Korean-style cafes in Da Lat are as beautiful


Visiting Korean-style cafes in Da Lat is sure to make you fall in love not only with the space decorated with Korean standards but also with delicious drinks and beautiful cakes to chill and live virtual.

If you’ve ever watched Korean movies or traveled in the land of kimchi, then you must have sometimes had to admire the beautiful stylish cafes here. Your country’s cafe culture is very focused on style and space with common characteristics of elegance, minimalism, sophistication but very pretty and photogenic. If you are also passionate about the space of Korean cafes but have not been able to visit, then come to Korean-style cafes in Da Lat because they are not equally beautiful and beautiful, check-in at these shops. I bet everyone easily thinks you’re living on the “side of the pool” because of the beautiful and cute Korean space.

Revealing Korean-style cafes in Da Lat that make people fall in love 

1. JJu Coffee – Poetic moment

JJu Coffee – 시적인순간 is a Korean-style cafe in Da Lat that is very famous and is checked-in regularly by believers. The shop has a Korean-style space from the interior to the decor items and the outdoor space. Everything here is very neat from the architecture, the colors to the tables and chairs, all in the style of the cafes commonly found in Jeju.

JJu Coffee - Korean style cafe in Da LatJJu Coffee – 시적인순간 is a very famous Korean style cafe in Da Lat. Photo: JJu Coffee –

Here you can chill in the flooded courtyard, take pictures with rows of white reeds, windmills, green mandarin orchards and very good JJu Coffee vibes. The shop has a rich menu with attractive drinks, beautiful and delicious cakes.

JJu Coffee - Korean style cafe in Da LatThe shop has many Korean-style virtual check-in corners. Photo:JJu Coffee –

JJu Coffee - Korean style cafe in Da LatJeju-style check-in corner at the shop. Photo: JJu Coffee –

Address: The area at the end of Lam Van Thanh Street, Ward 11, Da Lat City 

Opening hours: 6:00am to 6:30pm daily.

2. Cala Lily Dalat

Cala Lily Dalat is also reminiscent of cafes in Jeju Island of Korea because of its green space with many beautiful check-in corners. The shop is located just 2km from the center of Da Lat and is like a beautiful oasis in the middle of a valley filled with green flowers and old avocado trees.

Cala Lily Dalat Korean style cafe in Da LatCala Lily Dalat has a green space like a sweet garden. Photo: Cala Lily Dalat

Coming to this Korean-style cafe in Da Lat , you will enjoy the fresh space and slow pace of Dalat standard . Outside is a space filled with green colors of flowers and plants, inside is a very stylish layout that makes the association fall in love with virtual life. This shop also scores points for its super quality drink menu, especially hand-crafted coffee with rich flavors and attractive dishes with eye-catching decor.

Cala Lily Dalat Korean style cafe in Da LatThe interior space of the restaurant is also very tasteful. Photo: Cala Lily Dalat

Address: Han Thuyen Street, Ward 6, Da Lat City

Opening hours: 6:00am to 6:30pm daily 

3. The Station View

Referring to the list of the most beautiful Korean-style cafes in Da Lat , you certainly cannot ignore The Station View. The shop has a Korean design with a carefully cared for space with an elegant and gentle scene that makes anyone who stops to be shaken because it is so beautiful. The decor of the shop is bold with the breath of the countryside in Korea with wooden houses with sliding doors, pink roots or up and down stairs, the interior is both minimalist and sophisticated.

The Station View Korean style cafe in Da Lat

The space in front of the restaurant is Korean-style, and many couples come to take wedding photos. Photo: The Station View

Coming here, in addition to virtual life, you will enjoy a peaceful, fresh and relaxing space. The drinks of the shop are not too special but delicious and attractive enough, beautifully decorated with all kinds of coffee, juice, smoothies, tea and cakes.

The Station View Korean style cafe in Da LatVisitors to the shop can rent a hanbook to take virtual photos. Photo: The Station View

The Station View Korean style cafe in Da Lat

The check-in porch corner is very chill at the shop. Photo: Thieu Bao Tram

Address: 192 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Ward 6, Da Lat City

Opening hours: 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

4. Yooberi – Just Simply

This Korean-style cafe in Da Lat was built according to the Studio cafe model, so it is heavily invested in space. The shop gives visitors the feeling of being lost in the land of kimchi for visitors when they arrive. The area of ​​the shop is only 100m2 and is located in the city center but is still divided into many different areas for visitors to comfortably chill, live virtual, space with sweet pastel tones, sophisticated and minimalist design such as: cafes in Korea.

Yooberi - Korean style cafe in Da LatYooberi – 그냥 간단히 carries the breath of Jeju Island of Korea. Photo: Yooberi –

Some outstanding check-in corners at the shop can be mentioned such as Korean-style grocery store, bus stop, road markings for green cloud house, and Jeju Island vibe. Yooberi’s water menu is not too diverse, mostly imported bottled water lines, attractive flavors but also virtual living accessories for visitors.

Yooberi - Korean style cafe in Da LatThe shop uses gentle pastel tones. Photo: Yooberi –

Yooberi - Korean style cafe in Da LatThere are many beautiful check-in corners in Yooberi – 그냥 간단히 that fascinates visitors. Photo: Yooberi –

Address: 27 Trinh Hoai Duc Street, Ward 11, Da Lat City

Opening hours: 8am to 6pm daily.

5. The Married Beans

The Married Beans is a Korean-style cafe in Da Lat  that caused a fever right from the moment it opened because of its beautiful and sophisticated space. The Married Beans is located in the heart of Da Lat with a luxurious space. The shop has a Korean-style space with a very harmonious combination of white and brown wood tones as the main.

The Married Beans Korean style cafe in Da LatThe Married Beans has a very beautiful and sophisticated space. Photo: The Married Beans

From the outside, it can also feel that this is an art cafe because the style is very tasteful. Inside the stand out is a wooden shelf displaying a variety of Vietnamese specialty coffees along with an eye-catching bar with a variety of dispensers. Walking around the shop, you can see both a coffee farm and a coffee factory located right next to it. The drinks here are very special and delicious, from coffee to juice, tea and cakes all have their own style.

The Married Beans Korean style cafe in Da Lat

The shop’s workshop-style design is very popular with virtual life followers. Photo: @nvt1108

The Married Beans Korean style cafe in Da LatThe Married Beans’ most famous virtual living space. Photo: The Married Beans

Address : 44 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 9, Da Lat City. 

Opening hours: 8am to 5pm daily.

With the above list of Korean-style cafes in Da Lat , you can enjoy the virtual check-in and chill out because of the beautiful space, free chill and especially the relationship that brings a unique highlight. mixed. Da Lat is famous for many beautiful cafes, so traveling here and doing a coffee tour to explore will definitely be a great experience you should try. 

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)