Le Thuy, stunning “crescent moon” beach in Central Vietnam ‘second Ly Son’

The same poetic and lyrical beauty as the paintings in Quang Ngai, but if Ly Son island is crowded and bustling, Le Thuy beach is clear and peaceful like a sleeping princess that makes everyone fall in love. drunk.

In Le Thuy village, Binh Tri commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province and about 20km north of the center of Quang Ngai city, there is a beautiful beach of the same name, attracting many tourists to visit.

How to get to Le Thuy beach?

From the center of Quang Ngai city, you take a car or motorbike to the North to enter National Highway 1A, to the roundabout at Binh Long junction, then take the 1st exit on Vo Van Kiet Street to Le Thuy village, meet After another roundabout, turn right onto Tuyen A street, go about 1.3km and then turn left to reach Le Thuy beach . 

Revealing, on the way to the sea, there is a section where there is a line of beautiful red phoenixes blooming in the summer, just like the streets of Hai Phong “red flower city”, so don’t forget to stop and take some photos. Have a nice virtual life.Red phoenix flower road - the road to Le Thuy Beach The road to the sea is as beautiful as poetry (FB photo of beautiful women)

The ideal time to visit Le Thuy beach

According to the experience of local people, the ideal time to travel to Le Thuy beach is in the summer days from about April to the end of September, at this time the blue sea is full of bright yellow sun, the waves are also calm. gentle, beautiful like a lovely muse, very suitable for enjoying and participating in water activities.summer - time to visit Le Thuy Beach Summer is sunny, blue sea is the most beautiful (Photo Facebook Cha May)

In addition, in the moss season, from January to March of the lunar calendar, the weather is warm and pleasant, all the sedimentary rocks are covered with green moss, like in a fairy tale, so it will be very suitable for born virtual living photos for life. And it will be even better if you come to visit in the early morning or in the afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00.moss season - beautiful check-in time at Le Thuy Beach The sea is as beautiful as the moss covered season (Photo @chan_tdht)

A poetic and charming picture of Le Thuy beach

Le Thuy beach in Quang Ngai welcomes visitors with a curved white sand beach like a crescent moon embracing the turquoise blue water, behind is surrounded and hugged by the majestic green mountains creating a painting. full of charm and charm.poetic - the beauty of Le Thuy Beach The beach is clear and blue (Photo @hoatrucnhii)

Moreover, due to the lack of investment in tourism, as well as few people know about it, combined with the idyllic beauty of small fishing villages in the distance and colorful basket boats lying on the sand. Therefore, the air here is always peaceful, clear and strangely pure.peace - the highlight of Le Thuy Beach Peaceful sea scene (Photo Facebook Bich Phuong)

However, the most unique point on Le Thuy beach is located in the million-year-old volcanic sedimentary rock hundreds of meters long along the coast, undulating and rugged on the sea water, forming a masterpiece nowhere else. Looking back from afar, sometimes it looks like a wild animal hunting, sometimes it looks like an old turtle lounging in the sun, watching the sea and contemplating life, extremely interesting.Sedimentary rocks - the highlight at Le Thuy Beach Sedimentary rocks are considered masterpieces in the sea (Photo Fb Teddy)

At high tide, hitting the crevices of sedimentary rocks makes gurgling sounds like a white stream flowing from a mountain cave into the sea. But when the tide recedes, the multi-layered cliffs proudly emerge, creating a stunningly beautiful scene.

Especially when the first silver waves crash against the rock, the white foam makes us think like the intense volcanic eruptions on Be Ly Son island thousands of years ago. At this time, if you don’t immediately put the camera on the job to save “divine” photos, you will definitely regret it.rocking waves - interesting moments at Le Thuy Beach Waves crashing on white rocks (Photo @trinhthithythy)

Activities not to be missed at Le Thuy beach

Going to the sea, especially a clear and clean beach like Le Thuy , would be a mistake if you do not participate in swimming. The feeling of immersing in the cool water of the body massaged by each wave and deeply inhaling the characteristic salty flavor of the sea will make all the heat of summer seem to be “dispelled”.Windsurfing - interesting activity at Le Thuy Beach Join water activities in the summer (Photo: Nam Q.Bui)

Moreover, this place also has a colorful coral reef as beautiful as Ly Son island, so you can also dive to the bottom to see the shimmering world under the sea. However, it should be noted here that there is no professional diving equipment such as eyeglasses, snorkels, protective gear, or oxygen tanks, so if you do not have those items, do not dive too deep.

The characteristic feature of Le Thuy beach is the idyllic but loving beauty of fishermen who are diligently floating on boats or engrossed in mending nets to go out to sea to harvest fish and shrimp, so it will be great if you have You can go fishing with fishermen in a basket boat, drop a seine net to catch fish on the shore or light a lamp to go fishing at night… Then enjoy the results you have made, oh, just thinking about how happy you are.

Revealing, seafood dishes such as: crab, squid, crab, lobster, oysters, clams, scallops… here are extremely fresh and delicious bestsellers, so you definitely must not forget to try them.seafood - delicious food at Le Thuy Beach Fresh seafood dishes in the sea (Photo FB Thu Kieu)

In addition, there is Le Thuy beach with the advantage that the sand is very long, clean and wide, so if you love new experiences, you can bring a tent and camp here overnight. At night, you can dance and sing under the sparkling starry sky like the Milky Way, in the morning, you will be woken up by the sound of waves to watch a magical sunrise, which will surely make you leave unforgettable memories. And of course, this activity is only for large groups of friends or families.picnic - attractive activities on Le Thuy BeachOrganize a picnic on the rocky beach (Photo Facebook Quynh Giang)dawn - beautiful scenery on Le Thuy Beach Super beautiful dawn on the sea (Photo @thamin98)

After having fun on the sea, don’t rush to go back but go to the majestic Ganh Yen located nearby, to conquer 70 vertical steps following the lava mountain, then stand on high and enjoy the breeze. cool and watching the scenery of the sea, sky and dreamy water around, guaranteed to be “a long-lasting coffee”.

If you are “drunk like a smoker” with the poetic scenery of Ngoc Ly Son island but you are seasick and cannot take the boat to the island, Le Thuy beach in Binh Son right near the center of Quang Ngai city will be a great alternative. for you!

Photo: Internet