List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton with ‘top’ views of delicious water

If you have the opportunity to travel to An Giang , don’t miss the beautiful cafes in Tri Ton with classy decor, mesmerizing virtual views and diverse drinks below.

When traveling to An Giang in particular and the West in general, anyone will be fascinated by the golden rice fields reaching to the horizon, the romantic palm trees or the Tra Su cajuput forest creating a typical landscape of the river region. . Besides the famous attractions in the rich Southwest region, this place also has no shortage of beautiful cafes with excellent photography. Let’s explore with Vinlove this list of destinations in Tri Ton An Giang – the land of Ta Pa lake, heart palm tree, Xa Ton pagoda,…!

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - Tri Ton has many shopsTri Ton has many beautiful cafes. Photo: dulichangiang

Revealing the beautiful cafes in Tri Ton that you may not know

Ruong Tri Ton Coffee Shop

Address: Nui To, Tri Ton, An Giang

Open: 10:00.

Closes at 22:00

Phone: 0907 840 488

People in the Northwest are always proud of cafes with distant views of beautiful terraced fields. Da Lat residents love cafes by Xuan Huong Lake with views of pine hills, and An Giang people are spoiled for choice. flex” The poetic beauty of each shop overlooking the endless Tinh Bien or Tri Ton rice fields creates the attraction of these Western tourist destinations. The coffee shop with a very familiar name recently – Tri Ton Field – is one of them.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - Ruong CoffeeCoffee Field on the road to Soai Chek Lake (Tri Ton, An Giang). Photo: angiangquetoi

No matter what season you check in at this beautiful Tri Ton cafe: sunny or rainy, you will still be able to admire the peaceful, poetic beauty right in front of your eyes with two rows of trees running in front. At the shop, there are also purple blooming flowers and magnolia flowers that occasionally sway in the gentle breeze.

Right next to the cafe is a field spreading out with rows of rice fields, depending on when you visit An Giang, sometimes it’s green and cool, sometimes it’s bright yellow, and the whole area is ripe. . If you look further into the distance, you can also see a cluster of palm trees standing straight, standing out in the bright sunlight of the plain.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - Romantic sceneRomantic scene at dusk. Photo: Khoachaudoc

But if you can arrange time, you should prioritize checking in to Ruong Tri Ton cafe in the afternoon. Because this is the ideal time for you to enjoy the sunset over the fields. If you come at the right time, you can also enjoy the view of the smoke from someone’s kitchen on the mountainside cooking dinner, creating a mesmerizing blue smoke color from afar. Sometimes the smoke from burning straw rises from the fields, creating a beauty that is both peaceful and magical, hard to describe in words.

If you can only check in to the restaurant in the morning, don’t worry about not having a beautiful view because the scenery here will welcome you with photo frames with clouds and blurry wind mixed with morning mist mixed with white mountain tops and mist. The lake right next to it will make you nostalgic and not want to leave. Especially when the shop also has open space, creating a feeling of extreme closeness to nature.

There is a small note: you should not visit at noon because the sun is quite intense at this time. Another point is that because the shop has a view of the fields, mountain slopes and lakes, the use of a roof is limited. Therefore, when visiting a beautiful cafe in Tri Ton at this time, you will have less choice of seats.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - People flock to the fieldsPeople flocked to the fields to drink coffee. Photo: DV

Just like the beautiful cafes in Bac Lieu , Ben Tre or Tien Giang, Ruong Tri Ton cafe also has many types of drinks from coffee, soft drinks, soda, milk tea,… for customers from far away to freely choose from. The prices of the listed dishes are quite reasonable, so feel free to choose a small corner for yourself and chill with your beloved Western fields.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - House of healingThe healing house is located in the middle of rice fields. Photo: Duy Tan

Country House Restaurant

Address: No. 10, Ta Danh commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province

Located in bridge area No. 10, Ta Danh commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang, the coffee shop with a loving name – Nha Country restaurant is cared for by the owner (Ms. Hanh) in every small space. Located in the middle of green rice fields as far as the eye can see, the view in the distance is romantic rolling hills and mountains, the shop currently has 2 separately designed areas, including the old coffee area and the modern coffee area.

If starting from Ho Chi Minh City, the road to the river region, crossing more than 100 km, will make you tired, but everything will be well compensated by the landscape of rice fields, green canals and especially the space. So poetic about this cafe location.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - Beautiful photosBeautiful photo at Nha Que. Photo: DL newspaper LĐ

Indeed, the restaurant has a very beautiful view as it is located in the middle of a vast rice field, with hidden hills and mountains looming in the distance. Not only that, Nha Que Hometown also makes visitors ecstatic with many attractive drinks such as coffee, teas, milk tea, healthy herbs, smoothies, beauty drinks,…

The highlight of the restaurant is the project called “healing house” located in the middle of the field, surrounded by hills and mountains. If you come here during the golden rice season or the flowering season, you will feel the peace of the landscape, the poetry of the space, the quiet of the Southwest countryside and calm down after hours. Studying and working are stressful here.

Quy’s House garden cafe

Address: Group 4, Thai Quoc Hung Street, Tri Ton Town, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province.

Phone number: 0965278998.

Opening hours: Quy’s House is open from 06:00 am to 9:30 pm daily.

Joining the list of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton , Quy’s House offers a space that inspires creativity, creating a suitable environment not only for visitors to rest but also for you to meet friends and chat. stories or looking for inspiration and new ideas in life and work.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - famousThe beautiful cafes in Tri Ton are famous. Photo: Gia Lai electronic newspaper

Possessing a green garden space and fresh air, visitors can choose this cafe as a relaxing spot after a long day exploring the tourist destination Tri Ton , An Giang.

You can also take advantage of your time at Quy’s House to handle work when needed because the wifi is quite strong.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - garden coffeeQuy’s House garden cafe. Photo: Lang Thang An Giang

If you simply want to hang out and relax, come to the restaurant in the morning, evening or any time of the day, choose a cool place and order breakfast and a cup of coffee. The feeling of sipping each sip of coffee and welcoming a new day in the heart of the bustling Western metropolis will be extremely impressive. Another advantage of the restaurant is that it has a diverse menu, many new drinks with delicious flavors, and affordable prices. This is one of the beautiful cafes in An Giang that you should visit after a day of going everywhere, experiencing the beautiful scenery of Bay Nui region, Chau Doc floating village or Tinh Bien palm fields.

An Son Tea Shop

Address: 9XWV+32F, Nui To, Tri Ton district, An Giang province

Opening hours 8:00

Phone: 0367 677 433

Known as an ancient cafe space in the list of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton , An Son Tra Quan is definitely a place you cannot miss when traveling to An Giang and wanting to experience local tourism. With a retro style, decorated according to each festival theme but still retaining its ancient beauty, the restaurant is loved by many tourists and suggested as an interesting destination to visit in Tri Ton, besides other famous destinations. Other names include Ta Pa Pagoda or O Thum Lake.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - quite interestingThe coffee shop is quite interesting. Photo: Le Van Hau

This is a tea-cafe shop with a layout that evokes old memories of young people of the 9x generation and earlier. In addition to the main space of An Son tea shop, the surrounding area of ​​this area also has grocery stores, haunted houses,… decorated in vintage style, creating retro landscapes that make visitors feel like they are Standing in front of a picture of a very rustic and lovely scene in An Giang.

From the moment you set foot in the shop, you will immediately see the sign “Nothing but memories here” located prominently above. And going deeper into the shop, you will feel as if the scene is going back in time to two decades ago.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - Brilliant spaceColorful space at An Son Tra Quan. Photo:

An Son Tra Quan is not too large but it also has many beautiful angles for taking photos. Moreover, this place also rents clothes and costumes to provide a more perfect photography experience, so it is chosen by many young people who are passionate about check-in.

Besides, the shop also sells cakes associated with childhood such as cakes, marshmallows, at extremely reasonable prices. The candies are also carefully and meticulously arranged like a child’s dream grocery store in the 2000s.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - quite rusticAn Son Tra Quan is quite rustic with simply decorated booths. Photo: Le Van Hau

An Son tea and coffee shop is currently located at Suoi Vang – Soai So Tourist Area on Mount To (next to Ba Pagoda 11). You can combine visiting tourist attractions and stopping to eat at An Son restaurant because it is quite convenient for traveling between destinations. This is truly an interesting destination that you should visit during your visits to Tri Ton.

Thuy Moc Cafe

Address: 111 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Tri Ton district, An Giang province

Opening hours: 06:00 – 22:00

10,000 VND – 20,000 VND

When talking about beautiful cafes in Tri Ton, Thuy Moc is indispensable. The restaurant not only has the largest area in Tri Ton but also has quite a beautiful view. The spacious space faces a barn with many trees so it’s quite cool.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - Thuy Moc RestaurantThuy Moc Restaurant has a cool garden space. Photo: Thuy Moc cafe FB

Another advantage is that the location of Thuy Moc cafe is extremely easy to find because it is on a main road and near the market center. The restaurant’s decoration is also beautiful and stylish, so it attracts many young people to visit and take photos to check in.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - View overlooking the fieldsView overlooking the fields. Photo: Thuy Moc cafe FB

Not only that, affordable prices, delicious drinks, cleanliness, professional service staff, and a variety of dishes are the compliments that visitors give to the restaurant. If you have the opportunity to visit Tri Ton, please stop by and experience it.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - Thuy Moc at nightThuy Moc at night. Photo: Thuy Moc cafe FB

Other attractions in Tri Ton

Leaving the beautiful cafes in Tri Ton famous from near and far such as Ruong cafe, Nha Que cafe or An Son Tra Quan, you can ride a motorbike a short distance to visit Khmer Ta Pa pagoda (in the commune). Co To) is also known briefly as Ta Pa Pagoda or Chun Num Pagoda. This is an ancient temple built according to Theravada Buddhism. The current architecture has been restored in the Khmer pagoda style and is quite unique, with the highlight being the Shakyamuni Buddha tower – about 50 meters high. More specifically, when visiting the pagoda in the beautiful sunny season, you will also be treated to the view of Tri Ton district town looming in the distance behind the rows of green trees before your eyes.

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - One of the destinationsOne of the most attractive destinations in Tri Ton. Photo: Along Walker

Don’t stop there, but remember to spend more time to visit Ta Pa field. Tourists will definitely not regret it because they will be able to admire the unique rice field scenery that can only be found in the Mekong Delta. In addition, not far from this place there are mountain lakes and many other attractive destinations waiting for you to explore.

Spend all your time traveling to An Giang, visit Tri Ton and don’t forget to enjoy An Giang’s specialties with squirrel rice, Nang rice, and have breakfast with the unique Tri Ton beef porridge fragrant with the scent of wish fruit. Even more wonderful, if you come to An Giang in the middle of the 8th – 9th lunar month because at this time there is the Bay Nui bull racing festival, extremely interesting!

List of beautiful cafes in Tri Ton - Rows of palm treesRows of beautiful palm trees. Photo: Western Tourism

Come to the beautiful cafes in Tri Ton , choose a chill place to sit, order a cup of coffee or tea, immerse yourself in the vast field scene in front of you, leisurely welcome the cool breeze passing by and let All your worries and tiredness will drift away with the wind. Wishing you a trip to the West, to the Seven Mountains An Giang region that is interesting, impressive and unforgettable.