Moc Chau is brilliant in the color of cherry apricot

SON LA – In the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, Moc Chau, in addition to apricot and plum blossoms, also glows in the pink of cherry blossoms, attracting many tourists and photographers.

In recent years, cherry blossoms have been grown quite a lot in Moc Chau. Depending on the weather, the flowers may bloom early or late, but usually bloom around Lunar New Year. Starting to Moc Chau, along Highway 6, visitors can see flowers blooming, signaling the return of spring.

Tran Hai, 29 years old, currently a photographer, videographer and tour guide in Moc Chau, said this is the most ideal time to come to Moc Chau to see all kinds of flowers blooming.

“If apricot and plum flowers are mainly concentrated outside the district center, on large farms, then with cherry blossoms, visitors can see them right on the streets of the central area,” Hai said.

This is a row of cherry blossom trees taken in the middle of January at the administrative center square of Moc Chau district.

In addition to the locations mentioned above, flowers are also blooming in some places such as Love Mountain Town, Tea Village 69 (photo), and Ban Mon Lake, attracting many tourists, especially young people who are passionate about photography.

Hai said that Moc Chau cherry blossoms originated from Da Lat or Japan, and 3-4 years ago were grown a lot throughout Moc Chau. In October, the flowering trees begin to yellow and lose all their leaves, leaving spindly branches. By mid-December, they begin to show signs of flowering.

Flowers bloom in clusters, with 5 petals, thin and pale pink. The flowers are usually brilliant for about a month. This year the flowers will still bloom beautifully for the next 2-3 weeks. However, if exposed to cold rain, the flower’s brilliance will be affected.

To take beautiful photos, Hai advises visitors to take photos at 7-8 a.m. or 4-5 p.m. when the sunlight shines best.

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