Korean-style “check-in” corner in Hanoi

If you have not had the opportunity to explore Korea, you can “check-in” the Lang road, close to the To Lich river, where there are rows of small leaves and phoenix trees to make the photos shimmer like you are in. kimchi land.

Yuna Vu Kieu Anh – a hot Tiktoker in Korean style, has just arrived on the road covered with falling yellow leaves, compared to “the Korean autumn road”. This place is loved by many young people who come to check in. That is Lang road, close to To Lich river, where there are rows of small-leaved eagle trees and phoenix trees.

Every autumn, these trees change their colors and drop their leaves, covering the road. The weather in early autumn is cold, with light sunshine and falling leaves, so young people come here to take pictures.

As a “hard fan” of Korea, Vu Kieu Anh could not ignore this beautiful moment, but had to dress up to immediately make a “virtual live” photo set. She and her “companion” is the “black” Yamaha Janus roaming the Lang road to discover the best angle.

Yuna shared that from the day she had “younger brother” Janus, she worked hard to explore more beautiful street corners because “the car is light, saves fuel, and has a dynamic and youthful appearance, suitable for Gen Z.” like us”.

Yuna currently graduated from the Department of Korean Language and Culture, Hanoi National University of Foreign Languages ​​in 2020 and is working as a translator at the Customs department, of Samsung Vietnam electronics company. With the ability to create interesting content, Kieu Anh also invades the Tiktok field in 2021 and currently owns a Tiktok channel with nearly 60,000 followers. Kieu Anh is also a loyal fan of K-pop, once a member of a dance cover club called SLAY.

Yuna had a beautiful set of shimmering photos to greet Hanoi’s autumn.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)