Mango Park – Suoi Mo: ‘green lung’ attracts visitors in Binh Phuoc

Besides the architectural heritage of The Destina, when traveling to Dong Xoai, you cannot ignore the Mango – Suoi Mo park, which is known as the “green lung” of Binh Phuoc . So do you know where this park is located and have fun and discover anything interesting yet? Let’s discover together now!

Locating the coordinates of Mango park – Suoi Mo

Mango Park – Suoi Mo is located in Tan Phu commune, Dong Xoai district, Binh Phuoc province. This project was built to celebrate the 46th anniversary of the liberation of the South and the reunification of the country on April 27, 2021. With a location located in the center of Dong Xoai district and a large space, Dong Xoai park promises to be a destination that attracts locals and tourists from near and far every time they have the opportunity to come to Binh Phuoc.
 Mango Park - Suoi Mo - addressSuoi Mo Mango Park in Binh Phuoc is loved by many young people

How to go to Mango – Suoi Mo park

Experience going to Mango Park – Suoi Mo Binh Phuoc , if you depart from Saigon, you can go in the direction of TL741 to the center of Binh Phuoc. Then go to CMT8 -> go straight to Phu Rieng Do street -> you will see a roundabout at the intersection of Hung Vuong and Phu Rieng streets -> turn left onto Hung Vuong street -> follow the route Le Duan – Ho Xuan Huong – Le Loi -> will reach Dong Xoai park.
 Mango Park - Suoi Mo - moveHow to get to Suoi Mo Mango Park?

What does Mango Park – Suoi Mo have?

Binh Phuoc has two parks Dong Xoai, including The Destin Park and Mango – Suoi Mo. In the framework of this article, the park has an address in Tan Phu commune. So what does Mango – Suoi Mo park have ? The park is planted with more than 300 large and small mango trees, including domestic mango varieties and precious mangoes imported from around the world. All mango trees planted in the park are contributed by businesses, organizations, and individuals. In particular, there are many tall and old trees with a lifespan of tens of years.
 Mango Park - Suoi Mo - visitThe park’s spacious campus with beautiful design is ideal for virtual living
Mango Park - Suoi Mo - beautiful night viewBeautiful park with sparkling lights at night

The park includes a prominently designed mango collection in the heart of Dong Xoai city. With an area of ​​6,500m2, Suoi Mo Mango Park includes green lawns, large urban trees and public spaces, amusement parks, outdoor sports equipment. Along the banks of Mo stream at the park are rows of fresh green mango trees shading by the stream, bringing a fresh atmosphere. 
 Mango Park - Suoi Mo - virtual lifeCheck-in beautiful virtual living at Mango Suoi Mo park. Photo: dulichvietnam

Exploring Mango Park – Suoi Mo Binh Phuoc, you will admire the natural scenery with all kinds of extremely fresh green trees. Take a walk around the park and enjoy a relaxing space that dispels all fatigue. In the park, there are large lawns ideal for gathering friends to organize fun activities and teambuilding. The park is also equipped with a variety of exercise machines for residents and visitors to exercise every day. 
 Mango Park - Suoi Mo - virtual lifeOrganize teambuilding activities, weekend meals at Mango Suoi Mo park. Photo: ivivu
Mango Park - Suoi Mo - entertainment placeThe park is also a destination that attracts people to go for a walk in the evening

Mango Park – Suoi Mo in Dong Xoai is very close when moving to The Destine, which is an attractive tourist destination in Binh Phuoc today. From Mango Park to The Destine is about 7km, so you can combine visiting these two places. Coming to Dong Xoai Park The Destina you will admire the replicas of famous wonders in the world.
 Mango Park - Suoi Mo - World Heritage ParkCombine going to the world heritage park The Detina. Photo: halotravel

The park is an ideal destination to learn about the culture and famous architectural works in the world. Take a walk among the lawns and check in the unique architectural works of the UK, USA, France, Italy. In addition to seeing famous places in the world with your own eyes, at The Destina World Heritage Park, there are also restaurants, cafes, entertainment, and beer club services for you to experience. 
 Mango Park - Suoi Mo - World Heritage ParkBeautiful virtual living corners at the world heritage park The Destin. Photo: halotravel

Note when going to Mango – Suoi Mo park

You should also refer to a few notes below when you intend to visit Mango – Suoi Mo Park :

– You should check the weather forecast before going to avoid sudden rains that affect your sightseeing and entertainment activities. In addition, should go in the early morning or late afternoon, avoid going at noon.

– The park does not collect admission tickets and is open all day, so you can freely have fun.

– Do not arbitrarily throw garbage in the park’s premises. 

– The park has many beautiful virtual living corners, so you can comfortably live virtual as a souvenir. 

– Regarding eating and drinking, you can bring ready-to-eat food and drinking water and carpets on the lawn to rest. Or you can move to the center of Dong Xoai district, there are many delicious restaurant addresses for you to choose from.

– For those of you who are far away, if you want to stay overnight, you can refer to motels in Dong Xoai. 

– If you have time, you can combine visiting other famous tourist attractions of Dong Xoai such as: Ba Ra Mountain, Suoi Lam Lake, Dong Xoai Victory Monument, Bu Dang Rubber Forest, Standing Waterfall, and grasslands. Bu Lach… 

Hopefully, the above useful information will help you have the most enjoyable trip and explore the Mango – Suoi Mo park. Besides, you can also refer to the super detailed Binh Phuoc travel experience . 

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