Lala Land Tam Dao – brand new adventure place for dreamers

Going to Tam Dao, people often think that there will only be familiar addresses such as television towers, stone churches, silver waterfall, … If so, then you are wrong. Tam Dao today has many new super lovely places for visitors to freely live virtual. Discover Lala Land Tam Dao with Vinlove- a brand new check-in coordinate that is making people fall in love. 

Introduction to Lala Land Tam Dao 

Lala Land Tam Dao is located in Quarter 3, TT. Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc. This place is located quite close to the center of Tam Dao, so visitors can easily find it. Lala Land Tam Dao is considered by many to be the paradise of dreamers. When you come here, you will be fully immersed in virtual life, watching the natural landscape promises to bring back dozens of beautiful photos too. Introducing Lala Land Tam DaoLala Land Tam DaoIntroduction about Lala Land Tam Dao This place is considered to be the paradise of dreamers

Although this was just a new address, Lala Land was quickly noticed by the virtual life club. If you are feeling a bit boring to Tam Dao with familiar landmarks, come here for the wind right away. About Lala Land Tam DaoThis is a brand new virtual living spot in Tam Dao 

Unique beauty in Lala land Tam Dao 

Lala Land Tam Dao is inspired by a classic film called Lala Land. This place is planned into a beautiful, poetic and dreamy virtual living space corner. Those who love nature and love to explore unique and cheerful photographic angles will surely be “heartbroken” by this place from the first sight. The beauty in Lala Land Tam DaoLala Land is a tiny place in the middle of Tam Dao town (Photo: Hien Mai)

Lala Land Tam Dao is a complex of coffee shop, strawberry garden, and photo zone. Visitors coming here will admire the beauty of the town and chill with heaven and earth next to a cup of hot aromatic coffee. Due to the new location, the scene is not too magnificent and splendid. However, just try visiting once to see if you find out something cute. The scene at Lala Land Tam DaoThe layout here is not too grandiose because it is new 

If you are not too passionate about photography, this is also a great place to sip a cup of coffee, to breathe in the fresh air. On the sunset afternoon, these are also the coordinates to relax the soul to admire the romantic sunset. In the far distance is a green pine forest, a peaceful and poetic white cloud. Tourism Lala Land Tam DaoSip a cup of hot coffee 

Check in ‘sorrowful god’ at Lala Land Tam Dao 

If you travel with the immovable motto that is “check in, take pictures and live virtual, the campus at Lala Land Tam Dao  is the right place for you to relax in many corners. It may be a small garden. looks pretty cactus in the sand, maybe a bright yellow car overlooking the valley, every check-in corner is new and unique. Tourism Lala Land Tam DaoCheck in the yellow car 

In addition to the beautiful virtual living corners, there is also a small cafe, located in the position overlooking the valley, airy and very “chill” space to enjoy coffee combined with the scenery. Sitting here chatting with friends, watching the fog, white clouds is also very poetic. Relax at Lala Land Tam DaoThe small coffee shop is a place for tourists to rest, relax and enjoy the scenery 

Not only are the beautiful virtual life coordinates in Tam Dao, but Lala Land also makes visitors love to have a beautiful strawberry garden. Here, you will be able to pick the fruit yourself and enjoy the sweet berries. In addition, strawberry smoothies are also great drinks that you can try. Strawberry garden near Lala Land Tam DaoStrawberry garden near Lala Land Tam Dao

Notes when coming to Lala Land Tam Dao 

The air in Tam Dao is fresh and cool, a bit similar to that of Da Lat. Therefore, please choose slightly warm clothes to protect your health. Red, black, white, beige clothing styles will be the optimal choice for you to get beautiful fashion pictures.  Experience taking photos at Lala Land Tam Dao Virtual life with friends

In Tam Dao, whether in the morning, noon or afternoon, the natural scenery is also extremely poetic. Therefore, depending on the schedule of each person you choose the appropriate time to check in. According to Tam Dao tourism experience , if you want to watch dawn, fog, come early in the morning. If you want to “chill”, the afternoon is the most reasonable. Notes when coming to Lala Land Tam DaoPut yourself some handbook in your pocket 

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Nice check-in spots in Tam Dao 

Tam Dao Wind Shop 

Tam Dao Wind Shop  is a beautiful cafe located in the middle of a hill. From here you can fully contemplate the immense green pine forest, brilliant sunset on a summer day or misty mist in a winter day. Just standing here and admiring the whole town from afar is enough to sparkle. And sure that the paparazzi in Tam Dao cannot ignore this famous address. Tam Dao Gio Restaurant - check-in point near Lala Land Tam DaoTam Dao Wind Shop Tam Dao Gio Restaurant is the check-in point near Lala Land Tam DaoCheck in, but I thought it was in Europe 

Sepak Takraw 

Tam Dao May Bridge is made from bamboo, woven together to create a winding road along the mountain. On the two sides there are brilliant yellow wildflowers. Not to mention there are also white cotton waving in the wind, like inviting visitors to play. Looking down from May Bridge, you will admire the immense pine forest, drop your soul into the landscape of heaven and earth and have virtual life pictures for life. Cau May is the check-in point near Lala Land Tam DaoSepak TakrawCau May - check-in point near Lala Land Tam DaoThis virtual living spot has always caused fever in the tourist community 

Silver waterfall 

Silver Falls is considered a waterfall possessing majestic beauty, a beautiful waterfall hidden deep in the mountain. Water flowed out from the high ravine, converged in one place and rushed down creating a resounding sound. On hot summer days, this is the ideal hot spot for everyone. Thac Bac Waterfall - check-in point near Lala Land Tam DaoSilver waterfallSilver Falls is the check-in point near Lala Land Tam Dao(Photo: hahien)

Lala Land Tam Dao is probably not something too special or great. This place is just a tiny corner in the misty town. But sometimes, people also yearn for such a lovely and beautiful space for a happy day. Sitting and sipping a cup of hot coffee, zooming in the distance to admire the mountain can also record beautiful pictures. What are you waiting for without visiting this brand new place to feel the intersection of heaven and earth. 

Review of New Photography Locations In Tam Dao – Lala Land Strawberry Garden

You are looking for a new and unique place to have fun, take photos in Tam Dao or simply want to go to a “chill” cafe to enjoy drinks and enjoy the natural scenery here. So what are you waiting for without coming to check in right at La La LandLala Land Strawberry Garden – this is a new complex of photography and farm, located below the Cau Can section. Here you can feel a very detailed atmosphere of Dalat in the heart of Tam Dao. It is called this “the land of dreamers”, it is not wrong because here you will feel like lost in a wonderland with beautiful scenery, a square meter can also take hundreds of photos.

There are 5 plus points that I think you must definitely go1. Spacious and airy:This cafe space is not confined by 4 walls like regular cafes. Here, people will both enjoy homemade drinks and also enjoy the unspoiled nature here. The two most beautiful times can be said to be sunrise and sunset at La La Land, what better than being able to enjoy this moment with your lover, right?.

.2. There are many angles for shooting here:It can be mentioned as the car corner, the strawberry garden, the cactus road, the piano corner … Each corner has its own style, but overall, it is very harmonious. You can both wear delicate dresses to look “banh beo” a little or completely cool with black jackets to pose “charisma”..

.3. Super delicious drinksDiverse beverage menu, prices here range from 35-65K, very reasonable with the quality available.I highly recommend you guys choose Strawberry Smoothie..

.4. Friendly, super enthusiastic staffThe “uncle” of the shop owner is friendly ?, the staff of the “Yellow” cat is a bit arrogant but pretty, or he likes to eat bimbim with guests..

.5. Strawberry gardenIf to say, what makes Lala Land different from the guest cafes is the strawberry garden, here you can just check in and you can buy and pick strawberries yourself..

.Sounds great, doesn’t it, so why don’t you come check in at La la Land right away.

Photo: Internet + FB Lala Land Tam Dao