Live slowly in protected areas in Dak Lak, admiring the peaceful beauty of the wilderness

With pristine natural scenery and the typical peaceful beauty of the great land, protected areas in Dak Lak are attractive stops for tourists who love to explore wild nature.

Dak Lak possesses very diverse natural tourism resources. Besides beautiful landscapes, beautiful natural reserves are also the reason why tourists love and come to this great land. 

Traveling to protected areas in Dak Lak, visitors will be immersed in true nature, explore the typical forest ecosystem with rich flora and fauna, and enjoy true “forest bathing” experiences. such as trekking, waterfall bathing, camping in the mountains and forests… If you want to fully feel the beauty of the vast land of Dak Lak, famous conservation areas will be the perfect stopover.

Explore the surprisingly beautiful conservation areas in Dak Lak 

1. Yok Don National Park

Yok Don National Park is a very famous conservation area in Dak Lak  and is also a familiar stop for tourists who are passionate about exploring nature. This national park is located 38km from Buon Ma Thuot city, with an area of ​​115,545ha. This is the second largest special-use forest in Vietnam, with forestry and buffer zones stretching across the administrative boundaries of 7 communes, 3 districts and 2 provinces.

Yok Don conservation area in Dak LakYok Don is one of the major nature reserves in Dak Lak. Photo: @meohennn

The natural ecosystem of Yok Don National Park is very diverse with more than 1006 plant species, 650 types of animals, including many rare and endemic species such as elephants, gaur, ungulates or trees. valuable wood. 

Traveling to this nature reserve in Dak Lak, visitors will enjoy exciting experiences such as walking in the forest to observe birds and animals, visiting forest roads by bicycle, climbing Yok Don mountain, and taking cruises on boats. river, check-in to a series of attractive tourist attractions located in the national park such as Bay Nhah waterfall, Buddha waterfall, Dak Lau stream, Yok Don mountain… Explore the unique indigenous culture of local people, cultural exchanges Gong making at Jang Lanh village, Drang Pok, Buon Don. 

Yok Don National Park is the only nature reserve in Vietnam today that has a friendly tourism model for domestic and wild elephants, in a natural environment, this is an extremely unique experience unique to the country. this place.

Yok Don conservation area in Dak LakAt Yok Don, visitors can experience a friendly tourism model with domestic and wild elephants. Photo: @ladybarcino

2. Nam Kar Nature Reserve

Nam Kar is a conservation area in Dak Lak suitable for tourism activities to experience and explore nature. This place is located 50km from the center of Buon Ma Thuot city with an area of ​​20,400 hectares stretching across 6 communes in 2 districts Lak and Krong Ana. The landscape here still retains its wild and majestic features with a very diverse flora and fauna ecosystem.

conservation area in Dak Lak - Nam Kar Nature ReserveBeautiful scenery in Nam Kar nature reserve. Photo: Jean Louis Vuong

The outstanding feature of Nam Kar is the relatively rugged terrain with relatively complex divisions and transitions from high mountain terrain to hills, plains, lakes, rivers and streams… That’s why. The nature here is also very unique with diverse vegetation, which is an ideal habitat for wild animals. 

Traveling to Nam Kar, you can enjoy beautiful nature, discover firsthand the wild life of animals, ride elephants deep in the jungle, enjoy fresh nature, listen to the sound of babbling streams. sounds, birds chirping, gibbons howling, check-in to the 200-hectare lake of Buon Triet on dugout boats to feel the vastness and majesty of the vast forest or stop at Buon Rai, eat and sleep in the stilt houses of the M people. ‘Nong enjoys grilled meat, wine next to the fire, and listens to unique ancient gong songs.

conservation area in Dak Lak - Nam Kar Nature ReserveStopping in the village to explore the stilt houses of the M’Nong people is a very fascinating experience. Photo: Phong Van Nha

The journey to explore Nam Kar is full of fascinating natural and cultural experiences, so this will definitely be a conservation area in Dak Lak that you should not miss on your travel journey.

3. Troh Bu wild orchid conservation area

Troh Bu wild orchid sanctuary is located in Nieng 3 village of Ea Nuol commune, Buon Don district, 12km from Buon Ma Thuot center. This is one of the very HOT virtual check-in locations for tourists. This reserve in Dak Lak is a semi-evergreen forest with regenerated wood typical of the Dipterocarp forest ecosystem of the Central Highlands. 

The name Troh Bu in Ede language means “snakefish valley”. Currently in Troh Bu there are more than 10,000 VND individuals of 200 species of wild orchids gathered from all over the region, including many precious orchids such as Thai Binh royal jelly, daffodil, pseudo crane, Nghinh Xuan…

conservation area in Dak Lak - Troh Bu wild orchid conservation areaTroh Bu Garden preserves hundreds of rare orchid species. Photo: Jean_sa

There is also a dugout boat made of giant solid wood that is 9m long, 1.75m wide, 1.2m high and a very unique 23-bar stone gong rig made from ancient basalt mother rock. Currently, Troh Bu conservation area also has peacocks, pheasants, turtles, rabbits, flying squirrels, wild boars and a very unique flower garden of 1,000 species. 

Visitors to Troh Bu will be able to immerse themselves in the world of wild orchids, explore unique nature, visit, picnic, enjoy Ede cuisine and especially check-in for a virtual live experience in a wonderful space. Pretty.

conservation area in Dak Lak - Troh Bu wild orchid conservation areaThis is also one of the attractive virtual living locations. Photo:@lnhtrg

4. Chu Yang Sin Conservation Area 

Chu Yang Sin is a conservation area in Dak Lak today with a total area of ​​58,947 hectares located in Krong Bong district of Dak Lak and Lac Duong and Dam Rong districts of Lam Dong.

 Located at the end of the Truong Son range, in the Southern Central Highlands and part of the Da Lat plateau, Chu Yang Sin possesses a very diverse ecosystem and natural scenery. Outstanding are the vast carpets of old forests, countless rapids, streams, lakes, and waterfalls.

conservation area in Dak Lak - Troh Bu wild orchid conservation areaComing to Chu Yang Sin, you will be immersed in pristine nature. Photo: @frozenery

Currently, this National Park has 877 species of higher plants and 515 diverse animal species, including many rare species listed in the Red Book. Coming to Chu Yang Sin, you can not only admire the fascinating nature of the great forest, but also discover the unique culture of the community of 25 indigenous ethnic groups living in the park’s buffer zones such as Tay and Thai. , Nung… 

conservation area in Dak Lak - Troh Bu wild orchid conservation areaChu Yang Sin has huge ancient trees that many people cannot hug. Photo: @bazantravel

5. Ea So Conservation Area

Ea So Conservation Area is located 20km from the center of Ea Kar district, on National Highway 29 to Phu Yen. This place has a total area of ​​26,848.2 hectares and possesses a very unique and diverse forest ecosystem including closed evergreen forest ecosystems, semi-closed deciduous forests and open-leaved forests…

conservation area in Dak Lak Ea So Conservation AreaBeautiful waterfall in Ea So Conservation Area. Photo: Thanh Thien

Besides the rich flora and fauna, Ea So also has many attractive stops for tourists to visit such as Krong H’Nang Hydropower Lake located at an altitude of 240m, 1518ha wide, Bay waterfall 30m high with 3 floors. powerful waterfalls, beautiful streams… 

Like many other protected areas in Dak Lak , the buffer zone of Ea So is inhabited by indigenous ethnic communities with unique customs. During the journey to explore the Ea So conservation area, you can visit the Ede ethnic village to enjoy the specialties of powdered soup, bitter eggplant, streams, rattan buds or sip passionate jars of can wine, immersing yourself in the rhythm. The charming sinuses of the Central Highlands.

conservation area in Dak Lak Ea So Conservation AreaThe ecosystem of Ea So reserve is very rich. Photo: Thiem vi

In addition to the function of protecting and preserving forest resources and ecosystems, serving scientific research, protected areas in Dak Lak are also attractive destinations for those who love pure nature and want to Admire the wild beauty of the mountains. 

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