Looking for a peaceful dream at the heavenly gate of An Lao Binh Dinh


Walking around the land of An Lao Heaven Gate, known as the Northwest Heaven Gate of Binh Dinh or Da Lat 2, where the altitude is more than 1,000m above sea level, visitors will be immersed in wild nature. Cultural profiles and experiences of the indigenous Bana and H’Re people.

Binh Dinh ‘s An Lao land has long been an attractive destination for those who love to explore wild nature, where there are majestic primeval forests, waterfalls, terraced fields or ancient myrtle hills. , pristine clear streams interspersed with peaceful villages. Among them, An Toan commune is the place known as An Lao heaven gate , a wonderful paradise for tourists to admire the beautiful nature, watch the clouds and enjoy the fresh air at an altitude of over 1000m. Instead of the famous islands or beaches, a trip to the mountains and forests of An Lao will be a new experience to mark your journey to discover the beautiful land of Nau.

An Lao heaven gateAn Lao Heaven Gate is a peaceful place for souls who love to explore nature. Photo: Giang La Ca

Overview of An Lao heaven gate 

An Lao Heaven Gate is the name given by local people to An Toan commune of An Lao district. This commune has an area of ​​262.67 km2 with 3 villages: village 1, village 2, and village 3. This is a famous mountainous commune. Famous for its pristine natural scenery, it is a long-standing settlement of the indigenous Ba Na and H’re ethnic minorities.

Heaven's Gate safe commune, An LaoAn Toan commune is the land called An Lao heaven gate located in the north of Binh Dinh province. Photo: Binh Dinh Newspaper

Although the area is not too large, An Lao Heaven’s Gate land possesses rich natural resources and many advantages for tourism development such as many tourist attractions, beautiful landscapes, and unique indigenous culture. Unique, fresh and cool air, temperature only from 24 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius.

Heaven's Gate safe commune, An LaoThe land of Heaven’s Gate has a wild and peaceful beauty that is increasingly attracting tourists. Photo: Nguyen Phan Dung Nhan

Traveling to An Lao Heaven Gate to enjoy wonderful experiences 

Watch thousands of clouds mingle with nature 

An Lao Heaven Gate is a land with many beautiful scenery. Traveling here, the first experience you cannot miss is going to Cloud Watching Peak. On the top of the mountain, you will admire the magical sea of ​​clouds, floating like a paradise. Clouds hover around you, you can put your hand into the clouds to feel the characteristic coldness and inhale the fresh air. There are a lot of clouds at AN Lao Heaven’s Gate, layers of white clouds come and surround the silver mountain top, the floating clouds further embellish the beauty of the mountains and forests.

Heaven's Gate safe commune, An LaoCloud Watching Peak is a place you cannot miss. Photo: FB Quy Nhon

Watching the clouds at An Lao heaven gateCovered clouds create a hazy space. Photo: Nguyen Phan Dung Nhan

After hunting clouds on the top of the mountain, you can spend time exploring the beautiful landscapes of this land with unforgettable activities such as cutting forests to Nuoc Rung waterfall, Mia river waterfall… An Lao heaven gate area. There are up to 6 large and small waterfalls, the Mia River waterfall is 25m high, pouring white water through beautiful rocks like a strip of silk in the middle of a green forest. Trembling Waterfall is 20m high and stands up in the middle of the jungle. The water flow is divided into 2 flaps pouring down from above, thinly like a flap of white smoke, the water bubbles flying up, making the space more magical. The furthest is the 4-storey waterfall located in the border area of ​​K’Bang forest. This is also the most beautiful waterfall, considered a masterpiece of nature.

Four-tiered An Lao Heaven Gate waterfallFour-Storey Waterfall is as beautiful as a dream. Photo: Nguyen Phan Dung Nhan

Right near the Rung waterfall area is a beautiful myrtle hill with an area of ​​up to 200 hectares, also a favorite check-in point for tourists when coming to this great place. The myrtle hill was formerly a field airport, but later abandoned, it was covered with myrtle trees and became a beautiful ancient myrtle hill. Sim here grows very strongly, almost dominates, the tree trunk is large, up to 2 – 3 meters high. The scenery of the myrtle hill is very beautiful, especially during the bow flower season. There are a few spaces here that are ideal for camping.

An Lao heaven gate myrtle hillThe 200-hectare myrtle hill in An Lao is also an attractive tourist destination. Photo: Danviet

Community tourism explores indigenous culture 

Community tourism in the An Lao heaven gate highland  is gradually developing, especially in village 1 area with community houses, homestays and tourism services. Here, you can enjoy the nights of flickering campfires and Xoang dances with Ba Na girls in communal houses, listen to the sound of gongs, get drunk on Can wine in the middle of the night, and stay in stilt houses. Locals often follow the local farmers to visit the rice fields located in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by vines of pumpkins, gourds, melons, melons, and melons, creating a peaceful, pristine scene.

An Lao Heaven Gate VillageExploring the villages of the indigenous Ba Na people is a fascinating experience. Photo: Diem Mai

An Lao Heaven Gate VillageVisitors can experience farming with the people. Photo: Nuu Ecovalley

In the An Lao Heaven’s Gate area, there is also the famous Tien Vua tea variety with more than 1,000 ancient trees, trunks like a mortar hat, 3 to 5 m high, nestled among forest trees. You can experience picking young tea and bringing it to the world. Enjoy it with the villagers. This is a type of tea with a unique flavor and is considered by local people as a tonic. In particular, visitors to this land can also experience weaving traditional items with Ba Na people or weaving cloth inside warm communal houses.

Heaven's gate An Lao campfireBonfire nights with the sound of gongs will bring a great impression to visitors. Photo: Anh Te

Enjoy the cuisine of the mountains and forests 

Coming to An Lao Heaven’s Gate region , you will hardly miss the famous products here such as clam fish, fish, and snails prepared very simply to create rustic and delicious dishes. In particular, this place has many types of fresh wild vegetables such as rattan shoots and coriander, which are familiar dishes in the meals of indigenous people.

Heaven's gate An Lao with green leaves

Lettuce is a rustic specialty of the mountains and forests. Photo: FB Quy Nhon

Coming to An Lao, visitors cannot miss the fish dish, a famous fish with a delicious flavor only found in high mountain areas and a very famous specialty dish called Ngoi (imitated) by the locals. preferred way.

Heaven's gate An Lao with green leavesDelicious Nien fish is always a specialty that attracts customers. Photo: FB Quy Nhon

In addition, visitors can also choose to buy famous specialties of An Lao mountains and forests as gifts for friends and relatives after the trip such as wild honey, myrtle wine, wild bamboo shoots, Tien Vua tea, and dried bamboo shoots. Original An Lao at a very cheap price.

 No need for beautiful ceremonial flowers or the brilliance of sparkling flower lights, An Lao Heaven Gate has a simple, intimate beauty but has an enchanting charm that makes travelers feel many emotions when stopping by. From passionate excitement to peace and quiet, the pristine land in the northernmost part of Nau is always a stopping place for journeys. 

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