Mang Den Wooden Sculpture Garden – an interesting destination imbued with Central Highlands culture

Coming to the Mang Den wooden statue garden and admiring the unique beauty of the Central Highlands folk sculpting art will be an exciting experience for tourists who like to learn about the cultural beauty and life of ethnic minorities. minority here.

     In addition to exploring the wild and beautiful nature of the vast mountains and forests, coming to Mang Den Kon Tum, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the unique cultural beauty of indigenous ethnic groups such as Viring village, Kon Bring village, Kon Ko Tu village and especially the Mang Den wooden statue garden area. /span>. With a space that is both interesting and full of mysterious spiritual colors, the wooden statue garden at Mang Den is a place that vividly reflects the cultural and spiritual activities of local ethnic people, bringing visitors Guests experience both new and attractive experiences in the journey to discover the beauty of this land.

    Mang Den wooden statue gardenMang Den wooden statue garden attracts visitors with its impressive beauty. Photo: ST

    Locating the Mang Den wooden statue garden in Kon Tum

    Mentioning Mang Den wooden statue garden, many tourists think this must be a special spiritual place, located in the mountains. wild forests or near villages of indigenous people. However, the wooden statue garden in Mang Den is a place formed for exhibition and tourism purposes. The statue garden was officially built in 2013, during the event of the Folk Wooden Statue Festival held in Kon Plong.

    Location of Mang Den Wooden Sculpture GardenThe statue garden was opened in 2013 at Pa Sy waterfall tourist area. Photo:

    The wooden statue garden was built on a hillside with an area of ​​more than 1 hectare of primeval forest in the area of ​​Pa Sy waterfall tourist area, 9km from the center of Mang Den town. Visitors can get here quite conveniently by motorbike or car and then walk to the wooden statue garden area.

    Location of Mang Den Wooden Sculpture GardenVisitors can check-in to the statue garden quite easily, this place is only 9km from the center. Photo: Mang Linh

    Mang Den wooden statue garden and unique “authentic” cultural beauty 

    Folk wooden statues have a very special position in the spiritual and cultural life of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. Wooden statues represent unique human aspirations. people’s daily life, that is why wooden statues in the Central Highlands do not have a certain shape but often represent diverse shapes, nuances and expressions. At Mang Den wooden statue garden visitors will enter the world of wooden statues with a mysterious and unique space.

    Mang Den wooden statue gardenWooden statues play a special role in the cultural and spiritual life of the Central Highlands people. Photo: Heritage

    Under the primeval forest, in addition to small stone paths, the statue garden is hardly designed with any other scenes other than 100 wooden statues displayed in many different positions. Walking in the wooden statue garden, visitors will be able to admire simple statues in all shapes and emotions.

    Mang Den wooden statue garden spaceThe space of the statue garden is located under the primeval forest. Photo: Kon Tum Newspaper

    It can be a woman pounding rice, weaving cloth, a woman holding a child, a village elder, a man hunting, a family going to the fields, statues of people playing musical instruments, statues of people drinking wine, nude works. , intercourse… Not only human statues, Mang Den wooden statue garden also displays many statues of objects close to her life Central Highland animals such as dogs, cats, pigs, snakes, buffalo monkeys, elephants, birds…

    Statues in the Mang Den wooden statue gardenThe statues come in all shapes and positions. Photo: Do ​​Do

    Statues in the Mang Den wooden statue gardenEven though it is crudely crafted, it is very soulful. Photo: Bach Lien

    It is the richness that makes the scene of the statue garden more vivid and attractive. Walking in Mang De wooden statue garden, you will feel like you are entering a mysterious spiritual world and feel the world. The wild and deep inner thoughts of the people of the mountains and forests.

    Check-in to Mang Den wooden statue gardenVisitors coming here will feel the wild and profound inner world of the people. Photo:

    The works in Mang Den wooden statue garden

    Check-in to Mang Den wooden statue gardenEach statue is a true work of art. Photo:

    Suggested check-in points near Mang Den wooden statue garden

    Mang Den Wooden Sculpture Garden is located near many famous tourist attractions, so visitors can combine exploring this place with many check-in points with great scenery. beautiful nearby. 

    Pa Sy Waterfall 

    This famous waterfall is located right next to the Mang Den wooden statue garden so it will be very convenient for tourists who want to check-in. Pa Sy Waterfall is created by the three largest streams in Mang Den. The waterfall is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, possessing a scene that is both poetic and lyrical. The white water flowing down from above amidst the lush green landscape of the mountains and forests creates a beauty that is both poetic and seductive. Visitors can stop to admire the scenery, soak their feet in the cool water at the lake below the waterfall and don’t forget to pose and take beautiful pictures at this famous waterfall.

    Pa Sy waterfall near Mang Den wooden statue gardenPa Sy Waterfall is located right near the statue garden so visitors can check-in easily. Photo: Khanh Duy

    Kon Tu Rang Village 

    Kon Tu Rang village is also an attractive stopping place for tourists. A peaceful village with a slow pace of life, rich in the cultural identity of generations of Mo Nam people, will bring visitors wonderful moments. Discovering Kon Tu Rang, you can not only admire the poetic countryside scenery with simple stilt houses and wooden houses, but you can also admire the Kon Tu Rang suspension bridge spanning the romantic Dak Bla river and terraced fields. of the village is located at the foot of Ngoc Le mountain with many interesting things.

    Pa Sy waterfall near Mang Den wooden statue gardenThe suspension bridge in Kon Tu Rang village is a familiar check-in point for tourists. Photo: My Tra

    In addition to the locations near Mang Den wooden statue garden above, moving further away you can discover countless other attractive check-in locations. . Gardens, farms, pine forests or beautiful cafes in Mang Den are also destinations to make your journey more attractive and complete. 

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