Mega Grand World Hanoi: super unique new ‘dining – playing – entertainment’ complex

Mega Grand World Hanoi is the perfect choice for residents of the Capital and surrounding provinces. Located in Ocean City, this place attracts visitors to experience romantic, trendy streets, a variety of restaurants, rich culinary areas along many interesting entertainment games. The place hosts grand events and offers many wonderful virtual living corners.

Mega Grand World coordinates in Hanoi

Mega Grand World entertainment and recreation complex is located at the gateway of Vinhomes Ocean Park 3 in Long Hung and Nghia Tru communes of Van Giang district. Central location of the Ocean City complex – called “Pho Dong” in Hanoi. This project is built with unique architecture, attracting the attention of tourists. In addition, there are also romantic street corners that recreate the Italian scene with the poetic Venice canal, and Korean-style entertainment streets that attract young people.

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Instructions to go to Mega Grand World Hanoi

Located 20km south from the center of Hanoi, this area has great appeal to young people, especially on weekends. Although far away, traveling is not too difficult. It only takes about 30 – 40 minutes to arrive, creating favorable conditions for a new and different entertainment experience compared to daily life in the old town.

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Traveling to Hanoi , you can drive yourself following the instructions on Google Maps. If you do not have a self-driving vehicle, you can use VinBus service. However, because there is currently no direct electric bus route to Ocean Park 3, you will need to change buses twice. Although this route takes a bit more time, it is cost-effective and provides the opportunity to rest during the journey. 

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Bus routes to Mega Grand World in Hanoi are:

  • E01: pick up passengers at My Dinh bus station, drop off passengers at Ocean City bus stop.
  • E02: pick up passengers at Hao Nam (Cat Linh Station), drop off passengers at Ocean City bus stop.
  • E03: pick up passengers at Cau Dien Room Medical Center, drop off passengers at Ocean City stop.
  • OCP3: pick up at Ocean City stop, drop off at Royal Wave Park Ocean Park 2.

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Opening hours and ticket prices for Mega Grand World Hanoi

  • Admission: Free.
  • Opening hours: All day.

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What to do at Mega Grand World Hanoi?

Considered an “entertainment kingdom” without limits in space and time by Mega Grand World, which is designed to provide the perfect entertainment experience. With the presence of game “mazes” Attractive and thousands of wonderful virtual living corners, this promises to be a paradise of new experiences. Some places that you cannot miss when coming to Mega Grand World in Hanoi .

Mega Grand World Hanoi - check in pointPhoto: @aewww.dy

1. Take a Gondola boat to see “miniature Italy”

You don’t need to go far away to Europe to experience the scenery of “miniature Italy” when you can take a Gondola boat to see at Mega Grand World. This Hanoi tourist destination simulates the famous city in northern Italy, with a 830m long Venetian canal and clear jade-green water. Along both sides of the canal are brightly colored houses, creating the feeling of standing on the romantic island of Burano.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - boat ridePhoto: @tainguyenmoitruong

When visiting Venice Hanoi , sitting on a gondola and floating along the green canal is an indispensable experience. The boat’s slow rhythm takes tourists back to the distant country of Italy. The best time to experience Venice Hanoi is in the late afternoon. At this time, sunlight begins to descend, creating wonderful beauty that makes the sunset extremely romantic. 

Mega Grand World Hanoi - Gondola ridePhoto: @oceancity

Besides, images of colorful houses silhouetted under the water also create an impressive and memorable virtual living “background”. Just standing in the frame and taking a photo will have a check-in photo like in the West. Surely coming here, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful virtual living space at Mega Grand World Hanoi !

Mega Grand World Hanoi - boat ridePhoto: @vivu

The canal is long so you will spend about 20-30 minutes on the boat. To ensure safety, everyone will be required to wear life jackets according to regulations. When you want to stop taking photos anywhere, you can signal the boat driver to slow down. Boat experience tickets cost 200,000 VND for adults and 150,000 VND for children, children under 1 meter will be free. The ticket price is not too high and after the trip, you will not regret spending this money.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - Gondola ridePhoto: @vivu

2. Check in the Italian scenery

This place authentically and magnificently recreates the typical Italian scene, from the row of colorful shops on both banks of the river, the ancient Clock Tower, Grande Square with the Amore fountain, the pair of Viva royal bridges. and Feliz until sunset,… the most attractive check-in destination near the Capital today.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - taking photosPhoto: anchoihanoi

3. Shopping to your heart’s content

When you come to the most famous shopping street in East Hanoi, you will have the opportunity to own the duo of “great cuisine and classy fashion”. At Mega Grand World, brands from high-end to local such as: Boo, Dirty Coins, Ecochic, F1 Enter, or Saigon Ha Anh Ao Dai,… promise to bring impressive shopping and entertainment experiences. statue.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - shoppingPhoto: @thaolinh

4. Experience the fairy-tale carousel

Known as the fairy carousel, this game is one of the fun games loved by many children. With two sparkling floors, the merry-go-round not only brings an exciting experience for children but also creates memorable memories. This game at Mega Grand World Hanoi will operate at fixed time frames from 9:30 am – 11:30 am and from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm daily and from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm on weekends. 

Mega Grand World Hanoi - merry-go-roundPhoto: @phalixay

Ticket price to the game is 50,000 VND/time for adults and 30,000 VND/time for children. Not only that, from about 6:00 p.m. onwards, the wheel will start to light up, creating favorable conditions for taking sparkling photos. Combined with other attractive games such as: Sky Drop, mirror maze, bear claw, haunted house,… so you can experience it to your heart’s content in one day.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - merry-go-roundPhoto: @petrotimes

5. Check in K-Town

Inspired by Korea ‘s most famous shopping and entertainment streets , K-Town at Mega Grand World brings an experience like setting foot in a miniature Korea. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of Myeongdong night market, enjoy delicious dishes at Hongdae food and art street, in Hongdae, check out the colorful Itaewon international street. Or experience the feeling of luxury and luxury in Kangnam rich street.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - K-TownPhoto: @dantri

“Korea Street” at Mega Grand World Hanoi is not only a gathering place for youthful cafes and supermarkets carrying Korean domestic brands, but also a beauty care, spa and cosmetics center. . A vibrant 24-hour destination, promising to bring unique experiences to everyone. 

Mega Grand World Hanoi - K-TownPhoto: @Vietnamnet

This subdivision is also an ideal destination for modern youth with vibrant cultural festival activities and Korean-style street music. K-town of Mega Grand World will become a destination not to be missed during the vacation of young people in the Capital. 

Mega Grand World Hanoi - K-TownPhoto: @nhavin

6. Watch The Voyage water music show

Hanoi travel experience , this is one of the top shows here. The program will take place every day from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., giving visitors a magical journey on the Venice River. The huge boat stage is a unique feature of the program, creating a vivid picture in the heart of the Capital.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - The Voyage water musicPhoto: @tuoitrethudo

Not only stopping at unique performances, The Grand Voyage also creates a special point with interesting interactive and exchange activities. All held in the magnificent and majestic setting of Mega Grand World in Hanoi, creating a memorable entertainment experience and an opportunity for visitors to capture beautiful moments.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - The Voyage water musicPhoto: @HVCGroup

Explore cuisine at Mega Grand World Hanoi

The food court at Mega Grand World Hanoi offers a variety of options, ensuring it will be an attractive destination for young people, gathering from morning to night. You will have the opportunity to enjoy unique culinary dishes from many countries around the world, from delicious dishes from the three regions of Vietnam to Thailand, Korea, Japan, Italy, America,… Cafes , beautifully designed bars and pubs also contribute to your enriching experience creating an exciting nightlife.

Mega Grand World Hanoi - delicious restaurantPhoto: @vinhomesoceanpark123

In particular, Mau Dich Restaurant brings the concept of Hanoi culinary culture in the 1975s, creating an impression by combining famous Vietnamese street dishes and recreating the atmosphere of Hanoi’s old town from many decades. last century. This is an ideal place for visitors to enjoy traditional dishes in a space imbued with Vietnamese village identity.

Some famous restaurants here include: Bo To Quan Moc, Asahi Sushi, Hong Kong Hot Pot – Long Wang, Nam De Ninh Binh restaurant, Nha Nha Tu Do, Trung Nguyen Coffee World, Chang Hi tea,. ..

Mega Grand World Hanoi - restaurantPhoto: @thucpham.98

In this article is a summary of information about Mega Grand World Hanoi that you should not miss. Vinlove hopes you will have a meaningful trip and take many beautiful photos at this top-class entertainment complex in the Capital.

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