Lotus fields in full bloom on the plateau

GIA LAI – At the beginning of April, a 15-hectare lotus pond in the Phu Thien district is in full bloom in the midst of green rice fields.

The lotus field in Ia Yeng commune, Phu Thien district of Mr. Nguyen Van Tien (40 years old) is over 80 km southeast of Pleiku city center. Every week, about 500 tourists inside and outside the province come to visit and take pictures.

This lotus pond was planted by a local 25 years ago. In recent years, Mr. Tien has rented it out and planted it with a Taiwanese lotus variety. Each entrance ticket is 20,000 per person.

Vong Thi Huyen (29 years old, Pleiku City) who specializes in reviewing beautiful scenes in the Central Highlands, said that lotus is associated with the meaning of simple beauty, resilient spirit and the intensity of the will of Vietnamese people. , so I really like this flower.

A lotus pond is also a place where storks often come to feed. They appear mostly in the early morning or late afternoon.

The owner of the garden hires two people to take turns looking after, rowing boats carrying tourists to visit, and harvesting flowers and lotus flowers. In the middle of the lagoon, Mr. Tien set up many tents to facilitate guarding and care.

Visitors can row their own boat to the middle of the lake or walk along the fields to admire the lotus fields.

Lotus lake is located in the middle of a rice field at dawn. In addition to lotus fields, Phu Thien also has tourist attractions such as Ayun Ha Lake, Plei Oi, Plei Rbai village, etc., with legends about the fire king, and rituals to pray for rain.

Photo : Cong Quy