List of 8 pet cafes, super cute Hanoi cat and dog cafe

If you are a person who is passionate about pets but does not have the conditions to own your own pets, then surely you cannot ignore the location of these extremely famous Hanoi pet cafes .

1. Lizzy house Cat Café

If you belong to the group of cat lovers, with cats belonging to the cute set, then you should not miss the Lizzy House Cat Café.

The warm space with the dominant gray tone will bring tranquility to every breath. There are fat, round, soft, and clean cats that make you just want to cuddle and pet them all day.

Photo: hao_an306

With the drinking table attached to the glass window, you can sip a glass of water, hug the lovely cat and look out the window at the flow of people. In addition, the floor is lined with soft carpet so you can freely play and roll with the cats on the floor.

Drinks are varied. In addition to coffee, fruit juices, crushed ice, tea, smoothies and snacks are also not moderate. Many users use the word “super delicious” when evaluating drinks here.

In addition, the pet cafe Café Cat Lizzy House also sells accessories, supplies, and cat food for you to choose from.

Photo: dieuhuyen_2thousand

    2. Coffee Cat Mon

    This is probably a very popular Hanoi pet cafe. Coffee shop with deep, warm tones with an impressive and very lovely design. The drinking table is modeled after a very creative cat’s house. Vibrant wall textures with a combination of drawings and real details. This promises to be a great check-in place for young people, cat lovers, and unique people.

    Photo:Coffee Cat Mon

    Big and big cat bosses hang around and emit small “meows” that will melt you in an instant. Coffee Meo Mon is a pet cafe that is quite popular with young people.

    The drinks are delicious, especially the peach tea. Stop by Coffee Meo Mon, don’t forget to order 1 cup.

    However, the shop is located in a hidden corner, so it is quite difficult to find and there is no parking space, so you have to park your car outside the door. Besides, many young people here commented that the bosses seem quite “haughty” and like to sleep, so please prepare your mind to be “butter” before entering this famous pet cafe. !

    Photo: Coffee Meo Mon

    3. Hanoi Pet Cafe at Bastet’s Home Coffee

    If mentioning the famous pet cafes in Ha Dong, it is impossible not to mention Bastest” Home Coffee. The shop has 2 floors, although it is small, the design is very eye-catching. From the very orderly arrangement of tables and chairs to the textures on the walls, there are pictures of super cute cats and dogs, everything is perfect.

    Photo: moew01

    In particular, the shop has a lot of cats, the cats are fat, round, lovely and especially not smelly. To seduce bosses, you should buy food for them. Cat food is available at the store.

    Drinks are not different in genre from other shops, but the quality is very good and the prices are affordable.

    However, the space of the restaurant is quite small and tight. But if you just sit, caress your loving boss and enjoy a cup of cool and delicious drinks, the space is not too tight anymore.

    Photo: huyenanh.shyn

    4. Meo’s house coffee

    Another very special Hanoi pet cafe for cat lovers. The space is small, quiet, but contains super big cats. The color of the shop is quite bright, plus the wooden frames for the bosses to play are designed to be super impressive.

    Photo: Meo’s house coffee

    The cats are arrogant and some are somewhat cocky, if they want to be close to the bosses, they have to use great moves. Food seems to be the fastest and most effective tactic. You can give your cat ice cream, but don’t give them drinks to avoid intestinal risks for the cats. If you love the feeling of stroking the soft, fragrant fur of cats, then Meo’s house coffee is the ideal place for you.

    Drinks are quite expensive (about 30,000 – 50,000 VND) in a cup that is not very big and this cafe is in an alley so it seems a bit difficult to find. However, there’s just so much cuteness in this little cafe that cat lovers won’t hesitate to fall for it.

    Photo: Meo’s house coffee

    5. Hanoi Pet Cafe at Totoro coffee

    Many people think that the love for pets is superfluous, until they arrive at Totoro house, they discover that all this love is not enough. Especially facing the cute cats of this famous Hanoi pet cafe.

    Photo: kate_betcher

    Totoro house with space designed in vintage and classic style, evokes nostalgia and nostalgia:

    • 1st floor is Acoustic stage
    • The 2nd floor is the room and balcony area
    • The 3rd floor is an open space with green trees and fresh nature.

    This is not only an ideal check-in place for those who love classic style. Coming to this Hanoi coffee shop, you can sit on a pretty chair, stroke a lovely cat, look into the distance and remember the memories.

    However, the drinks here are nothing short of outstanding for the affordable price.

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    Photo: ST

    6. K’s Coffee

    K’s Coffee is a very popular Hanoi pet cafe . The cafe with a special design has become a gathering place for many young people addicted to cats and dogs.

    The first floor is the place to order drinks. The 2nd floor is the place where you can play with big dogs of different types such as Husky, Alaskan or Golden, .. Choose the 3rd floor if you want to hold small, beautiful puppies of different breeds. types such as Pug, Phoc, Poodle, … . And the 4th floor is a really quiet space for those who want to talk with friends.

    Photo: K’s Coffee

    Drink prices seem to be quite “bitter” compared to the common ground. However, if you are a pet addict, especially cute and funny dogs, you definitely cannot ignore this place. Because, at this place, you will be stroked slowly, hugged for a long time, lovely and cute dogs and satisfied your passion for them.

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    Photo: K’s Coffee

    7. Luffy coffee

    Another Hanoi pet cafe for dog addicts. Luffy coffee possesses all the elements that make you unable to refuse to love this place.

    The space is designed in a warm, intimate style, giving you the feeling of being at home. Tables and chairs are arranged neatly in the corners of the wall, leaving a separate space in the middle so that everyone can play and play with the bosses.

    Photo: chanchan.2202

    More specifically, Luffy coffee also has spa, beauty and pet care services. So you can also bring your dog in for service and care. However, you are only allowed to bring your dog in as long as your dog is over 5 months old.

    The entrance ticket to Luffy coffee is quite expensive (40,000 VND) and you will choose a bottled drink available. Dog food is 10,000 VND/pack.

    Photo: windy_102

    8. Pet Coffee – Reptile cafe in Hanoi

    At first, hearing the name, you might think this pet cafe has dogs and cats. But the truth is quite the opposite. Pet Coffee is famous especially because the main characters of the shop are reptiles such as geckos, reptiles, mice… But don’t worry about hygiene. Because it is carefully cleaned, even though the restaurant is full of reptiles, it is always fragrant and clean.

    Address: No. 2 Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

    Price: 20,000 VND – 50,000 VND

    Above are the popular Hanoi pet cafes and are loved by many young people. As a fan of cute dogs and cats, it would be a pity not to invite friends to these places.

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