Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken salad

Mangosteen chicken salad, which is a specialty of Lai Thieu, Binh Duong, has now become a popular delicacy of the South, rising every summer.

Summer is here, enjoy the mangosteen chicken salad!

Unlike other salads, mangosteen chicken salad is usually only available in summer. Because summer is the season when new mangosteen bears ripe fruit, the quality is much better than that of off-season mangosteen. To many people, this dish may seem new. However, in the Southeast provinces such as Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City, this is a very familiar salad. 

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladMangosteen chicken salad is a famous specialty of Lai Thieu, Binh Duong. Photo: @yannhi235

This chicken and mangosteen salad is a specialty of Lai Thieu , Binh Duong province. This is considered the largest and most delicious mangosteen barn in the province. In addition to the fruit used for dessert, indigenous people also skillfully use it to process chicken salad, creating an extremely attractive dish. 

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladChicken salad is a delicious specialty dish, easy to prepare. Photo: @trangtrang2010

For the people of Binh Duong , this salad is known as the queen salad because of its deliciousness and nutrition. Moreover, if you want to eat delicious food properly, you have to wait for summer, from April to June every year.

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladThis dish is only available in the summer because it is in the mangosteen season. Photo: @muoi6thang8

As the name suggests, mangosteen chicken salad consists of two main ingredients: chicken and mangosteen, adding spices such as seasoning vegetables, fried onions, onions, peanuts, etc. Usually, this salad will be served with hot straw mushroom porridge or used as an appetizer in very “catchy” parties. 

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladAttractive mangosteen chicken salad, can be eaten with porridge, salad,… Photo: @mikalee81

In the past, mangosteen was also a fruit like other fruits. Thanks to the delicious sweet and sour taste, it is not boring to eat, so it can be flexibly processed into an extremely attractive chicken salad. I don’t know when this salad became famous, not only in Lai Thieu Binh Duong area but also spread to many other localities in the South .

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How to make delicious mangosteen chicken salad “burnt” 

This delicious chicken dish is basically not too difficult to prepare. Just follow the instructions, you can manually go to the kitchen to make an attractive salad to treat your loved ones. Regarding ingredients, depending on the number of people eating, you choose to buy chicken, mangosteen and prepare appropriate spices.

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladThe main ingredients for making chicken salad are chicken and mangosteen. Photo: @arian_quynh

Mangosteen purchased needs to be soaked in diluted salt water, then use a knife to remove the peel, only taking the intestines inside. You should separate your hands wisely to avoid breaking the intestines, when mixing the salad will not be delicious. After separating, cut into circles, soak in sugar vinegar and keep in the refrigerator to make the mangosteen more crispy.

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladMangosteen needs to choose unripe, soaked until crispy. Photo: @arian_quynh

Chicken mixed with salad is boiled, torn into bite-sized pieces and mixed with sweet and sour fish sauce, pepper and spices according to taste, mix well to absorb meat. After that, remove the mangosteen from the soaked sugar vinegar, mix it well with the chicken, add laksa leaves and peanuts to complete the mangosteen chicken salad. 

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladChicken salad must be dipped with salt and pepper, chili garlic sauce. Photo: @ansapsaigon

This dish can be eaten with hot porridge cooked with straw mushrooms or used as an appetizer. When eating, you can dip it with salt, pepper, lemon or garlic and chili fish sauce to increase the flavor of the dish. Mangosteen with its sweet and sour taste, crispy and delicious eaten with chicken with rich flavor, is truly a scrumptious dish. 

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladPrepare ingredients to make cooking more delicious. Photo:

Eating chicken salad in the right way must fold a large chopstick with mangosteen, chicken, laksa leaves and peanuts so that all the flavors blend together, fully feeling the sweet, salty, and spicy taste of the salad. Although the method is easy, the taste is no less than any Vietnamese salad. That’s why every summer, people crave mangosteen chicken salad. 

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladIn the summer, you cannot ignore the attractive chicken salad. Photo: @beelove.pham

Delicious and easy to make, but the price of this dish is not cheap. At restaurants, an average plate of salad ranges from 400,000 to 500,000 VND. The reason is because mangosteen is a high-priced fruit, it takes large quantities to make salad. In addition, because it is a specialty that only appears in the summer, the price is quite high. 

Lai Thieu specialty mangosteen chicken saladEach piece of chicken salad costs 400,000 – 500,000 VND. Photo: @arian_quynh

However, if you prefer to cook by yourself, you can prepare your own ingredients and follow the instructions to have an attractive chicken salad. Hand-made chicken salad helps you save costs, ensure food safety and hygiene, and flexibly season the salad to suit your taste.

Notes to make delicious chicken salad

To make a delicious mangosteen chicken salad , the secret lies in the selection of ingredients. Mangosteen to make gooseberries must be the type with green skin or just slightly yellow, the inner intestine is not ripe, crispy and crispy, more sour, less sweet. Because ripe mangosteen is often soft, mixing the salad loses its crispness, and it is not delicious to eat. 

Note when making mangosteen chicken saladYou should choose mangosteen that is still green so that the intestines are crispy. Photo: @arian_quynh

With unripe mangosteen, peeling is also quite difficult because there is still a lot of latex. Therefore, you should cut the peel under running water to clean the pus or soak in salt water and peel it gradually. The intestines after removing the skin should be sliced ​​to taste, avoid cutting too thin because it will make the mangosteen pieces all crispy.

Note when making mangosteen chicken saladGarnish with chili and laksa leaves to make the salad more delicious. Photo: @tr.vuo

About chicken, you should choose chicken with natural sweetness to mix the salad. If the chicken wants to be delicious, it should be boiled with spices such as onions, pepper, fish sauce, seasoning, etc. When mixing the salad, you can also mix it with shredded carrots to make the dish more eye-catching. 

Note when making mangosteen chicken saladYou can make your own chicken mangosteen salad. Photo: @kimtuyen2201

Mangosteen chicken salad is one of the delicious dishes that must be tried every summer. It is also a dish made from chicken, but combined with mangosteen fruit, it has a richer, more irresistible flavor. 

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