieu Dieu, Le Nhu Quynh

Address: No. 6, Khoi Nghia Bac Son, Ward 10, Da Lat City

Cost: 120,000 VND / person (Including water)($1=24,000 VND)