More than 400,000 flower pots and flower bags for Dalat Flower Festival – 2022

The 9th Da Lat Flower Festival – 2022 starts at the beginning of November 2022 and lasts until the end of December 2022, with many rich and new programs, in which flowers are still the main “characters”.

Many colorful flower spaces

Mr. Pham Van Tuyen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Da Lat Service Joint Stock Company (Da Lat Urban Services Company), said that the unit was assigned by the People’s Committee of Da Lat City to prepare decorations and display many spaces of flowers and street flowers. on the occasion of the Dalat Flower Festival – 2022.

New flower scene at the roundabout spraying water in the center of Da Lat city by Dalat Hasfarm Company

To meet the above task, for the past few months, Da Lat Investment Service Company has focused on incubating and breeding dozens of colorful flowers, including new flowers such as: Calla lily, Lavender, dollar flower. Blue, chrysanthemum new color, new five colors, wolf snout of all colors… These flowers will be planted and decorated at Prenn pass park, Tran Hung Dao park, Xuan Huong park, zone C park Tran Quoc Toan, Le Dai Hanh flower street, Ong Dao bridge and on the surface of Xuan Huong lake…

Particularly for the exhibition program of flowers, ornamental plants (with flowers), and international fruits at Da Lat Flower Garden, Da Lat Urban Services Company added 100,000 flower pots and over 1,500 orchid pots of individuals and units. participate in contests and exhibitions. In addition, the company also prepared over 300 photos of flowers arranged along the main streets to celebrate the Da Lat Flower Festival – 2022.

Da Lat Flower Festival – 2022 takes place from November 1 to December 31, 2022

Mr. Tuyen said that the unit has been preparing a total of about 400,000 flower pots and flower bags of all kinds to serve the Da Lat Flower Festival – 2022, meeting the needs of people and tourists at home and abroad. The display and implementation of flower spaces and flower streets will be completed before December 16.

Beautify urban order and beauty

Not only preparing flower spaces, implementing the directives of the Provincial Party Committee, Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee, in the spirit of Resolution No. 07 of the Da Lat City Party Committee, but Da Lat City People’s Committee also strengthens the work of decoration and aesthetic order. urban authorities, as well as manage construction order, traffic safety order in the area to celebrate the Da Lat Flower Festival – 2022.

Right from the beginning of 2022, the People’s Committee of Da Lat City has issued the contents and plans on strengthening the military action to ensure the urban aesthetic order and construction order in the area. The forces of departments, agencies and localities actively remind and promptly handle cases of violations of urban order such as encroaching on sidewalks and roadways; classified advertising; effectively handle the situation of temporary markets, toad markets, illegal trade… Specifically, the units have handled nearly 4,000 cases of temporary tents, umbrellas, portable roofs, billboards, and displays. goods encroach on the sidewalk…

Mr. Vo Ngoc Trinh, Vice Chairman of Da Lat City People’s Committee, said that Da Lat chose October 2022 as the peak month to renovate the city and handle violations of urban order and traffic safety. This work is maintained throughout until the organization of Da Lat Flower Festival – 2022 and the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit.

A corner of Da Lat city

The city also sent a force to be on duty to completely handle the situation of street vendors, snacks, electric car rental services, roller skates, etc. in the Lam Vien Square area, some sections along Tran Quoc Street. Along Xuan Huong Lake.

Trinh added, the City People’s Committee has issued a document to direct the wards and communes to drastically ensure the urban aesthetic order and construction order in the area before and during the Da Lat Flower Festival – 2022. out. In case any localities allow violations of construction order or urban order without taking timely and effective measures, the heads of the local Party committees and administrations must take responsibility before City Party Committee, City People’s Committee.

It is known that the art program to announce the 9th Da Lat Flower Festival – 2022 will take place on Sunday night on December 18, 2022.