Miss World Vietnam visit Thai Nguyen scenery


Miss World Vietnam 2022 contestants experience famous tourist attractions in Thai Nguyen, impressed with the unique culture and transformation of the province.

Thai Nguyen is the destination of the contest Beauty Tourism. According to a representative of the contest organizers, whether Vietnamese or coming from a faraway country, it would be a pity if you have not once set foot in famous landmarks and admired the charming scenery in the S-shaped land.

“We decided to bring the Beauty Tourism contest back to the Miss World Vietnam 2022 race to promote the natural beauty and culture of the provinces. The outstanding face that won this title will bring a special mission.” Ms. Pham Kim Dung – head of the organizing committee – said.

Miss World Vietnam 2022 contestants visit Nui Coc Lake tourist area.
Contestants visit the Nui Coc lake tourist area.

16 contestants in turn visited and experienced Tan Cuong tea hill, Nui Coc lake and the Thai Hai Ethnic Conservation area – typical images of the beauty of Thai Nguyen. The beautiful people came to the memorial of the Youth Volunteers of Company 915, to learn and remember the national heroes who fell for peace today.

In the framework of the Beauty Tourism contest, the contestants also visited the IOC intelligent operation center and admired the super-project – the most modern urban in the province. The girls said they were excited to see Thai Nguyen province in particular and Vietnam in general increasingly innovate and apply high technology. This makes them motivated to conquer the crown, contribute more voices and make life better.

Seamless beautiful people experience the beauty of national culture in Thai Nguyen.
Seamless beautiful people experience the beauty of national culture in Thai Nguyen.

After the tour, the beauties spent time practicing advanced with experts. Danko Group is the host of the national final round of Miss World Vietnam 2022. The sponsors include: Casper Vietnam Joint Stock Company; Hoang To Nu pills; European Pearls; Artistry, Hung Dung – Kisin Consumer Goods Joint Stock Company; Qui Phuc Production, Trade and Service Co., Ltd; Vietjet Air; Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake; Military Hospital 175; Charme Perfume; Diamond Fitness Center; Tracybee Honey Bee Company Limited; Bikini Passport; Jet Dentist International Dental Clinic; TH Food Chain Joint Stock Company – TH True NUT Nut Milk; Saigon Pure Drinking Water Company Limited – SAPUWA; Green Universe Joint Stock Company – PHGLock, Hung Phat Joint Stock Company.

The contestants visited the new urban areas of European architecture by Danko, experiencing a modern Thai Nguyen.
The contestants visited Danko’s new European urban area, experiencing a modern Thai Nguyen.

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